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  • Udemy – MEDIA MASTERY – How to get into the Media and Press [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    The newsroom is always on the lookout for a new story.

    You are full of stories. Now all you have to do is figure out how to position and craft your stories so that reporters are banging down your doors looking for the inside scoop that only you can bring them.

    In this exciting, fast-breaking series of lectures, Ricky Shetty and Scott Paton share how they leverage the media to enjoy thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free TV, Radio and print advertising by giving reporters what they want.

    You will discover:

    • The difference between traditional media and new media
    • How to create your unique story

    • Writing an irresistible pitch letter
    • Case studies
    • And much more…

    Don’t delay. Enrol today!

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  • Udemy – Winning With Communication – Master Communication Skills [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Winning With Communication – Communication Training Course

    It’s hard to get the slightest things done … if you can’t communicate well. Master Communicators enjoy Better Careers, Relationships, Happiness and More Success! Gain an Unfair Advantage over those who are missing these skills … and Join the Ranks of the Top 1% of Communicators!

    You will learn:

    • How to Say things in a way others will Listen

    • Learn how make your Communication more Powerful

    • Improve your Relationships

    • Be more Influential

    • How to get your needs met

    • Create Closeness & Understanding

    • Be Liked more

    • Understand others better

    • Achieve your Goals

    • Speak With Greater Confidence!

             and Much, Much More!

    Mastering Communication Skills is one of the KEYS to a Successful Life … It will help you achieve more in your Career in less time and More in your Life in General!  Gain this Added Advantage in Life – Become a Master Communicator!

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  • Udemy – Ultimate Time Management – BEST Time Management Course [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Ultimate Time Management – Taking Complete Control of Your Time and Your Life

    “Life is Naught But a Measurement of Time – You Cannot Waste One Without Losing the Other.”

    Time & Life the the SAME Thing!  … Therefore, Time is Your MOST Valuable Resource.

    Learn how to Save YEARS of Your Life using our Cutting-Edge Techniques … We have Trained over 24,000 Students in 6 Months!


    Reduce Your STRESS


    Get Promoted Faster

    Grow Your Business Faster

    Get YEARS Of Your Life Back

    Gain an Unfair Advantage over Your Competition

    Having Excellent Time Management Skills is one of the KEY Ways you WIN at the Game Of Life!

    Learn Today … and have MORE Time Tomorrow for Family, Friends, Fun and to just Relax & Enjoy Life!

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  • Udemy – Unity 3d Guide : Learn to Code in C# By making Games [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Start Your Game Development Journey or Advance Your Previous C# Scripting By Learning “How To Make Games And Earn Fame”.

    This Course is Build To Help The students in learning many aspects of the video game development engine i.e. Unity Game Development Engine.

    This Course Uses Unity Personal Edition Which is available For Free On Unity 3d Official Website!

    This Course Has Many Features Which Include:

    • Unity 3d Basics
    • Custom Scene Lighting
    • Sound Effects
    • Character Animations
    • C# Scripting
    • 3d Modelling
    • Upload Your Game to Google Play Store
    • Earn Money By Showing Ads in Your Game Like :
      • Interstitial Ads
      • Video Ads
      • Banner Ads
      • Survey Based Ads
    • And Much More Features Included in This Course !


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  • Udemy – Passive Income: A Beginner’s Guide to Domain Trading [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Start making money from domain names!

    In this course you will learn how to make passive income from domain trading.
    In today’s world everyone has a website and people are selling domain names every day.
    I want to show you how you can benefit from this simple business model and make extra money.

    This course is not a get rich quick scheme – it requires some work upfront, from which you will reap the benefits later – just like any passive income business.

    You will learn step by step:

    • How to evaluate the price of a domain name
    • How to buy domains for a few dollars
    • How to sell domains for much higher price ($200 – $3000)

    This course will cover everything you need to know to start buying and selling domains for profit as a complete beginner.
    You don’t need any previous experience, we will cover everything from the beginning to the end.
    You will also get bonus materials to help you from the beginning.

    Making more money means less stress and more free time for ourselves and our families.

    If you are some who:

    • Want to start an online business
    • Want to learn how to start with domain trading
    • Want to have more free time
    • Want to work for himself or just want to make extra money
    • Want to create passive income
    • Want a happier life

    Enroll in the course today and get started!

    See you in the first lesson!

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  • Udemy – Business Intelligence: Strategies, Tools & Techniques [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Welcome to Business Intelligence: Strategies, Tools & Techniques

    In this course you will learn the basic principles and elements of Business Intelligence and how to apply it to achieve sustainable and profitable business growth. By the end of the course, you will be able to build the fundamental architecture for functioning business intelligence systems with the support of data-mining & data-warehousing applications. You will have the knowledge you need to develop and launch a BI project – turning the flood of data into actionable information that helps your business succeed.

    Finally, you’ll discover how the applications and technologies join forces to access, analyze, and offer data that you can use to make better business decisions, improve your products, satisfy customers, overcome competitors, and more.

