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  • Udemy – Instagram Ads For Beginners: Hands On Training [100% off]

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    Instagram Ads For Beginners: Hands On Training

    What if you could use Instagram Ads to

    • Drive traffic to your website or blog
    • Generate email leads
    • Sell your product and services 

    That’s exactly what you will learn in this course.

    Instagram has over 600 million users and only 1 million advertisers. This number is still very low compared to Facebook’s 5 million advertisers.

    This course will help your master Instagram Ads and you will create your first Ad campaign. 

    We all know the importance of Instagram marketing. After taking this course you will master the process of creating Instagram Ads and get ahead of your competition. Here are the topics covered inside

    1. Why Instagram Ads are so important
    2. Why people FAIL with Instagram Ads and a downloadable planning worksheet 
    3. Use Facebook Ads manager to create Instagram Ads
    4. Use Facebook power editor to create Instagram Ads
    5. Use Instagram mobile app to launch your Instagram Ads
    6. Different tools you can use to create amazing visuals
    7. (FREEBIE) – Get my handmade Instagram images for FREE

    This course is NOT just theory. It’s full of hands on demos and training. I will show you my step by step process to create Instagram Ads.

    People who mastered Facebook Ads are way ahead of their competition. Don’t wait and start learning the Instagram marketing for business esp. Instagram Ads.

    This course also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So there is no risk at all.

    ENROLL NOW and I will see you on the inside.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/instagram-ads/?couponCode=LAUNCH0




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  • Udemy – Learn RSI, Options & Technical Analysis (3 Course Bundle) [100% off]

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    Learn RSI, Options & Technical Analysis (3 Course Bundle)

    **Course fully updated for March 2017**

    As you are Reading this this means you are here to learn. This Course is a 3in1 Bundle course to Explain Charting, RSI with Options Trading.

    Even if you know nothing on these subject then don’t worry as this course is designed to teach newbies. You can read below but at the end you will reach the same point mentioned Here i.e “Learn Charting, RSI & Options all in One Course”.

    Even you look at all 1000 Finance Course you will find that to learn these 3 (Charting, RSI & Options) you will need to purchase 3 course. So Why not get one course.

    Please note this Course Explains the Basics First and then Advanced Details later; as Basics it helps you to completely understand the Advanced Details. “5 out of 5 Moon”

    This Course Brings a Beginner to Advance Stage. I give my Students full Access; So please feel free to ask any questions as and when needed. To again emphasis I would say again “You have full access”

    You might think Technical analysis is something very technical and will have many jargons and you might get lost in them? Think Again as this course is for beginners or intermediate traders or finance students.

    Why Purchase this Course? Because you are here to learn new skills and this Course explains a new Chart Reading skill that is not available in any other course on Udemy.

    Why Purchase This Course Now? You will learn my own trading plan to trade stocks without any risk.

    I will explain things in easy words, as if I am explaining Charting to a 5 year old.

    Learn technical analysis and trade like a professional. Technical analysis is also known as charting, as charting literally means reading Charts.

    In this 3 Hours and 35 Minutes Long Course you will learn philosophy or thinking process of different Charting indicators and will trade like a professional.

    This course comes with guarantee that you can always apply for 100% Refund within 30 days. 

    This course informs you as to How to Trade; as currently you don’t know all the options available to you and other investors.

    Just Imagine you are crossing the road and looking only on right and doesn’t know if a bus is coming from the left side of the road. You will certainly get killed and thats what happens with you in the stock market. This course will inform you the procedure to look both ways.

    You currently only know Buy, Sell and Stop Loss order and consider any person authoritative in Stock Market; Either its your broker . However you need to understand that everyone acts of his self interestand if you don’t know what his self interest is then you will always lose money and will never learn to trade.

    We will discuss how to make money even before Buying a good stock and if you get lucky then you buy the stock at 5-10% lower rate from today.

