From Idea to Finished Illustration

From Idea to Finished Illustration
Go from idea to composition, sketch and shaded drawing to an illustration with watercolor, pen & ink or alcohol markers

From idea to finished illustration

Having an idea in your mind for a lovely illustration or artwork, is one thing. Getting it on paper, is a different thing. Having it turn out the way you actually envisioned it to be, is a different story altogether…..

The sessions of this Art Class are going to empower you to take on that challenge. I will take you through the entire process from a blank page to a finished illustration. We will be covering all the necessary steps and topics you need to succeed. At the end of this total Art Class you will be able to illustrate your imagined artwork with different mediums. Even without any experience. Challenge accepted?

Who is your challenger, you might wonder…? My name is Benjamin Aeilkema and I’m an Illustrator, Artist and Art Teacher from The Netherlands. I love creating Artworks with all kind of materials. Making art is absolutely wonderful, but I equally enjoy equipping others to discover this satisfying joy in life. Playing a part in empowering one’s artistic journey and growth is very special to me. Over the years I’ve discovered special techniques and created methods that my students now greatly benefit from.

Let me give you some insight in what you will be growing in, following this Art Class.


Session 1 – Composition.

In this session of the Art Class I will show you how to take some pictures/photographs as your inspiration and combine these into a lovely composition. Lots of people really struggle to come up with a satisfying composition. So I will be sharing my entire composition-making-thought-process with you. Giving you step-by-step explanation how to go about this. Enabling you to develop your own thought process to get your ideas on paper.

We will be making a number of thumbnails (small drawings), creating different options to choose from. This way you will end up with just the right composition for the illustration or artwork you’re going to love.


Session 2 – Drawing.

In this session of the Art Class I will show you how to turn your chosen composition-sketch into a good drawing. My clear step-by-step instructions on how to create this drawing, will ensure you can definitely follow along and understand how to do this.

So sharpen your pencil – and let’s get drawing. We will create this beautiful drawing, our springboard for all the following fun art projects with different mediums.


Session 3 – Transferring Tricks.

In this session of the Art Class I will show you 4 different ways to transfer your drawing to another paper (or canvas or any art medium you’ll use). Since we will be using different mediums for your finished illustrations, you may want to hold on to the original drawing you’ve created. This way you can use it over and over again.

We will be going through different methods of how to go about this. There will always be an option that is suitable for you. You might be surprised, it’s not that hard at all, once you have the right insights.


Session 4 – Light and Shadow.

In this session of the Art Class I will show you how to work with the powerful aspects of Light and Shadow. Many people dread this topic. But if you are going to bring your artwork to life, it is an absolute MUST to go through this process.

Here is some good news for you: You can skip the dreading-part, since I will be sharing some of the Approximate Light and Shadow Method I have developed. This method is going to help you to turn your ‘flat drawing’ into an image that looks the way you want it to – just as in the real world.

You will discover how to determine where the light – and where the dark parts come. We will be practicing cross-hatching, shading and bringing in the areas of light.

First we will do this in a quick way, giving you the feel of how this works. Then we will zoom in to a more advanced step and take the drawing to the next level by working on gradations.

So I will give you step-by-step instructions on how to turn your ‘flat drawing’ into a lovely shaded drawing. This drawing now gives you all the information you will need for the next step. Whether that be inking, painting, watercolor, acrylics – whatever you would like to do.

Jump right in and discover the powerful impact of the light!


Session 5 – Illustrating with Fineliners.

In this session of the Art Class I will show you how to use your fineliners as a really nice tool for making beautiful illustrations.

This is an exciting next step in the process we find ourselves in. From our lovely composition we made a nice finished drawing, added a shaded drawing, so that we are now ready to make the real illustration.

We will be going through the different techniques you can use with fineliners. My step-by-step explanation will enable you to work right along with me, even if you have no experience with this medium.


Session 6 – Illustrating with Watercolor Paint.

This session is all about watercolor painting. That is the medium we will be using in this part of the Art Class to come to a completely finished illustration. How exciting is that!

Don’t worry if some sense of intimidation is holding your excitement back at this point. My clear instructions and explanation will surely tackle that.

First I will show you the basic techniques: how to pick up your paint, mix your paint, different ways to bring it to the paper, how to use the brushes, the different effects you can get, blending, and how to correct mistakes (yes, they will happen).

Once we’ve gone through all of these basic steps, you will have build up enough confidence to work with these watercolor painting techniques. So then we can start working on our actual illustration. I will show you step-by-step how to turn your drawing into a beautiful watercolor illustration.

In the part of the video where I’m giving you all the instructions, I will be working with very affordable paper and paint. This is to show you that any paint will do and get the job done! Of course the result will be different with some more expensive materials, as you can see for yourself in the additional videos.

Now there is nothing holding you back anymore, let’s go and create a wonderful watercolor piece of art. You can do this!


Session 7 – Illustrating with a Brush Pen.

This session is all about illustrating with a Brush Pen. This is such a fun medium to work with, giving you many options with just one tool.

Of course it takes some practice to be able to use a Brush Pen well and maximize it’s huge potential. To help you achieve this, I will share my very own (somewhat special) techniques for you to work with.

We will be working on thin lines, deep dark shadows, highlights, mid-tones and creating effects and structures. My step-by-step explanation and instructions will help you discover these special techniques.

Once you get the hang of this, you will be having lots of fun in illustrating with a Brush Pen too!


Session 8 – Illustrating with Alcohol Markers.

This closing session is all about coloring with Alcohol Markers. A total different medium than what we’ve been working with so far. It is so nice to have a variety of mediums in your toolbox to choose from. All have their own, specific beauty. And with the right techniques you can make impressive illustrations with Alcohol Markers too.

As we go through this session I will show how to color, layer, blend, how to pick color sets and how to do your highlights. My step-by-step explanation and instructions will enable you to work right along with me.

So get your markers ready and let’s complete this Art Class with an awesome Alcohol Marker colored illustration.


There’s more……

Additional PDF’s: Great Time Savers in PDF format

To help you save time, I’m providing you with a handy book of notes for each session! Once you’ve completed an assignment, there’s no need to re-watch the video lesson. Instead, all of my finished works are in this booklet. Just find the lesson you’re on and compare your work to the finished assignment in the book. Again, this will save you time and allow you to keep on going.


As you can see, this is a very extensive course, truly taking you by the hand from blank paper to several finished illustrations. This course will empower you to have the right mindset, insight, understanding, necessary techniques and skills to make beautiful illustrations.

Enroll now to enjoy the wonder of illustrating with various mediums and discover what you can create!

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