Python – A Beginners guide towards Python Programming

Python - A Beginners guide towards Python Programming
Covers Programming Fundamentals along with Learning Python Language.

In this course we are going to Learn Python 3. This course is intended for someone who has no prior knowledge to Python Programming Language. The course is structured in a way so that it first answers all the frequently asked questions around Python before starting getting hands dirty with Python coding.

We are going to learn below topics:

  • Python Intro and Frequently Asked Questions
  • IDE for Python Code Development
  • Quick Jupyter Notebook Intro
  • Syntax
  • Comments
  • Variables
  • Python User Inputs
  • Data Types
  • Strings
  • Numbers
  • Lists
  • Tuple
  • Float
  • While Loop
  • For Loop
  • Type Casting
  • Python Conditional Statements
  • Arrays
  • Classes and Objects
  • Object Oriented Programming Features
  • Python File Handling

Projects Such as :

  1. Program to Perform Calculator Kind of Operations
  2. Program to Perform Small Talk with Any User
  3. Program to Automate Sending Messages on Telegram
  4. Program to Automate Videos Watches on Youtube of Other Video Platforms

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