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  • Checkout Address Suggestions for WooCommerce

    Checkout Address Suggestions for WooCommerce -


    Checkout Address Suggestions for WooCommerce adds functionality of showing address auto sugessions and autocomplete address on click of given sugession. It Gives Suggestion of address on Billing and shipping address fields. It also Automatically enter State,Zipcode,Cite and region fields when user select an address from given suggessions. It Works on Both Billing and Shipping addresses.


    • WordPress above 3.0
    • Woocommerce
    • It also requires Google Map jQuery API key to work.
    • Tested upto WordPress 4.9.8

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  • WooCommerce Import And Export Plugin


    • Compatible with latest woocommerce.
    • No monthly fees or yearly subscription.
    • One time purchase and use for multiple sites.

    WooCommerce Product Import Export Plugin helps you to easily export and import products in your store. This plugin lets you import/export all types of products including product variations. It is very simple!

    • Export Products ( Simple, Group, External and Variations ) and Reviews into a CSV/XLS file.
    • Import products ( Simple, Group, External and Variations ) and Reviews in CSV/XLS format into WooCommerce Store.

    We provide 24*7 Support for the plugin. If there is any problem, you can straight away write down your concern here or to our email address. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Also we’ll do create a sample CSV/XLS for your site to make hassle free usage of this plugin for your site.


    ·         Purchase once and use for unlimited number of sites

    ·         No monthly fees or yearly subscription

    ·         Easy Installation and Detailed Documentation.

    ·         Easy Import and Export Interface.

    ·         Export Data to CSV File.

    ·         Export Data to XLS File.

    ·         Import Data from CSV File.

    ·         Import Data from XLS File.

    ·         100% customizable.

    ·         Dedicated Support.

    ·         Any issue in import-export products ? Get in touch with us. We’ll do import-export for your store and provide a demonstration.

    ·         Support for all woocommerce fields. Custom fields are not supported.

    ·         Extend support & updates after 1 year at 50% discount.


    The CSV/XLS Import file must be in UTF-8 format

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  • CDS Maps – Custom Google Maps for WordPress


    Easily create your own google maps, it’s really simple because you can create your shortcode and use it directly from the article / page. It has a pretty simple interface and the plugin gives you different styles to customize the map. You will not have to go anymore in the settings panel to create shortcode!


    • Easy & Simple
    • Responsive Maps
    • Google maps api
    • fast
    • Use jQuery and css3
    • Create shortcode directly in page or posts
    • 60+ style for maps
    • animation bounce in for the marker
    • Custom maps height and width
    • Maps menu
    • Maps scrollwheel
    • Modify maps default zoom ( max, min, default )
    • Custom description in marker


    • WordPress 4.8

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