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  • Udemy – OpenStack: An Introduction to Cloud Computing and OpenStack [100% off]

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    Course Description

    In the past decade cloud computing has been gaining popularity at a tremendous rate. Some cloud providers are experiencing a growth rate of 50% year over year – which is just astounding. And the reasons for this growth is obvious – cloud computing enables ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources which can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimal effort.

    As companies across the globe enjoy the benefits of public cloud infrastructure – they also want to leverage the same principles of cloud computing and bring those benefits to how they manage their own private data centers or build private clouds on top of public cloud infrastructure. These private cloud deployments provide secure and highly efficient way to install, configure and manage pooled computing resources which could be shared among various departments or groups within the organization. The provisioning and consumption of these pooled resources become much smoother and consumers can use these resources on self-service basis eliminating lengthy provisioning wait times etc.

    OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for building and managing our own IaaS cloud infrastructure. This cloud software platform comprises of various services and components which can configure and manage control hardware pools of computing power, storage, and networking resources throughout a data center. Users either manage it through a web-based dashboard, through command-line tools, or through a RESTful API.

    In this course we will learn about OpenStack and its various components and services.

    In this course we will:

    • Learn about cloud computing
    • Learn about OpenStack
    • Learn about various sub-components of OpenStack


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/openstack-an-introduction-to-cloud-computing-and-openstack/?couponCode=NEWYEARGIFT



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  • Udemy – TeamCity: Learn continuous integration with TeamCity [100% off]

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    TeamCity: Learn continuous integration with TeamCity

    Course Description

    Today the technology sector is experiencing a boom throughout the world. There are hundreds of startups launching every day.  In order to move fast – these startups need people who are skilled at automating as much as possible. Mostly progressive startups – favor implementing completely automated DevOps pipelines from the get go.  They realize that these practices of continuous integration (CI) and DevOps will yield tremendous benefits regarding speed and agility. The demand for these skills has been steadily rising over the last few years.

    TeamCity is a very popular, mature and feature-rich toolset which enables us to build very sophisticated automated build pipelines very quickly. It has extensive community support which has augmented the core functionality of TeamCity by building and sharing hundreds of very useful plugins. Implementing continuous integration with TeamCity can help us immensely in reducing the risk within our software development lifecycle. It catches us bugs early and increases the quality of our software products. This, in turn, reduces the overall cost to develop innovative software in any environment – startups and enterprise alike.

    The demand for professionals who have experience with these tools has been growing steadily over the last few years. The salaries and consulting rates for these skills have also been rising and are only bound to go up as the demand for these skills remains steady or increases. Professionals with TeamCity experience can demand as much as $100K as their yearly compensation and these jobs pay more than majority of the jobs posted on US job boards.

    In this course we will:

    • Learn about CI and why it is important
    • Learn about TeamCity
    • Build an automated CI pipeline with TeamCity
    • Learn how to version control and manage relational database schema
    • Run the CI pipeline to maintain build artifacts
    • Learn how to configure, secure and extend TeamCity
    • Learn how to configure automated build notifications

    What are the requirements?

    • Access to a physical or virtual machine to install the required software
    • Basic information about software development processes
    • Desire to learn something new and continuous improvement

    What am I going to get from this course?

    • Learn what is continuous integration (CI)
    • Learn why continuous integration is important (especially in fast paced startup environment)
    • Learn how valuable TeamCity skills are
    • Maintain and version control database schema in an automated fashion via RoundHousE
    • Install and configure TeamCity on Windows and Linux platforms
    • Build and automated CI pipeline with TeamCity for .NET and Java platforms
    • Learn how to setup automatic building notifications within Teamcity


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/teamcity-learn-continuous-integration-jetbrains-teamcity-tutorial/?couponCode=NEWYEARGIFT




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  • Udemy – Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 the Easy Way [100% off]

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    Master Adobe Photoshop Elements 15 the Easy Way

    Course Description

    Get Confident in Using Photoshop Elements and Make Your Photo Memories Magical

    • Improve your images so they look spectacular, even if you don’t take a perfect shot
    • Personalize your use of Photoshop Elements to suit your specific needs
    • Navigate the Photoshop Elements interface and discover updated and newly enhanced features
    • Import and organize your images so you can easily find them for future use
    • Apply basic and advanced techniques for correcting and enhancing your photos

    Discover the Power of Photoshop Elements 15

    We’ve all seen amazing photos of people, places and events that look absolutely perfect and lead us to believe they’ve been “Photoshopped.” Now you can have the advanced skills necessary to use Photoshop Elements like a pro.

