Lemiho Subscriber -WordPress Plugin

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Lemiho Subscriber -WordPress Plugin


Lemiho subscriber is a plugin marketing for all project . it’s small , medium , or very big . Lemiho subscriber can do it . System dashboard and report will be perfect . bring a lot of promise . 

Next version will be have behavior analysis system then send email with content marketing to user need it . very nice

You can design template for each category . i creating many template for member, and you can take free download at my website . let is member by buyer way .


– Popup subscriber with set time show popup option .
– On / off show popup subscriber only just once .
– Appear option of home, post ,page, taxonomy .
– Design color text and color background, image background .
– Support shortcode
– Dashboard chart .
– Welcome email and option all for it .
– Setup footer email .
– Subscriber and send email to group member .
– Report email send successly .

– Excel file [  Export and manage file ]