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  • Udemy – AWS Certified Associate (All 3) – VPC Security Mastery 2018 [100% off]

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    AWS Certified Associate (All 3) - VPC Security Mastery2018

    Whether you are new to AWS, or you are preparing to one of the AWS exams, VPC security is a very common exam topic, and your understanding of it will definitely be challenged. If you are preparing for AWS Certified Associate (Architect, SysOps, or Developer), This is a must to deeply understand.

    This course explains the topics in a very simple way, and ensures that at the end, you will understand Security Groups and NACLs very deeply and be able to confidently answer ANY related question in the exam.

    Simple, clear, visual-aided explanation of the Security Group and NACLs topics, along with scenarios and exam-level questions to re-enforce the understanding and knowledge assimilation.

    Enjoy the course!

    P.S: This course is Part of the DolfinEd’s AWS Course series, namely the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam Mastery2018 (37Hrs+ length available on Udemy)


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/aws-certified-associate-exam-vpc-security-group-nacl/?couponCode=SECNACLSFR



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  • Udemy – Mastering Online Reputation Marketing & Management 2.0 [100% off]

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    Mastering Online Reputation Marketing & Management 2.0


    Welcome to Mastering Online Reputation Marketing & Management 2.0! 

    As a member you have full access to this crash course on managing the online reputations of offline businesses.

    Mastering Online Reputation Marketing & Management 2.0 Course consists of 2 main parts: 

    Step 1: Building 5-Star Reputations

    In this module you’ll learn what online reputation is and why it’s so vital to focus on right now.

    Successful online companies are well-aware of their reputations; however, many offline companies and local businesses are oblivious to how they are viewed by their customers and prospects on the internet.

    Here you’ll learn…

    The Theory:

    • how much people actually trust reviews online
    • the difference between Reputation Marketing and Reputation Management (yes, they are different!)
    • how people view good reputations, no reputations and bad reputations online
    • how to find these businesses with negative reputations so you can reach out to them
    • the difference between Referral Marketing and Reputation Marketing
    • the 4 Pillars of Online Reputation Marketing.

    The Tasks:

    • keyword-rich reviews and why they’re important for converting more customers
    • Basic keyword research demo to find local service keywords for your clients
    • Why business listing sites are a crucial part of Reputation Marketing
    • Walk-thru on claiming your local business listings
    • How to rank higher in Google Maps (very important for online reputations!)
    • How to optimize a Google+ page listing
    • How to get more reviews & better quality reviews for your clients

    Step 2: Managing & Marketing 5-Star Reputations Online

    In these videos, you’ll learn how you can make money with online reputation services and I’ll be sharing some awesome ideas that you can use when delivering for your clients. We’ll cover how to choose the best industries to work with, which ones to avoid and common prospect excuses.  I’ll also share a neat little hack if you want to outsource all of it if you don’t want to do it all yourself. And last but not least, I’ll share my companies very own proven Reputation Marketing strategy that built more than 500 5-star reputations online.

     I’ve included the most important tasks in effectively building, managing and marketing reputations online…

    I hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always I love to hear your feedback! If you enjoyed – leave me 5 stars!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/mastering-online-reputation-marketing-management-20/?couponCode=FREEBIE




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  • Udemy – Mastering Collaboration: Work together for the best results [100% off]

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    Did you know that nearly 75% of employers rate teamwork and collaboration as one of their most important activities, yet only 18% of employees get communication evaluations during their performance reviews?

    If you can believe that, then you won’t be surprised to learn that:

    • 39% of employees don’t believe their organization collaborates enough
    • 86% of employees and executives cite lack of collaboration and ineffective communication for most workplace failures
    • Less than half of employees believe their organization communicates truthfully and effectively
    • 73% of employees believe their organization would be more successful if they were able to work in more flexible and collaborative ways

    Eye-opening statistics, don’t you think?

    So the question then becomes …

    What are you doing to support, encourage, and develop a collaborative environment within your organization?

    Because, let’s face it … if your organization isn’t collaborating effectively, you’re missing out on one of the most important factors of high-performing teams and business success … and potentially hurting your business.

    At the individual level, effective collaboration can:

    • Improve and speed up work
    • Teach new skills and techniques
    • Strengthen business understanding
    • Develop interpersonal skills
    • Provide additional safety and support

     At the organizational level, it can:

    • Shorten development time
    • Lower costs
    • Improve scalability
    • Increase trust across the business
    • Create more flexibility as the business grows

    Simply put, collaboration is not something your business can choose to ignore.

    So how exactly can you make sure your business and all of its employees are collaborating effectively?

    Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this course.

