Learning Analytics Through R

Learning Analytics Through R
Complete Analytics Guide: Basic to Pro

Want to become a PRO in the field of Analytics!

‘An Analyst is taking in great demand taking in account the current scenario and getting skilled can take you up the ladder with this course.’

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Analytics is a way to collect, measure, analyze the large amount of data and come to the conclusions that help in building strategies for your business. It helps in exploring, analyzing, and solving business concerns. It also helps in the smooth functioning of the business by enhancing its performance, and finally helps in increasing the company’s return on investment and reaching its goal. This course will help you take calculative decisions that can take your business performance up and ahead of its contemporaries in this fast paced and competitive marketplace.

The job of an Analyst has become crucial for all business models as it offers solutions to the business concerns, manage business needs and put efforts to take the company’s performance to the next level.

We offer the best Analytics courses in the industry that help you explore all the aspects of analytics and get into the depth of the subject. To master it all, a comprehensive knowledge of the tools and techniques is also given to the participants. This course aims to make you an expert in the field of Analytics and resolve the real time problems of the business.

The curriculum of the course is crafted and taught by the industry experts with 15-20 years of experience. With videos, written documents, quizzes and exercises the course become interesting and easy to comprehend as the focus is to make you understand and not to complete the duration of the courseThe participants are personally mentored by the experts in case of any doubts or difficulty.

This course is designed keeping in mind the participants who come from all spheres and thus special attention is given to keep the course content easy to grasp, filled with practical exercises, and real-world examples for better understanding and retention. This course will assist you in having an eye for detailing and get updated with the industry norms and feel more confident about your skills.

The completion of this course will help you :

• Learn the concept of Analytics and its applications in depth

• Get pro with the usage of R in Analytics

• Understanding the process of downloading and updating R and get skilled in working with it

• Acquire the knowledge of handling large amounts of data without difficulty

• Comprehend to enter, read, export, and import the data

• Get the knowledge to handle different types of data and its structure

• Handling packages and learn to install, remove, attach and detach it.

• Learn to manage the large amount of data

• Master the concept of descriptive statistics that includes mean, median, mode, standard deviation etc.

• Acquire the skill to develop strategies for your business that help you reach your goal.

• Get the knowledge of presenting the data graphically using different graphs that help in the analyzation of the data

• Acquire the skill to solve the concerns of the business that helps in smooth functioning of it

• Get proficient in taking decisions that are data-driven and increase the company’s ROI

• Evaluate company’s performance with the help of factors like Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability, and Growth ratios.

• Become a successful Analyst in the nick of time

What makes the course better than other courses?

• Curriculum that is based on industry and by the industry experts with experiential learning

• World-class faculty to make you go through the best practices of the industry

• Examples from real-world for better comprehension of the subject

• Better self-analysis with exercises and quizzes

• Peer learning from the experienced candidates

• Engaging recordings for better learning

• Better attitude and optimistic approach

• To have an eye for detailing that helps in avoiding business problems


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