G2A Academy: Video games in education

G2A Academy: Video games in education
How to use gaming to teach teenagers

Teaching about the Renaissance era through Assassin’s Creed 2? Showing how space physics work using Kerbal Space Program? Discussing the art of making difficult choices via This War of Mine? Video games are not just entertainment. They are also a perfect tool to make any subject fascinating to your students, no matter how difficult or tedious it may be.

If you feel that traditional methods have been failing you with today’s youth, you’re not alone. Video games allow for more captivating classes that are adjusted to your students’ interests and hence, more engaging. After all, who doesn’t love a good gaming session after a stressful day at school or work? Whether it’s on the computer, using a console, or simply playing an easy mobile game, there’s always something to be discovered and learned.

If you want to effectively teach your students, you must not only know their educational needs, but also what motivates them. This course will show you how to use games in teaching both STEM subjects and humanities, so that they can become an successful tool in your teaching practice. We’ve divided it into three sections:

  • Unit 1: The benefits of using video games in class and overall information about the psychology behind them. Here we also debunk all sorts of myths about gaming.
  • Unit 2: Effective ways of teaching humanities through the use of video games, including literature, history, social sciences and more.
  • Unit 3: How to use video games in teaching STEM subjects, such as math, physics, geography, biology, chemistry and so on.

You will also find sample exercises and other resources that you should find useful in your lessons.

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