    Designed for entry-level photographers, image editors and hobbyists, Photoshop Elements contains most of the features of the professional version but with simpler options and at a much lower cost. This gives you the freedom to benefit from the most essential and useful features of Photoshop without the hurdles of complex, elite features at a cost that is prohibitive to most of us.

    Overview and Contents

    Our course, Master Photoshop Elements 15 the Easy Way, gets you started right from the very beginning – showing you how to download the most recent version of this powerful software and get it up and running.  From there, you’ll be guided every step of the way toward becoming a true Photoshop Elements power user.

    Our practical tips and tricks will show you how to make quick edits, add artistic touches, or transform your photos into expressions of your vision and creativity. You’ll understand that to maximize your Photoshop Elements experience, you can organize pictures by importing them into a centralized catalog, where you can tag photos with keywords and insert them into albums for easy use in the future. This means you’re just a few steps away from creating beautiful books, cards, photographs and more that you can share with family and friends.

    With easy-to-follow steps found in each video tutorial, you’ll become a master of Photoshop Elements. The tutorials will teach you the core fundamentals of using this digital image editing software. By learning basic techniques in addition to more advanced skills, you’ll be able to take these in-demand skills to your job, hobby, or even to start your own creative business.

    As part of the course, you will receive exercise files so you can practice what you’ve learned and gain confidence as you go.

    Get ready to make your photo memories magical!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/master-adobe-photoshop-elements-15-course/?couponCode=PSEBUNDLE




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  • Udemy – Learn Rails: Quickly Code, Style and Launch 4 Web Apps [100% off]

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    Learn Rails: Quickly Code, Style and Launch 4 Web Apps

    Course Description

    In this course, students will learn what Rails is best for, quickly creating and finishing web apps easily. This course covers it all, from installation to deployment. We will teach you how to use various Rails tools while building functional web applications. By the end of the course, you will know enough rails to create any CRUD application you like. Not only this, but I also provide resources for almost every lecture, so that you can learn more if you wish. This course will provide you with enough Rails knowledge to go from beginner to intermediate. After completing this course, you will also have enough Rails basis to learn any other Rails concept you can think of on your own. Think of this course like a quick jumpstart to your Ruby on Rails career. 

    In this course, we will complete 4 web apps in the following order:

    1. A personal blog
    2. A user messaging app
    3. A To Do List (The Hello World of Ruby on Rails Applications)
    4. A Wikipedia Clone

    But basic Ruby on Rails isn’t the only thing we will focus on, we will also learn how to use other tools with our apps such as:

    • Git
    • Heroku
    • Bootstrap
    • Active Admin
    • Static Pages
    • MVC Architecture

    If you want to bulk up your resume, get some practice or learn how to use various Rails gems in your app, look no further!

    This course will cover a lot of ground in a very short amount of time. Since the course is so fast, breezing through it might not help your retain everything. I recommend trying to finish the course in a month. It will help you retain knowledge, as well as give you time to explore different features on your own. Not only this, but udemy gives you a 30 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!

    Thank you for showing interest in this course!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/learn-rails/?couponCode=IMCRAZY




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  • Udemy – The Complete Financial Statement Analysis Course [100% off]

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    The Complete Financial Statement Analysis Course

    Course Description

    Ever wonder how the world’s most successful investors (such as Warren Buffett, David Einhorn, or Jim Chanos) are so successful? It’s because they employ industry leading financial statement analysis skills to root out opportunities.

    A lot of courses simply teach you how to perform a few financial ratios. That’s important, but it is only a small part of successful financial statement analysis. True financial statement analysis requires in-depth reading, research, and other analytical strategies that will give you a real investing edge.

    I will teach you the tricks of the trade that many successful investors use on a daily basis. By the end of this course you will learn how to read and analyze a company’s SEC filings like a pro!

    If you want to be a successful Financial Analyst, Investor, Investor Relations Manager, Private Equity Analyst, Investment Banker, Hedge Fund Analyst, or Sell Side Research Analyst, then this course will is perfect for you!

