Goplan Professional: Lifetime Subscription

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In this busy modern world, collaboration and communication in the workplace is essential. Teams from companies like Sony Music, Mozilla, Boxee, and many more use Goplan to keep track of their projects and collaborate effectively with colleagues through a single, intuitive interface. From task and schedule management to issue and time tracking, Goplan makes the full project cycle easier for all parties involved.

  • See what people have been working on, what tasks are pending, & milestones approaching on the dashboard
  • Organize projects into tasks & milestones & time how long each takes
  • Track service & issue tickets w/ prioritization & filtering
  • Check each project’s calendar or track events on a company-wide agenda
  • Upload files & documents directly to Goplan to have all of your project assets in one secure place
  • View, doanload, & manage past versions of your documents thanks to file versioning
  • Work confidently knowing enterprise-grade 2048-bit encryption ensures all of your communication is secure