Oracle 12 Cloud: Advanced SQL/PLSQL Hands-On

Oracle 12 Cloud: Advanced SQL/PLSQL Hands-On
Learning Oracle cloud Advance SQL hands-on using Oracle cloud Virtual Appliance and SQL commands and scripts

Oracle SQL is a necessary skill for any Oracle professional. In this course we overs advanced aspects of coding using SQL in an Oracle Database 12c environment.The following key topics that can help you develop your Oracle SQL expertise including database concurrency transactions Oracle-specific schema objects such as indexes and PL/SQL procedures, functions, and packages; and table partitioning.

  • Setting up the Oracle Database 12c environment
  • Writing subqueries and inline views
  • Creating table indexes to boost query performance
  • Using the Oracle Data Dictionary
  • Database transactions
  • Creating sequences and triggers
  • Table partitioning benefits
  • Using LIST, RANGE, and HASH partitions

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