    3 BIG reasons why you should take this course:

    • Great future: There is always a need for financial analysts to perform research.
    • Big money: A financial analyst role typically leads to a high paying career ($100,000+).
    • Manage your own investments: Achieve long-term wealth by managing your own stock portfolio.

    What makes this the best financial statement analysis course out there?

    • Knowledgeable instructor: I have a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. I have years of equity research experience where I have provided detailed financial statement analysis services to many blue chip hedge funds.
    • Complete training: This course contains the main topics you will need to be a successful financial analyst and analyze financials. Unlike most courses, our training will include a walk-through of how to read SEC filings and what information to look out for.
    • Real world examples: The course contains many real world case studies. Everything you learn will be applicable RIGHT AWAY towards you career or investing goals.
    • Excellent support: If you don’t understand a concept or simply want to ask a question, you’ll receive an answer as soon as possible.
    • Industry tricks and tips: You will learn many of the industry’s best tricks and tips to be successful. Some of these strategies are not well known to even veterans.  You will find strategies to get an informational edge over other investors.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/the-complete-financial-statement-analysis-course/?couponCode=REDDIT123




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  • Udemy – Tantra Mastery 2: Conscious Love & Sex, Massages, Techniques [100% off]

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    Tantra Mastery 2: Conscious Love & Sex, Massages, Techniques

    Course Description

    The long awaited Tantra Course Part 2 is here! 

    Ever wondered what are those secrets of Tantra love making and Tantra massages? All of it and way more you will find in this course.

    This course is packed with practical information – no useless empty information, real practical techniques and movements you can do and wake up not only your but also your partners body to the fullest. 

    In this course we (full of awareness and love) will look at some of the basic explanations of Yin and Yang energies so you understand the way of thinking and being of your woman/man. We will move onto the technique called Present touch which if you master can itself evoke orgasmic feelings or at least unbearable shivers.

    This course also contains descriptions of positions to wake up the basic root chakra called Muladhara which will help you to connect with your natural essence. This course is also packed with techniques for higher sensitivity of the womanso you never have problem of making her feel good. You will just always know what to do! And for you women if you struggle with sensitivity these are the things you can also do yourself! 

    This course will also teach you How to perform full Lingam and Yoni Tantra massage on your partner and MUCH MUCH MORE. 

    If you ever wanted to learn something more about or sexuality, if you ever wanted to be really comfortable in this area then stop reading this description and finally get to the course. No point in waiting. You know this is good.

    IMPORTANT: Watch the Part 1 of the Tantric course – right mind set is for this course REQUIRED!



    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/tantra-mastery-2-conscious-love-sex-massages-techniques/?couponCode=NEWARRIVAL




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  • Udemy – Adsense Course For Beginners [100% off]

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    Adsense Course For Beginners

    Course Description

    If you are interested in knowing more about how to monetize your site with Google Ad sense, then you will get more practical and  ideas in this course!

    Initially when I began I was left free handed knowing nothing about what is Google Ad sense website and how to earn through it. It everything started and I came to know about Google Ad sense only after buying it from others.

    So from the knowledge I gained by purchasing the website I created more websites which laid me a way to gain more profit. So what I did is I gathered all my experience and has created a full packed course for you so that you will be profited too.

    Frankly speaking I spent $2500 for my very first website to understand what was the process behind running a victorious Google Adsense website. After that I was spending my time only on improving my Google AdSense earnings and thinking about a way to make my website to be a successful one.

    I have reduced your load now, I have analysed carefully and created a useful package for you about Google Ad sense websites. You can make use of it and can build your own kingdom within few period of time.

    You will search for a successor to follow if you want to develop your knowledge in anything you wish to achieve. And if your Aim is to gain more profit through Google Adsense, then here I’m who has been a successor in Google adsense, I have achieved a yearly income of $100,00 through Google adsense.

    For easier and immediate result you should atleast have the basic knowledge of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization and online advertising.

    In case if you are having a Google Adsense website already or if you are planning to a buy a new website, then you will be given practical examples in this course which you can apply simultaneously and will be able to increase the performance of your website.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/adsense-account/?couponCode=SUCCESS0




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  • Udemy – The Trademan’s Guide To Marketing [100% off]

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    Course Description

    This course is all about how tradesmen and women can get more customers and make more money using the internet and modern day business development methods.