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  • Udemy – Complete Wifi Hacking Encyclopedia [100% off]

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    Complete Wifi Hacking Encyclopedia

    Get ready to gain the complete wireless pentesting knowledge in easy way. Also learn the secrets method of breaching the wireless networks.After enrolling into this course you don’t need to know anything else this course will give you the entire Network breaching ideas. After taking this course you can become self dependent you can research by yourself.A course especially designed by a group of cyber security experts(Pentesters).This course will give you the complete knowledge of wireless hacking or pentesting.This course is designed in such a way that a kid in 10th standard can also learn it without any difficulties.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/complete-wifi-hacking-encyclopedia/?couponCode=DARKHACKER




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  • Udemy – Turning the Self Inside Out [100% off]

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    Turning the Self Inside Out

    We are bombarded by the social media and strongly influenced by political, educational and religious norms.

    Given the current world-view that suggests changes are urgently needed in order to correct social injustices, it is crucial to become more mindful of our inner reality, to think independently and consciously. This is achieved if one begins with a solid connection and understanding with the self. Only then can problems and issues be resolved effectively.

    This course identifies 12 important, everyday life issues that can be resolved in one of two ways: Through an “old” encumbered mind-set or a “new” limitless mind-set. Once learned, this skill-set will be an invaluable asset in resolving the challenges of life.

    The course applies a “best practices” approach to address various learning styles including extensive use of multi-media resources and a rich-content that is based on real-life situations. On completion of the course the subscriber will be provided with additional support in the way of:  An email address of the course creator, a blog of the “best questions and answers for the week,” a wiki to post personal (anonymous) stories, a Facebook page, a hashtag for Twitter use, and a download link to a soft copy of the book “Turning the Self Inside Out.”

    This course is for anyone seeking change to better the self and become the person they were always meant to be.

    “A delightfully eloquent and wise guide to the process of awakening, showing us how we can open up to a new mode of being in everyday life. The greatest strength is its sheer practicality–it is filled with useful exercises and tips. It would be wonderful if it could be used as an actual college course–then it would show us the real meaning of the term ‘education.'”

    Steve Taylor Ph.D, senior university lecturer and author of many best-selling books including The Fall, Back to Sanity, The Calm Center, The Leap


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/turning-the-self-inside-out/?couponCode=NAMASTE




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  • Udemy – CompTIA Security+: SY0-401 Exam Prep [100% off]

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    CompTIA Security+: SY0-401 Exam Prep

    2017 Version

    Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA©) Security+ is an international globally recognized certification in networking for professionals who wants to boost their opportunities and excel in their career path. CompTIA Security+ helps professionals acquire the necessary skills and knowledge in network security, compliance, operation security, threats and vulnerabilities, data and host security, access control, identity management and cryptography. This certification is one of the most demanded certification under the Information Technology (IT) umbrella. This certification certifies professionals in handling different type of security related to hardware, as well as, to software.

    Official Exam Pre-requisite

    Read and understand the Security+ Manual.

    Exam Rules

    There are 90 questions multiple choices as part of the exam with a duration of 1 hour and 30 minutes.

    CompTIA recommends individuals who want to apply for the exam to have at least two years experience in security concepts and CompTIA Network+ certification.


    This course is a quiz simulation practices that help you prepare for the exam using multiple choice questions. The course includes quizzes, as well videos registered of the quizzes in order to download them and practice through those quizzes without internet connection whenever needed.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/pass-security/?couponCode=FREEACESSLIMITED




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  • Udemy – Let’s Tame The English Grammar Together [100% off]

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    Let's Tame The English Grammar Together

    Does English Grammar seem to be a total chaos?

    Would you like to improve you English grammar skills but you have enough of the boring learning?

    Look at this!

    I am Annamária Ibos and my superpower is that I explain every tiny bit of English grammar terribly simply and understandable.

    Why is it important?

    Because everybody hates learning grammar.  Grammar is like a super-villain, most of the English language learners are horrified from it and thinks about it as an unnecessary bad.

    However, English grammar is NOT kryptonite, don’t let it absorb you energy!

    I have created this course specially for those who

    • has just started to learn the most important and hottest English grammar parts (which are  certainly involved in the B2 intermediate language exam)
    • has already learnt English but got totally lost in the labyrinth of the English grammar rules

    Either you want to learn these English grammar forms from scratch or you would like to orginze the existing knowledge in your head, this course will help!

