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  • Mini Watercolor Course

    This is a portrait that will help you to obtain useful pieces of information on:

    Colors that should be used to define skin tone
    Painting the eyes and eye sparkle in a realistic way
    Painting the hair combining watercolor pencils and watercolors
    Adjustment of background color in order to fit with skin tone
    Realistic painting of clothes
    Every serious artist needs to know all the secrets of watercolor technique in order to create amazing realistic portraits!
    You can always earn money from painting realistic portraits!Enroll in course and get your Certificate!
    E-Learning from Aplle,Mac,Tablet,Laptop,Desktop…


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  • Beginner basics- Watercolor Course+Certificate

    In this course you will learn how to choose appropriate materials for watercolor painting,apply color theory to your paintings and mix colors from various pigments.

    You will learn various application techniques in a painting,to create shadow and light.

    And you will learn how to arrange compositions,you will learn about perspective and to paint beautiful trees,fruits,flowers,animals.

    I will teach you to paint with more confidence using motivational quotes and I will make some suggestions about the various ways you can sell your art work using modern technology.

    And there are also a bonus lessons.


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  • Watercolor Techniques+Creative Exercises and Color Theory

    We will learn about

    -different watercolor techniques and how to combine them

    -we will learn about color theory,hue,saturation,shadow and tint

    -about primary,secondary and tertiary colors, complementary colors


    -practising watercolor techniques

    -we will larn how to paint flowers,fruits,landscape

    -how to mix acrylics and watercolor

    -we will have STUDENTS ART-HOMEWORK



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  • Get 10% off on LiveEdu.tv

    Liveedu.tv is a live project-based learning platform for people to improve their technical job skills in programming, game development, data science, design, augmented reality, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. LiveEdu is for people who have already passed the beginner stage and experienced professionals already working in the industry. They use LiveEdu to progress faster in their career by expanding their practical knowledge in technologies relevant to their career and personal interest.

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  • 100% FREE for limited time:Depression and Anxiety Destroyer P1

    FIND and DESTROY the DEEP HIDDEN CAUSES of Depression or ANXIETY, RELIEF yourself.
    – Catch MINORS, turned to be a major depression or anxiety?
    – Catch what threatens your relationship and turns to depression or anxiety?
    – Catch things berried deep inside that ruin your relationship or success
    – Why some people are born as winners in relationships and or life # losers?
    – Catch what threatens your success and turns to depression or anxiety
    – DESTROY many ANNOYING things in relationships like don’t love me anymore! my relationship is struggling!
    – DESTROY many ANNOYING things in work like I can’t do it, I can’t tolerate …..

    100% free

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  • Udemy – How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots For Lead Generation [100% off]

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    How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots For Lead Generation

    In this course I’m going to walk you through how you can utilize the Facebook messenger to start generating more leads and sales for your business.

    Facebook has recently made a lot of changes to the messenger tool and now allows software developers to use the Facebook API to create Facebook messenger bots.

    These bots can be utilized with your Facebook pages to automatically interact with your fans and customers.

    For example, if you create a post offering to give away a free eBook and someone sends you a message or comments on your post the bot can automatically follow up with a message and a link to download the eBook.

    Once a user has messaged you they have essentially turned into a lead. You can now send broadcasts to all of the people whom have messaged you before. This more or less turns Facebook messenger into a very powerful marketing tool you can use to engage with your audience and fans.

    Some additional features of these software tools might include:

    • Setup sequences of messages
    • Responses based on specific words “yes” or “no”
    • Embedded live chat on your website
    • Auto-schedule broadcast messages
    • Audience insights and open rates
    • Include call to actions with images, text, buttons or links.

    Setting up a Facebook messenger bot is an absolute awesome way to start building your following in 2017.


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  • Udemy – Complete Appium(latest v1.6.3) from Beginners to Advanced [100% off]

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    Complete Appium(latest v1.6.3) from Beginners to Advanced

    ****06/05/2016: Added Video & Screenshot coverage for test runs on iOS & Android****

    Are you planning to start your career in the field of Automation?

    Are you QA Engineer and looking to explore the mobile automation world?

    Do you want to master Appium(Selenium 3.0) for Android & IOS Platforms

    Then this is the ideal course for you!!!

    In this Appium training course, attendees will learn from scratch assuming that you have no experience with automation.

    • Learn Why Appium over other open source mobile automation tools
    • Understanding Appium Architecture
    • Setting up Pre-requisites and Installing Appium on Windows & Mac OS X
    • Working with Built-In Apps on Android Platform(Phone,Clock…)
    • Working with Native Apps on Android & IOS Platforms
    • Working with Mobile Web Browser on Android & IOS Platforms
    • Performing various mobile gestures(Long Press, Multi Touch, Drag & Drop, Swipe)
    • Working with various mobile controls on IOS(Sliders,Switches, PickerWheel….)
    • Identifying mobile elements using Appium Inspector, UIAutomatorViewer
    • Locating elements using- XPath, CSS,Class, Name, Screen Coordinates(x,y),IOSUIAutomation,AndroidUIAutomator
    • Creating Page Factory Model framework for Mobile Apps
    • Creating provisioning profile to test development app on real IOS device
    • Integrating Appium with SauceLabs for distributing tests on the cloud
    • Integrating Appium with Continuous Integration tool- Jenkins
    • Dynamic parametrization of Desired Capabilities through Maven & Jenkins
    • Launch Appium programmatically on Windows & mac
    • Record Video and Capture Screenshots for test runs on iOS & Android

