PPAP-Production Part Approval Process

PPAP-Production Part Approval Process

PPAPProduction Part Approval Process (This course is first course on udemy on PPAP, rated good by worlds prestigious  management professionals of industry )

PPAP is one of core Tool in automotive industry

  1. complete introduction of each document of PPAP
  2. what important factors while preparing PPAP file
  3. Basic concepts has been introduced for documents i.e. all 18 documents
  4. Real life case study with excel templates & iatf procedures

PPAP-Production Part Approval Process -AIAG 4th edition -Course Details :-

  • Introduction to PPAP process
  • Significant Process Run
  • Design Record
  • Process Flow Chart
  • SC CC characteristics
  • Fitment Trial
  • Dimensional Results
  • Material Test
  • Design verification plan & Report
  • MSA Studies
  • Initial process studies
  • Qualified laboratory documents
  • Appearance Approval
  • Bulk Material
  • checking Aids
  • Customer notification
  • customer specific requirement
  • Master sample
  • Other requirement
  • PPAP Records
  • PSW
  • PPAP Submission
  • PPAP weak area & care
  • Real Life case study  with excel templates & iatf procedures

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