[2021] Ultimate Digital Transformation & Industry 4.0 (v6.3)

Industry 4.0: Complete Guide
Digital Transformation Guide: Beginner to Pro

Want to know more about the revolutions taking place in the industries?

How changing trends could benefit you?

Get all the answers to all your questions!!

Digitization has become an essential part of the industries and Industry 4.0 is the next big thing in the industrial sector. The course is all about how digitization has brought about the required change in the industry when compared to the traditional processes.

The course will offer you real-time insights that will help in taking better and faster decisions. It will help you gain expertise that requires you to be job-ready. This carefully designed detailed program will provide a great learning experience and enhance your skills along with gaining practical knowledge. It will surely give the much-awaited push in your career as it will arm you with complete knowledge of Industry 4.0 and its positive impacts.

Looking at the current scenario where anything new is adopted at a fast pace it has become a compulsion for everyone who belongs to the industrial sector to get themselves associated with the course as it gives you an in-depth understanding of the concept of analytics and its importance. This course will surely pave a new path of success for you in the industrial domain.

Our Industry 4.0 course is designed by experts from the industry who are accustomed to the length and breadth of the industry with a wide range of experience. These experts are nourishing our course with their innumerable experience Videos, written documents, quizzes, real-time examples, and exercises are there to add to your knowledge and make your experience fulfilling.

What will you gain after the completion of the course?

• INTRODUCE about the different revolutions taking place in the industry

• COMPREHEND how Industry 4.0 changes in the manufacturing technologies

• EXPLORE the evolution of the Industrial Revolution

• DISCOVER the challenges one face while the implementation of industry 4.0

• LEARN the impact of the course on different industries

• UNDERSTAND the design principles of industry 4.0

• LEARN the role and impact of Big Data and Analytics on the industries

• ACCUMULATE the understanding of revolutionizing industrial production with Industry 4.0

• LEARN to recognize reliability and stability, and how to maintain the integrity of the production process.

• LEARN to improve customer satisfaction and customer experience

• ACQUIRE the knowledge to improve the quality of the product and keeping the quality intact

• UNDERSTAND how to boost efficiency and profitability across the entire organization

• LEARN to support innovation and its impact across various industries

• GET the knowledge of the barriers in implementing the industry 4.0

• GET the eligibility to get the highest paid jobs

• Be ready for the job opportunities that require specialization

• GET ahead of the others with your added skill and certification to your name

How is this course better than other courses offered by others?

• Experienced faculty from the industry

• Curriculum designed as per today’s requirement

• Real-world examples for a complete understanding of the subject

 Exercises for self-analysis

• Recordings and videos to evoke interest in the course and make it easy to learn

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