Big-Data and Hadoop Developer Certification Training

Big-Data and Hadoop Developer Certification Training

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Simplilearn’s Big Data and Hadoop Certification course is designed to prepare you for your next assignment in the world of Big Data. Hadoop is the market leader among Big Data Technologies and it is an important skill for every professional in this field. This training has been constructed to cater to the current industry requirements with a strong mix of both concepts and hands-on exercises.

This big data Hadoop course equips you with Hadoop 2.7 essential skills, and also provides practical work experience in Big Data Hadoop via long-term, real-world projects. This course trains you in Hadoop components like HDFS and MapReduce and augments that with other ecosystem components like Hive, Pig and HBase. To ensure you get a seamless real-world project experience we have CloudLabs—a cloud-based Hadoop environment.
After completing this training you will be in a strong position to embark on your next big data project.