    We’ll cover:

    • The benefits of collaboration and why it’s an essential part of how businesses get work done today
    • How to ensure collaborative teams work successfully within a company
    • The fundamentals of forming and leading a collaborative team
    • How to organize and get the most out of collaborative meetings
    • Online collaboration and how to effectively collaborate across different teams
    • Collaboration lessons you can apply from different industries
    • What you need to create and support a thriving culture of collaboration

    By the end of this course – whether you’re an employee, a manager, or executive – you’ll know how to set the example in your business by creating effective groups and building collaboration into both your company’s goals and values for long-term success.

    Let’s get to it!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/mastering-collaboration-work-together-for-the-best-results/?couponCode=UDEMYSTUDIO




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  • Udemy – Vagrant Essentials : Learn DevOps Using Vagrant [100% off]

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    Vagrant Essentials : Learn DevOps Using Vagrant

    The One-Stop-Shop course for Vagrant is finally here! Master Vagrant from the start with our one of a kind tutorial.

    Developers around the world know the grueling process of having to set up, deploy, configure and destroy environments depending on projects! Vagrant is the brilliant solution for eliminating the costly and time-consuming cycle of creating and destroying environments with each project.

    Vagrant is an open-source product for building and maintaining portable virtual development environments. These virtual systems are cost-efficient to use for developing your project and then disassembling it when you are done. It is also a great way to manage and coordinate large projects, that require multiple technical stacks and developers.

    Vagrant also makes it easier to set up, download, deploy packages, and even configuration by allowing developers to download prepackaged operating systems that include the required tools, libraries, and even services. And, if the prepackaged system doesn’t include everything you need, you can simply create your own virtual machine and convert it to Vagrant. That’s not all! The best part about Vagrant is that it allows you to create multiple customized copies for all the developers that are working on the project.

    Let’s step into the future world of programming by mastering virtual machines with Vagrant in this amazing step-by-step breakdown course. The course has been created with experts to help you learn the complete ins and outs of Vagrant. While, this course will start at the very beginning with Vagrant, it does have a few expectations. You are expected to have an understanding of virtualization including related technologies such as VMWare and VirtualBox. You are also expected to know their way around Linux and its file system.

    The course will breakdown Vagrant into simple and easy to understand sections and will cover everything from introduction to installation to Vagrant basics and functions, as well as network configurations, clustering, Vagrant boxes and so much more.

    At the end of this course, you will not only have the theory of Vagrant, but also be confident enough to start using Vagrant for all your projects. So, what’s stopping you from stepping into the future of development? Enroll Now and let’s enter the virtual environment!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/vagrant-essentials-learn-devops-with-vagrant/?couponCode=ODVAGRANTFREE




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  • Udemy – Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects [100% off]

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    Learn To Create WordPress Themes By Building 10 Projects


    WordPress has revolutionized the way we build websites. No more tedious long coding practices, but rather you can now select or unselect the items you want on your website. The more complex the website, the simpler the codes.

    Although creating a website in today’s day and age has become easier, making it unique and different has become even more difficult. If you don’t want your website to become lost in the sea of websites, you will have to make it stand out.

    WordPress Themes are one way you can do that, the more interactive and interesting your website is, the more attention it will garner. WordPress websites are currently some of the most popular websites on the internet. If you have a basic idea of how to code or know how write in PHP, HTML5 and CSS, well then this course can definitely get you started on your road to creating fantastic new themes for your next website. Do you want to learn WordPress Themes?

    The course will combine your basic knowledge of HTML 5, CSS and PHP and will show you how you use the different APIs and widgets from WordPress to create awesome new themes. The WP Themes course will cover functions such as PostLoop, Hook/Actions, Widgets, WP_Query, Theme Customizer API, and WordPress Frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, Ink, Gridism and W3.

    Not only will you learn the theory behind the technology, but you will also build 10 different responsive website themes also with the instructor including bootstrap websites. He will break down the each theme step by step, and will help you learn how to incorporate the different WordPress functions into your website to make it shine.

    The 10 different projects will include: Simple Theme, Advance Theme, Photo Gallery, Wordstrap, Ecommerce Theme, Business Theme, Cleancut Theme, WPNews, FourCorners, and Dynamo Theme.

    The first theme will cover the basic fundamentals such as how to write the syntax and create the file structure. Every theme after that will include more complex design principles and will use the functions mentioned above.

    No more boring theory based learning, no lectures that drone on. Here’s a comprehensive lecture that will make learning fun again. You will not only learn, but actually have fun while learning. With these themes under your belt, you can become a WordPress theme master in no time!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/learn-to-create-wordpress-themes-by-building-10-projects/?couponCode=OWPTFREE




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  • Udemy – Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide [100% off]

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    Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide

    The most comprehensive course on Docker is here. Our course covers all the aspects and features you need to know before starting your next project or moving your software to a docker based system.