    The 10 video lectures contain topics such as:

    • Causative
    • Conditionals (If clauses)
    • Modal auxiliary verbs (present/past)
    • Passive voice
    • Question tag
    • Reported speech

    … with more fundamental topics which are 100% sure to occur in everyday communication or in B2 intermediate language exam.

    You will get practice activities for each lectures that you will be able to check, so you can learn from your own mistakes, too.

    At the end of the course you are going to have the “aha” experience. You will be happy and satisfied because you are not going to have any problems with the hottest topics of the English Grammar again.

    After this course you will feel like you have been stung by a mutant spider: world becomes ultimately simple and you will be able to reply all the questions as if your reflexes would have speeded up by 100x. You don’t need to mull about the perfect usage of ‘would’ or ‘would have’ in the 3rd conditional:  the correct answer is right there in your mind.

    Join the course and let’s tame the English grammar together!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/lets-tame-the-english-grammar-together/?couponCode=STUDIO1



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  • Udemy – Learn VirtualBox Server and Network Virtualization! [100% off]

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    Learn VirtualBox Server and Network Virtualization!

    In this short course you will get a detailed overview of Oracle VM VirtualBox. This course is set up to give the student an understanding of the components that make up a virtual environment. You will grasp the concept of what virtualization is and how it is used in corporate and in home environments.

    You will learn what the settings within Oracle VM VirtualBox control and how to use them to configure your own home lab. You will gain a hands-on experience because each lecture has a pdf attached with instructions. This detailed overview will start you on your way to understand virtualization and its many uses!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/learn-virtualbox-server-and-network-virtualization/?couponCode=BBH001



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  • Udemy – Mastering Server Side Swift Using Kitura [100% off]

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    Mastering Server Side Swift Using Kitura

    Are you interested in learning how to write a complete backend API using Swift?

    Swift on the server is the future of iOS development. And now you can learn it from the comfort of your home.. in your own time.. without having to attend class.

    My name is Mohammad Azam, creator of many popular online courses including Mastering MapKit in iOS Using Swift and Creating Stickers and iMessages Applications in iOS 10 Using Swift 3.

    I have created over 2 dozens apps and some of my apps were even featured by Apple on the App Store. I have worked with fortune 500 companies as a lead iOS developer and helped them grow their business ten folds. At present I am a full time iOS Instructor at The Iron Yard where I teach users how to create amazing iOS applications.

    What’s stopping you from signing up to today?

    You don’t have enough time: Not a problem at all. We have designed the course so you can learn everything you need to know in less than 4 hours. In fact if you think that the course fell short on delivering topics then we will give you your MONEY BACK.

    Here are some of the reviews from our previous courses: 

    “His course is AWESOME very detail instructions.”

    “Mohammad Azam has an excellent teaching style which makes it easy & fun to comprehend these Swift features in such a short course & he explains the concepts in more detail & clarity than most instructors. Plus, his videos are well prepared & he’s very articulate. I hope he will create more courses.”

    “Excellent teaching. Just perfect!!!”

    “Great course!! This is a great introduction to MapKit and the CoreLocation Framework for newbies like me.”

    “I never used any server-side Swift before but watching this videos have made me realise how easy it was to setup and run server-side Swift. Brilliant! thanks Mohammad Azam for creating such a brilliant course!”

    Buy this course today and this is what you’ll get.

    Firstly, I am using Xcode 8.2 with Swift 3.0 with this course. I will show you how to build real apps that consume the Kitura backend service. You will also learn how to use the templating engine of Kitura to create websites.

    “Very Good instructor and quick to answer questions. Enjoyed the lectures.”

    The course is accompanied with all the code sample files.

    You will also receive a UNLIMITED support on Udemy forums. I am very active on forums and make sure that every questions is answered.

    Can you believe you get all this (and more) for just $195?

    “Awesome class for really learning how to setup and implement MapKit in your iOS apps using swift. Def. one of the best classes I’ve taken on Udemy. Looking forward to more classes offered by Mohammad Azam. A++ class”

    Why learn Server Side Swift?

