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  • Udemy Mastery: Successfully Create Courses (UNOFFICIAL) [100% OFF]

    Posted on 24/08/2018 by | 0 comments


    Are you an expert? 

    Do you wish you could expand your sphere of influence?

    Udemy has over 24 million students. A large proportion of them are interested in your topics.

    Ricky Shetty and Scott Paton share the strategies and tactics that will make your courses on Udemy popular and fill up fast.


    • The Udemy Advantage
    • Why Udemy is the Platform of the future
    • How Udemy’s promotional Plans Work
    • How to Find the Most Profitable Niches for your courses
    • A Streamlined Course Production System
    • How to Market Your Courses
    • How to Leverage Your Courses
    • And Much More…

    Join the 24,000+ instructors on Udemy and change the world!

    Enrol today.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/create-udemy-courses/?couponCode=SPUMBHW0




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  • Udemy – Design a Differentiated Identity For Your Brand [100% OFF]

    Posted on 22/08/2018 by | 0 comments


    Brand design is what makes your brand unforgettable, therefore, the brand design is one of the most important investment one can make in their business.

    When the most utilized information sources for industrial companies are websites, search engines, leaflets and catalogs, the company’s branding must stand above the rest in order to succeed at all. While I’ll always stress the importance of good content, it’s the visual aspect of your brand that first grabs an audience’s attention. Thus, good visual brand design provides you these competitive advantages.

    In a busy world, with many competing brands and other distractions, your brand identity will often be the difference between success and failure. Learning how to design the brand you dreamed of or learning to create brands for other companies gives you this highly paid and very on demand skills.

    In this course I will teach you how to design brands from concept to finish. The course will be a project-based course and will use the learn-by-doing approach where you will be walked in details through the brand design process from logo design to business cards, branded t-shirts, brochures, leaflets, letterheads, envelopes, website banners, etc.

    I am a certified design instructor and I’ve designed brands for my own startups as well as for other companies for many years. I will teach you how to design a strong visual brand that creates a sense of unity and cohesiveness, by maintaining a consistent and clear brand across all marketing channels, because only then customers can instantly recognize your brand.

    Visual branding shows that you take pride in your business. Customers will recognize the investment you make in your own business’s success and know you will deliver with the same passion when it comes to serving their needs.

    The attention to details in brand design, even something as simple as a business card, can reassure your customers that you value any and all aspects of your business.

    Professional branding immediately gives people the impression that you’re an established, confident, and trustworthy company.

    Whether a business is a small startup or has hundreds of employees, getting the brand design in order will bring you more customers, make your product more easily recognizable, and encourage people to come back for more.

    So enroll in this course, if you want to become from beginner to a professional brand designer.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/design-a-differentiated-identity-for-your-brand/?couponCode=PROMO1




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  • Udemy – Lightroom Master Class-Edit Images Like a Pro+Free Presets [100% OFF]

    Posted on 26/07/2018 by | 0 comments


    Lightroom Master Class-Edit Images Like a Pro+ Free Premium-Cinematic Portrait Lightroom Presets

    Learn Professional Image Retouching in Adobe Lightroom Classic

    • Do you want to Learn Adobe Lightroom?
    • Do you want to Learn Professional Image Retouching?
    • Do you want to Learn Raw Image Processing?
    • Do you want to Learn how to Organize Images Efficiently?
    • Do you want to Learn Advanced Techniques to Add Metadata & Keywords to your Images?
    • Do you want to Learn in-Depth Library Module and Develop Module in Adobe Lightroom Classic?

    If answer to any of the question is yes, then let me tell you that you are at the right place.

    Welcome to the course:-

    Adobe Lightroom Master Class-Edit Images Like a Pro!

    You definitive guide to Professional Image Retouching and Raw image Processing!

    After this course,

    • You will be an expert in Adobe Lightroom Classic or Adobe Lightroom
    • You will be an Expert in Raw Image Processing in Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • You will be an Exert in Image Organisation in Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • You will be an Expert in adding Metadata or Keywords to the Images in Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • You will be an Expert in Importing and Exporting Images in Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • You will be an Expert in Optimizing Images for Print, Web and Social Media in Adobe Lightroom Classic
    • You will be able to use the Very Important Tools in Adobe Lightroom with full confidence 

    This course comes with 30 Days full Money Back Guarantee which means you haveZero RiskTrying this Course!

    So, what are you waiting for?

    Go ahead and join this course now!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/learn-lightroom-master-class/?couponCode=RAINING10K




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  • Udemy – HelpDesk – The Beginners Guide [100% OFF]

    Posted on 20/07/2018 by | 0 comments


    HelpDesk is the 1st port of call for customers with IT problems and issues. Learn the skills required using this course and get your foot in the door to start your IT career!

    An IT HelpDesk is the starting point for a lot of people in their IT career. You can start off working on the HelpDesk, then moving on to other teams such as Desktop and Server teams.

    I will teach you from starting with no IT experience,

    • Explain the different lines of HelpDesk
    • How to tailor your CV to get hits from job searches and agencies.
    • Example interview questions which you can use to prepare you for interviews.
    • How to speak on the phone and proper email communication. Being preparedif you are expected to give a demo in the interview.
    • Ask the right troubleshooting questionsto get to the bottom of IT issues.
    • Examples of good and bad practices. Use good ones to  impress managementwith your willingness and thought processes to improve customer service.
    • Lessons on Active Directory, Group Policy, Networking and Hardware.
    • Last updated May 2018
    • 10+ Sections of content
    • Lifetime access to the course
    • Backed by Udemy30 day money back guarantee

    One final note, my aim is to get you the HelpDesk position you want, using this course.

    All you have to do is click on the “take this course”button on the right hand corner. You have nothing to lose and hopefully this investment now,
    can get you into the lucrative IT industry. Current initial low launch price will increase!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/help-desk-the-beginners-guide/?couponCode=SWP2018




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  • Projects in ASP.NET Core 2.0

    Learn the new ASP.NET Core 2.0 building real-world projects.
    Master the core fundamentals of ASP.net Core 2.0 with this easy to learn hands-on course! ASP.Net Core is the next generation open-source framework to help build dynamic cross-platform websites. ASP.Net Core 2 is a powerful approach by Microsoft to revamp their platform and make it fast, flexible, and modern.

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