    Docker is an open-source tool that allows developers to wrap their codes into small containers or packets, along with everything that would be required for the code to run. This code can then be shipped to any other system (regardless of its operating system and supporting hardware), and be deployed on that particular system. Along with the software, Docker containers also include code, runtime, system tools, system libraries, and etc. in the container itself.

    Sounds amazing, right? A portable software that runs on every environment without having to create virtual machines? We think so too! So, we designed this Docker course to help you learn Docker from scratch.

    Designed for beginners, this course holds no presumptions. You do not need to know about Docker, containerization or even virtual machines. You only need to know simple Linux commands, that’s it!

    Everything else will be covered in this comprehensive course.

    You will learn a basic introduction to DevOps, containerization, a background of Docker including what is Docker and its role in today’s tech driven world. You will learn how to download and install Docker, learn about its command line, understand the container environment, build a container from scratch, understand how a Docker container operates including storage, networking, mitigating risks, different types of containers, using memory, packing software within containers, automation, distribution, etc.

    At the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of what is Docker and how you can use Docker to simplify developing and testing software and even apps. So, what are you waiting for? This course is just what the ‘Docker’ ordered.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/docker-for-professionals-the-practical-guide/?couponCode=ODOCKGUIDFREE



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  • Udemy – How to Master Hiring: Pick the right candidate every time [100% off]

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    How to Master Hiring: Pick the right candidate every time

    Did you know that the average cost to hire a new employee is more than $4,000?

    And if that wasn’t enough, consider this:

    • It takes an average of 27 working days to hire a new employee (an all time high!)
    • The best candidates for a job are off the market within 10 days
    • 60% of candidates will quit an application because it takes too long
    • 64% of applicants will share a negative application experience with friends and family, and 27% will go as far as actively discouraging others from applying to the company

    Alarming statistics, wouldn’t you agree?

    All signs seem to be pointing to the job market being stacked against you.

    So the question then becomes …

    Are you doing everything you can to attract, identify, and select the perfect candidates for your job?

    Because, let’s face it … if your hiring process isn’t as effective and efficient as possible, you’re not only missing out on the best talent, you’re also wasting time and money trying to fill needed positions … and potentially damaging your company’s reputation.

    So how exactly can you optimize your hiring process to attract the best candidates for the job and represent your company in the best way possible?

    Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to cover in this course.

    We’ll cover:

    • How to identify if and when a new hire is needed, and how to align them with your company’s goals and objectives
    • The role of a hiring manager, their responsibilities, and how they can be most effective
    • How to put together a great job posting that attracts the best talent
    • Where to look for talent and which tools can be used to help the process
    • Screening methods and techniques to identify the best possible candidates
    • How to promote diversity in your hiring process by using blind hiring techniques
    • How to conduct effective interviews and select the best candidate for the job
    • Making and negotiating job offers & onboarding new hires to your organization

    By the end of this course, you’ll have a great understanding of how to put yourself in the best position to attract, identify, and select the best candidates for any job you need to fill.

    Let’s get to it!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/how-to-master-hiring-pick-the-right-candidate-every-time/?couponCode=UDEMYSTUDIO



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  • Udemy – Beginner To Professional – The Complete Photoshop Guide [100% off]

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    Beginner To Professional - The Complete Photoshop Guide

    The ULTIMATE Photoshop course is finally here! Master the most used photo editing software and make your photos the star of every show.

    Photoshop helps photographers and editors modify the images till it represents their vision the screen. Modifying the lighting, removing unflattering things and sometimes even modifying the images to the point where images are completely different from what they start with.

    Adobe Photoshop is one of the most famous and used editing software on the market for photo editing and manipulation. It offers multiple tools, effects, textures, etc. to help editors bring their vision to paper.

    Well, to help you become a MASTER EDITOR, we have designed the most comprehensive course on Photoshop.

    This course assumes that you are a beginner and by the end of it will convert you into an expert, helping you not only understand the different features that Photoshop offers, but also best tips and tricks to getting the most out of your every shot!

    In this course, you will learn Photoshop tools, techniques, effects and all the different features including advanced features and Adobe extensions such as Lightroom, Bridge and Camera Raw. You will learn how to manipulate and modify the lighting, retouching beauty shots (including highlighting skin, eye depth and color, teeth whiteness, lips color, body retouching and even hair selecting), as well as the different tools that the software offers.

    You will start at the beginning, getting familiar with the Photoshop UI, workshop and different layers, then progressing on to the various tools, effects and correction techniques, learning how to modify images and finally learning advanced Adobe extensions for Photoshop.

    At the end of this course, you will have become fluent in not only Photoshop, but also a master at editing photos like a professional.

    So, what are you waiting for? Let your photos do all the talking for you!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/beginner-to-professional-the-complete-photoshop-guide/?couponCode=OPSGUIDEFREE



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  • Udemy – Business Relationship Excellence: Create IMPACT to win deals [100% off]

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    Business Relationship Excellence: Create IMPACT to win deals

    If you’ve ever struggled opening doors to businesses, large or small to form business relationships, then the IMPACT tool is the course for you.