    It aims to provide you with a support framework for entrepreneurial learning within the construction industry.

    It aims to assist in the business education and development that is holding your construction business back.

    Topics include:

    • How to make sure your customers can find you
    • How to target your paying and profitable customers
    • The tradesmens guide to making money using social media
    • How to turn your contacts into money
    • Identifying your key services and turning them into cash
    • How to get free marketing
    • How to get other people’s paying customers as your own
    • The Tradesmen’s 2016 ‘Make More Money’ Plan
    • BONUS: Get your FREE eBook

    This course of 20+ tutorial videos will provide tradesmen and tradeswomen – anyone who is a self-employed ‘tradie’, or has a ‘man in a van’ type business, to get more customers and make more money.

    It will provide you with the fundamental strategies for making more money while doing less; so that you can increase your income without constantly pulling 50+ hour weeks and wondering where the next project is coming from.

    • Run by two successful business owners, this course for tradies is the start to getting the internet to work harder for you and your bank account laughing again.

    We are not there to teach a carpenter to chop wood, we are there to aid him grow his carpentry business. THERE IS MONEY TO BE MADE BY GOING ONLINE, let us who have been there from business start-up right through to sale of a large award winning company show you the way.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/the-trademans-guide-to-marketing/?couponCode=TRADEFREE




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  • Udemy – Online Marketing – Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook [100% off]

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    Online Marketing - Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook

    Course Description

    Online Marketing – Unleash the Organic Power of Facebook

    Marketers spend a lot of money online to advertise to get traffic to their online assets such as web pages, blog pages, lead capture pages, etc.  But did you know that with a bit of proper setup and some work over time, you can get a lot of exposure and traffic to your online assets organically on Facebook?

    In this lecture series I show you step by step how to set things up to have Facebook work for you organically so that you get a good volume of traffic to your websites and blog sites that you don’t have to pay for.

    I won’t kid you, this takes work on your part.  But if you are willing to work at it, you can see some great targeted traffic coming at you that will generate sales for you without having to spend money on advertising.

    Many people use Facebook in bits and pieces – only using some of it’s capabilities.  I don’t know it all yet myself – I keep learning as I go, but I know quite a bit now after having studied the platform in-depth and what I teach in this course will take you a long way.

    I have learned some great strategies for selling on this platform on limited budgets – Sign up for this course and you’ll know how to do it as well.  See you on the inside!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/online-marketing-unleash-the-organic-power-of-facebook/?couponCode=OM-FREE




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  • Udemy – Accounting for Beginners : Learn Basics in under 1 Hour [100% off]

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    Course Description


    Are you struggling with doing accounts ?

    And what to learn accounting easily and instantly ?

    And without finance experience ?

    And with examples and exercises?

    *****Then you are on right place*****

    Warm welcome to the course page of accounting for beginners !

    This course is for beginners who want to learn accounting with simplified method.

    In this course, you will learn about basic accounting terms, accounting entries, accounting principles as per GAAP, concept of accrual vs prepayment, methods of cash accounting vs accrual accounting, accounting cycle, how to prepare ledger, how to make trial balance and prepare financial statements. I have explained concept with examples in excel sheet ( when needed) to make your learning process easy.

    The course has +79 minutes of content having 20 lectures.

    1. First section is introduction section.
    2. Second part is theory part explaining fundamentals of accounting, accounting terms, accounting principles as per GAAP, concept of cash accounting vs accrual accounting.
    3. In third section, I have explained how to do basic accounting via drafting ledgers and preparing trial balance.
    4. Fourth part is having ex plainer videos about how to prepare financial statements and close the accounts.
    5. Fifth section is resources in which I have given 10 Exercises so that you can do repetition what you have learnt.
    6. Additionally there are quizzes given after completion of each section for knowledge testing.

    You should take this course because it is simple and still effective and covering basics in very short duration. After completion of course, Your accounting fundamentals will be strong and you will be able to do basic accounting for business or at job or for client. You can view preview lectures FREE before purchasing !

    For puchasing, Just click the take this course button. You have nothing to lose. In fact, you have got a lot to gain.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/accounting-for-beginners-how-to-do-accounting-super-easily/?couponCode=FREE2017JAN



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