ECMAScript For Beginners

ECMAScript For Beginners
Practical Learning of New JavaScript Features.

ECMAScript is a standard. While JavaScript is the most popular implementation of that standard. JavaScript implements ECMAScript and builds on top of it.  ES is simply short for ECMAScript. Every time you see ES followed by a number, it is referencing an edition of ECMAScript.

ECMAScript , has brought about a ton of changes to the JavaScript programming language. In this course, you’ll explore  some of those changes to learn about the latest features and improvements to the language including new keywords, arrow functions, the Class syntax, Promises, and so much more.

This course will cover some ECMAScript features from 1997 -2018

Topics includes:

  • Using the “use strict” directives
  • Creating variables using let and const keywords
  • Creating generator functions
  • Using getters and setters
  • Using Map function
  • Using template Literals
  • Using Array find Index
  • Using Async Function
  • Destructuring
  • Arrow Functions
  • Classes
  • For of statements

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