    If you still haven’t made up your mind attending this course,

    Check out the free previews to understand more what this course has to offer

    After completing these course you can start writing automation scripts and building mobile frameworks across IOS & Android platforms for Web, Native, Hybrid Apps

    Implement Page Factory Approach Framework for Mobile Native Apps by the end of the course


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/mobile-test-automation-using-appium-selenium-30/?couponCode=FIVERR17




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  • Udemy – How To Build A Successful E-Commerce Business [100% off]

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    This course will reveal to you the simplest, most straightforward formula to dominate e-commerce and make $300/day in just one week from now!

    It’s safe to say that if you want to truly live the Internet Marketing lifestyle, setting up your e-commerce shop and selling products using FB ads is as close as you can get to constant passive income for years to come.

    Everyday people are buying products left and right, searching for presents for their family and friends, and just eager to spend money on personalized items.

    In fact, the e-commerce market has officially become a TRILLION dollar market, dwarfing any other Internet Marketing niche by 100 times.

    E-commerce is a virtual goldmine, and it’s only getting better every day.

    Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Reap the Benefits Of Having Your Own E-Commerce Business

    • Set up your own e-commerce business from home
    • Start ahead of the pack with the right niche
    • Sell & promote high quality products with Facebook Ads like a pro

    Contents and Overview

    This course explains how to build a highly profitable e-commerce business that brings in hundreds of dollars per day and can be scaled further.

    First, you’ll learn the fundaments of setting up your e-commerce business in the first section of this training. I’ll show you which platform to select, how to create mandatory pages, the best free plugins and how to customize your online store further.

    Next, we’ll cover how niche ideas, where to find great products, how to get these products onto your site and how to set up product shipping.

    Then, we’ll move one to promoting your e-commerce store with Facebook ads. I’ll walk you through the process of creating your first campaign, audience research and best practices to get instant results.

    Last but not least, we’ll cover how to scale your profits with retargeting, efficient email campaigns and how to outsource some of your daily tasks so you can focus on the important stuff.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/how-to-build-a-successful-e-commerce-business/?couponCode=YouAreAwesome




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  • Udemy – Depression and Anxiety Destroyer P1 [100% off]

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    Depression and Anxiety Destroyer P1

    FIND and DESTROY the DEEP HIDDEN CAUSES of Depression or ANXIETY, that ruined your life with PAINFUL emotions, and KILLER thoughts,  RELIEF yourself

    Tired of Depression and or Anxiety? Do you FIGHT Depression or Anxiety in the right way? if so you should have a TOTAL relief ? or just small improvement ? do depression and anxiety strike back AGAIN??

    Need a FAST, so EFFICIENT, scientific, and TESTED way to destroy depression and or anxiety??

    You may practice Yoga, exercise, random acts of kindness, or any other happiness activities, Get some improvements, but NOT a GREAT improvement, then Depression and or Anxiety hit again because there is no fast, so efficient way can FIND and DESTROY the DEEP HIDDEN CAUSES of them

    NOW you CAN DO IT, you can FIND and DESTROY those deeply hidden causes, in an hour if you apply the simple so easy next mini steps

    – What are the things you do that turn any minor issue into depression or anxiety triggers

    – What worsens the Depression or anxiety that you don’t know?

    – what are the things berried deep inside, that ruin your relationship or make you unsuccessful in work?

    – why some people are born as winners in relationships and or life while others as losers?? how to reverse it?

    – Enjoy the one of kind THERAPEUTIC guided meditation session to RELIEF yourself from all the hidden causes and painful emotions of depression.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/depression-and-anxiety-destroyer/?couponCode=GODBLESSFREE




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  • Appock WordPress Native App Creator: LIFETIME Subscription (Professional Plan)

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    Professional Plan:

    Are you a dedicated WordPress blogger, ready to elevate your WordPress game? With Appock, you can publish your blog as a fully native app in as little as 3 steps. Take advantage of the mobile revolution by complementing your web presence with an easily accessible app for mobile users. You can even monetize your newly discovered mobile traffic to make your WordPress start working for you. With the Professional Plan, you’ll be able to host your app in your own Appock Play Store account, getting a broader reach for new audiences, and new income.

    • Get a fully native app experience for your WordPress
    • Stay in touch w/ loyal readers through unlimited push notifications
    • Customize your categories, colors, fonts, & much more to ensure your brand is represented well
    • Keep your users in the app when they open external links w/ a native browser experience
    • Allow users to share your app & posts over Facebook, Whatsapp, & other social media w/ a single tap
    • Receive offline support so your users can view your post when they don’t have internet access
    • Monetize your app w/ various ad networks, adding mobile banners & interstitials w/ ease
    • Track your app’s usage w/ built-in support for Google Analytics
    • Keep your updates fluid w/ app update prompts for all your users

    60% OFF

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