Git Basics for Everyone

Git Basics for Everyone
Learn how to keep your code always in sync using git and github basics with hands-on examples and quizzes

Git is one of the famous Version Control Software (VCS) at present. It is part of Source Code Management (SCM). In this course, you would learn and understand the basic concept of git and git commands including GitHub exercises. This course is for those who know little of git fundamentals or want to learn git for daily purposes. It covers essential git commands like setting up repositories, saving changes, syncing remotely with GitHub repo, merging few conflicts, etc.

Key concepts covered in Git Fundamentals:

  • Understanding version control software
  • How Version control works
  • Introduction to git and github
  • Essential git commands
    • Setting up repository
    • Saving changes locally
    • Syncing repositories
    • Merging and Branching
  • What’s Next


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