The Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Bundle

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These bundle consist of :

Easy Natural Language Processing (NLP) in Python

Explore & Build Common Applications of Machine Learning in Industry

  • Build a spam detector & sentiment analysis model that may be used to predict the stock market
  • Learn practical tools & techniques like the natural language toolkit library & latent semantic analysis
  • Create an article spinner from scratch that can be used as an SEO tool

Unsupervised Machine Learning Hidden Markov Models in Python

Decode & Analyze Important Data Sequences & Solve Everyday Problems

  • Use gradient descent to solve for the optimal parameters of a Hidden Markov Model
  • Learn how to work w/ sequences in Theano
  • Calculate models of sickness & health
  • Analyze how people interact w/ a website using Markov Models
  • Explore Google’s PageRank algorithm
  • Generate images & discuss smartphone autosuggestions using HMMs

Cluster Analysis and Unsupervised Machine Learning in Python

Learn the Core Techniques to Clustering, Becoming a Valuable Business Asset in the Process

  • Discuss k-means clustering & hierarchical clustering
  • Explore Gaussian mixture models & kernel density estimation
  • Create your own labels on clusters

Data Science: Supervised Machine Learning in Python

Get Started with the Basics of Machine Learning – The Next Great Tech Frontier

  • Discuss the K-Nearest Neighbor algorithm, its concepts, & implement it in code
  • Explore the Naive Bayes Classifier & General Bayes Classifier
  • Learn about Decision Trees
  • Dive into the Perceptron algorithm, the ancestor of neural networks & deep learning
  • Understand more practical machine learning topics like hyperparameters, cross-validation, feature extraction, feature selection, & multiclass classification