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  • Udemy – Cryptocurrency Investment Course to Six Figures + BONUS [100% OFF]

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    Get into the hottest opportunityof the current period.  Cryptocurrencies are by far the best way to make massive capital gains in 2018.

    Take a shortcut and learn the simplest wayto get into the world ofCryptocurrency Investing in 2018.  Take this Udemy course to learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies and make Six Figuresfrom investing a small amount of capital. Learn how to turn your dollar, euros and pounds into Bitcoin and trade them for other cryptocurrencies on Binance, the leading cryptocurrency exchange in 2018.

    You will learn the step by step ways to get started in the world of cryptocurrency and the exact criteria all successful investors use to make multiple Six Figuresin this new digital economy.

    This is truly the new Gold Rush!

    In this course you will learn about:

    1. What are Cryptocurrencies?
    2. The Opportunity in Cryptocurrencies
    3. How to Buy Bitcoin/Ethereum on Coinbase
    4. How to Buy Altcoins on Binance
    5. How to Secure & Store Your Cryptocurrency on Wallets
    6. How to Make Passive Income with Cryptocurrencies
    7. ICOs
    8. Strategies to Identify Great Cryptocurrencies and ICOs
    9. Cashing Out
    10. FREE BONUS

    I have had massive success and am thankful to have made life changing amounts of money all because of cryptocurrency.  The time has now come to pass on this wonderful opportunity to you.

    Who is the course for?

    • For those who want to learn how to invest in Cryptocurrency and are new to the game
    • For those who are resistant to market crashes and have the heart to hold their positions
    • For those looking for strategies to identify lucrative ICO & Cryptocurrencies
    • For those who want to make passive income with Cryptocurrencies
    • For those who want to learn long term buying strategies
    • Anyone who wants to have access to all the hottest Cryptocurrencies that are available right now!

    Don’t miss out on the Gold Rush of our time and get involved today!


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  • Virtual Training Company: LIFETIME Subscription

    0e5543ac8b2294af1568aceb3dbc2db604d4b4ac main hero image

    Enhance your skills in a wide variety of fields with lifetime access to over 1,000 online courses in the Virtual Training Company library. Access courses in the fields of Animation and 3D, business applications, networking and security, programming, graphics, game design, and much more. With immediate access to every course currently offered, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that didn’t attract you. Think you might want to change fields? Here’s your start. Want to improve in your current field? Well this works for that, too.

    • Get lifetime access to 1,026 courses on any topic available at the time of purchase
    • Learn from industry experts in their respective fields
    • Download work files to supplement the course
    • Access courses from laptops, tablets, & mobile

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  • Black Friday Deal Simplilearn ALL COURSES

    Enroll for any Self Paced Learning With 30% oFF scholarship

    Enroll for any online classroom / master degree


    • Python
    • Apple watch app development
    • iOS app development intensive course + certification
    • Android app development intensive course + certification
    • Java, Java EE intensive course + certification
    • Big data Hadoop + certification

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  • All-in-One Complete Web Development Suite

    Complete Web Development Suite is a comprehensive training program that equips candidates with the all the necessary tools and techniques of web development with extensive practice in coding of functional web applications. With the continuous advancement in the Internet the need to develop search-engine friendly pages is on the rise. Employers are now seeking trained web developers who are capable of making the website accessible user friendly for a huge audience.

    This program provides training on a series of server-side and client-side programming languages and techniques to develop websites that are more responsive to the audience, thereby generating greater user engagement. The programming languages covered here are highly scalable and can be used with great ease while creating web applications, writing codes and in serving web pages.

    Using cascading style sheets such as CSS and CSS3 for controlling web page layouts enables the development of pages that are more user friendly for scree-reader users. Client-side scripting languages such as JavaScript entailed here enable the creation of interactive effects among the web browsers.

    Complete Web Development Suite is comprehensive and can be taken up by both beginners as well as advanced learners. It is best suited for system engineers, mobile app developers, web application developers, software engineers and candidates with technical background.

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  • Big-Data and Hadoop Developer Certification Training

    Simplilearn’s Big Data and Hadoop Certification course is designed to prepare you for your next assignment in the world of Big Data. Hadoop is the market leader among Big Data Technologies and it is an important skill for every professional in this field. This training has been constructed to cater to the current industry requirements with a strong mix of both concepts and hands-on exercises.

    This big data Hadoop course equips you with Hadoop 2.7 essential skills, and also provides practical work experience in Big Data Hadoop via long-term, real-world projects. This course trains you in Hadoop components like HDFS and MapReduce and augments that with other ecosystem components like Hive, Pig and HBase. To ensure you get a seamless real-world project experience we have CloudLabs—a cloud-based Hadoop environment.
    After completing this training you will be in a strong position to embark on your next big data project.

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  • Full Stack Digital Marketer Master Program

    The program consist of :

    • Digital Marketing Certified Associate
    • Advanced Web Analytics
    • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
    • Advanced Pay Per Click
    • Advanced Social Media
    • Advanced Content Marketing

    You’ll also earn Master certificate in the end of the program

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  • Certified iOS App Developer Training Course

    Learn and master the necessary skillsets for professional iOS application development by developing seven trending applications during the course.


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  • Certified Android App Developer Training Course

    Learn and master the necessary skillsets for professional Android application development by developing six trending applications during this course authorized by Google.


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