    I created this course at the request of corporates and universities to help solve a growing problem. To help solve the issue with how many people approach building relationships and forming deals, which often leads many people to failure and rejection. It doesn’t have to be that way though!

    I am paid handsomely to teach this course at corporate workshops and at leading universities to entrepreneurial students and it’s always had fantastic feedback. I produce this same course for you here so you can use the same technique that I created and now teach leading professionals. It’s the same tool I used in my business to form relationships with Virgin, Sony, Microsoft and many other leading brands and all that as a solo entrepreneur, many miles away from where any of these companies are based. I’ll teach you how I did it and how easy it is to repeat if you follow my Impact tool.

    The IMPACT tool will take you step by step through a process that will help change the way you think about relations and the way you approach them. I teach you how to create true win-wins that everyone warms too and in many cases even thank you for approaching them.

    If you want to learn this amazing tool, then hit the button above and see you on the inside!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/business-relationship-excellence-create-impact-to-win-deals/?couponCode=LAUNCHPROMO



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  • Udemy – Microsoft Project ADVANCED: Project Management Techniques [100% off]

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    Microsoft Project Advanced: Project Management Techniques

    This course is the FIRST, ONLY, and most comprehensive ADVANCED Microsoft Project course that brings the THREE ASPECTS TOGETHER – 1) ADVANCED Microsoft Project Concepts and Techniques 2) Project Management Principles AND 3) hands-on exercises. NO OTHER book, tutorial or course offers these unique set, anywhere on the internet.

    Before you read further, see what my students are saying about my Microsoft Project courses:

    Full marks – met and exceeded expectation. Gladly recommend to anyone grappling MS Project. The PDUs are a great bonus too…” – an esteemed learner.

    “He is fantastic, knowledgeable and experienced. I liked the in depth explanation of all the topics he discussed” – another esteemed learner.

    Amazing course. Thank you so much. I learned so much and I am excited to continue to enhance my abilities in MS Project 2016. I will definitely use your exercises as a great reference in the future. Take care!”


    Microsoft Project is a beast of a software application – almost 30 years of history! Released mid-1980’s on MS-DOS. So, it has every imaginable feature built into it by now – and then even some more.

    My promise to you: By the end of this course – you will be incredibly comfortable with Advanced Microsoft Project concepts and techniques – and you will be able to use Project like a BOSS. You will be able to create, manage and track world class schedules – with complex requirements of resources, allocations, budgets, reporting and tracking – all the way to project completion!!!


    Do you want to Master the World’s Most Popular Project Management tool? Learn Microsoft Project 2016 in this Comprehensive Course.

    • Learn the LATEST version – Microsoft Project 2016 – -and stay miles AHEAD of the curve
    • BONUS: Approved for 3 PMI PDU points, under Category ‘B’. A lesson included on how you can claim this.
    • Earn promotions with your new skills – Become INDISPENSABLE in your Organization.
    • BONUS – more than 40+ Project File downloads – PRACTICE EXACTLY what is shown in each and every lecture
    • By the end of the course – you will be able to SOLVE the TOUGHEST issues on project scheduling.
    • YEARS of experience has be condensed into this course – with generous tips, tricks, best practices, pitfalls – in each and every concept lesson.

    A review from a MS Project learner in my course: “I know the above tag is a oxymoron but then it is. A complete course is a detailed to perfection which i did not came across many courses. Srikanth as a tutor/ trainer is very good. Highly Recommended !!!!!” – by another esteemed learner.


    Learn Microsoft Project 2016 ADVANCED to create INCREDIBLY POWERFUL project schedules.

    • Learn the TOP 10 PITFALLS of using Microsoft Project – this is my summary from more than 500 assignments from 5000+ learners. INCREDIBLY POWERFUL – AND SIMPLE!!!
    • Learn to create “MASTER PROJECTS” – The one ring to rule them ALL!!!
    • Learn to create and use “RESOURCE POOLS” – an Enterprise level solution to handle thousands of resources.
    • INCREDIBLY powerful Custom Fields – SIX hands-on exercises – fully replicable!!
    • Learn to Use Project in EVERY STAGE of project management – Initiation, Planning, Execution & Control – and finally Closing.
    • Identify REAL LIFE problems – scheduling, costing, resourcing, work allocations!
    • Use DYNAMIC REPORTS – powerful, automated, DYNAMIC reports and dashboards
    • Save Hundreds of hours and Thousands of dollars – by using resources OPTIMALLY, identifying, preventing and mitigating RISKS
    • De-mystify the 100s of features in Microsoft Project – Views, Tables, Charts, Formatting, Multiple detail windows etc.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/ms_project/?couponCode=OMGANESHA




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