    Swift has taken the world of programming by storm. It is one of the most fastest growing languages available. Cloud computing is changing the world everyday and now you can use the power and the simplicity of the Swift language to create Cloud enabled applications.

    Kitura will allow you to create backend services which can be consumed by iOS, Android, Windows and Web Applications.

    By using server side Swift using Kitura you will have complete control over your deployment process and strategy.
    Who is this for?

    This course is for anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level. Server side Swift is a new technology and companies will be jumping on it in the future to create their backend systems. Server side Swift can also help you to earn higher salary since now you know how to write a complete backend from scratch.

    Is this course right for me?

    Look: if you are still not convinced then I urge you to check out my 5 star reviews in other courses. I am a well known developer in the iOS community with a large following. I do a lot of speaking engagements in which I spread knowledge and education.

    If you are not satisfied with the course then I offer a 100% REFUND. I am confident that you will enjoy the course and you will utilize the knowledge you learned in this course in your future applications.

    What are the requirements?

    – A Mac Computer
    – Xcode 8 or above and Swift 3.0
    – Basic understanding of the Swift language and the iOS SDK – I’ll teach you everything you need to know about server    side Swift using Kitura

    What am I going to get from this course?

    Create backend services and API using server side Kitura framework
    Remove the dependency on third party frameworks and non-iOS technologies
    Become a professional app developer, take freelance gigs and work from anywhere in the world
    Bored with the same old, same old? Apply for a new job in a software company as an iOS developer
    Who is the target audience?

    Anyone who wants to be an app developer: This is a complete course, just like my Complete MapKit, iMessages and Swift courses.
    Anyone who wants to learn to code: Server side Swift is the future and the future is right NOW.
    Anyone who wants to understand how computers work: Learning to code is so much more than being able to make apps – knowing how computers work is your key to a hugely powerful world.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/mastering-server-side-swift-using-kitura/?couponCode=LAUNCHFREE




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  • Udemy – Invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) [100% off]

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    Invest in Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

    Do you want to invest but do not have the time or energy to research and monitor individual stocks?

    Are you looking for a passive investing strategy that allows you to invest and forget?

    Are you looking to diversify your investments into low cost and lower risk* (than individual stocks) products?

    Look no further, exchanged traded funds (ETF) is for you!

    The ETF investing mastery course covers everything you need to know to be a profitable ETF investor.

    • We will start with the basics and understand how an ETF works
    • We will learn the different categories of ETFs, and the leading ETFs in the particular market or sector
    • We will translate all this knowledge into action by screening for solid ETFs with appropriate fundamental and market criteria
    • We will also set news alerts so you can live your life in peace while keeping up to date with the market

    You will learn everything you need to take action at the end of this course.

    If you want to start building your ETF portfolio within the next 1-2 months, if you are ready to bid goodbye to expensive mutual funds, this course is definitely for you.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/invest-exchange-traded-funds/?couponCode=UDEMYSTUDIO




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  • Task Pigeon: LIFETIME Premium Subscription

    Product 13912 product shots4 image

    Give yourself or your team a massive productivity boost with Task Pigeon, the organizational and workflow tool that helps you stay on top of everything your team has to get done. With support for an unlimited amount of team members, Task Pigeon helps get everyone on the same page, allowing you to see who is assigned what, when it’s due, and any communication that has happened that may affect that task. From marketing and sales to human resource and operational teams, everybody can thrive with Task Pigeon.

    Featured in TechInvest, The Daily Telegraph, Finance Magazine, and more

    • Put everyone on your team on the same page by viewing who is working on what, when
    • View the tasks relevant to you w/ categories designed to keep you organized
    • Operate from your inbox to see & respond to new tasks, comments, & updates from your dashboard
    • Assign due dates to every task to ensure it gets done
    • Highlight “hot tasks” to call out an upcoming deadline
    • Attach documents from your computer, Google Drive & Dropbox
    • Prioritize tasks & comment directly on them to collaborate w/ your team better

    90% OFF

    47 days left.
    Visit offer