C++ Quick Start Workshop

C++ Quick Start Workshop

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If you’re a student, hobbiest, or just want to become more productive with your computer, programming will allow you write code that can automate tedious tasks.

Want to get up to speed writing small programs that that teach you the fundamentals of programming. You don’t need to know sorting algorithms or object-oriented programming to begin this course. I will teach you those concepts along the way.

This course is for complete beginners and covers the popular C++ programming language.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to write code that not only dramatically increases your knowledge of how computers, hardware and software communicate, but also be able to list this your resume. Understanding C++ will enable you to learn any other language out there. All of the hot topics in R, Python, Go and data science all have one thing in common, C++ is lying underneath optimizing for efficiency.

The course breakout:

  • First C++ Program 17:42
  • Using Integers and Simple Math 7:18
  • If Statements and Operators 11:28
  • Dev C++ Download and For Loops 17:09
  • Arrays, For Loops and Const – Online Compiler 8:54
  • While Loop 5:09
  • Do While Loop 2:52
  • Functions Part One 4:16
  • Functions Part Two 6:01
  • Functions Part Three 5:50
  • Another Pause Function 2:53
  • Dereferencing Operator and Pointers / References 6:19
  • Pass by Value and Reference 6:19
  • Guess Random Number 7:53
  • Enumeration (enum) 3:36
  • Structures (struct) and Standard String Intro 11:13
  • Automate tasks on their computer by writing simple C++ programs.