    You’ll find out how to:

    • Understand the basic principles and elements of Business Intelligence
    • Learn how Business Intelligence leads to sustainable and profitable growth
    • Learn how organizations use Business Intelligence systems
    • Learn what is data warehousing and how to utilize it
    • Understand the Business Intelligence process
    • Learn BI and Data Mining applications
    • Discover Data Mining tools, methods, and techniques
    • Learn Data Analysis
    • Learn Factor Analysis
    • Learn Cluster Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling
    • Discover best practices and pragmatic approaches


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  • Udemy – Raise Your Vibration Frequency Higher Spiritual Healing [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    This course has one Goal. To show you how to become a self-reliant Energy worker.

    Because now that you know how to Active Your Energy body I’m sure you wondering?

    “Ok, I know how to Do all this stuff but now what?”


    “I can feel my subtle body but my am I doing this right or am I just fooling myself?”


    “How can I keep progressing down this metaphysical inner path?” 

    Your questions and concerns are not only common, they’re expected. And there’s only one solution for you.

    You have to get, better stronger and optimize your skills.

    That’s What This Advance Course Is All About.

    Question: why are Energy healers always getting sick?

    Because they not self-reliant or self-sufficient. They need The Reiki, or The Universe or The sacred water, Symbol or “Insert crutch here”.

    I remember one of my Later Teachers told me she was just a rusty old pipe God sends Energy through.  But what happens when her Magical toys don’t show up that day?

    I’ll leave that to your imagination.

    That’s why it’s so important for you to know that this ability is now your ability 

    So first we are going have you solidify what you already know. Then you can see for yourself that yes this is your Subtle Energy Body you are using.  And when you took the first course you were activating your light body. And you can do everything you learned without the training wheels.

    After that, we’re going to build your skills and your energy body up and out. So by the end of this course, you will be able to.

    • Charge yourself with subtle energy and broadcast that energy throughout the room and in personal contact.
    • You will be able to expand your awareness out in a way similar to remote viewing.
    • You will be able to use your expanded awareness for personal wish fulfillment among other things.
    • You will learn how to activate three psychic tools that will help you. Dissolve Stress on the spot. Give you a 3 hour Brain Boost. And the Fire Red Energy Shot when you need it.

    You will also receive simple but powerful ritual you can use in combination with the set of psychic skills you will have acquired.

    So how does becoming a self-reliant energy worker help you?

    {Snapshot Of A Real-Life Scenario}

    A friend of mine came to me with a personal problem right before I began putting this course together. He needed a quick disillusion to personal situation he got himself into. The kind you better than but…

    “Give me two weeks,” I told him.

    But it only took 5 Days. And all I did was a simple ritual that I will share with you in this course. And I did for three days. Two days later it was all over.  And according to my friend, it happened so fast that he didn’t even have time to get upset or feel awkward. It was just done and done.

    Now Could You Use A Tool like That?

    Can you see how your skills can help not just you but friends family and the world at large?

    You are going to learn a simple ceremony than you can use for just about anything you can think of.  And because you know how to activate your light body along with what you will learn in this course.

    You will be able to bring so much energy and purpose to the ceremony that the multiverse has to respond. And this is only one of many applications of how you can use your own energy to benefit yourself and someone in need.

    • If you see someone is in Pain you can use the correct hand and apply the energy cube.
    • You can dissolve unhelpful emotions in real time out of your body and feel it leaving.
    • You can in real time and in real life changes lives.

    Now just like in the foundation course, this advanced course is experience based.

    Which means that there is no theory or filler. We get right down to business.  Because you have the foundation and your light body is already activated. Now is the time to become a self-reliant Energy worker.

    With the power to manifest, help, heal and commune with the Divine on the inside. So my dear graduates please accept this invitation and let us show you how to Elevate Your Skills.

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  • Udemy – The Complete Job Interviewing Skills Masterclass Course [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Interviewing skills are the difference between getting the appointment for the job interview versus getting the job offer. Great job interviewing skills are essential if you want the best jobs in today’s competitive job market.

    Does the prospect of going into a strange room and answering questions form one or more strangers for 30-60 minutes and then having your entire career decided intimidate you or make you nervous? You can become a master on interviewing skills.

    Imagine walking into a job interview know that you will look and sound your best. You are completely confident that you you can speak in a compelling and understanding manner. You know that you have great messages, examples and stories about your experiences and experiences that the interview will find as compelling reasons as to why you are a great fit for this job. When you walk out of the interview you know that you did your very best, that the interviewer understands and respects your unique talents. Regardless of whether you get the job, you know you did the very best you could possibly do in the job interview and you make the best case possible as to why you should be hire.

    “For more than 30 years I have coached executives on their interviewing skills and presentation skills in the corporate world. I’m here to tell you that nobody is a natural at this. Job interviewing skills is something that anyone can learn but that nobody is born with. I have a simple, step-by-step process that will help you build confidence and skill in communicating effectively in job interviews. I can’t guarantee you will get every job offer, but I can assure you that I will help you come across your very best in every interview.”

                                                                                                                                                  TJ Walker, Instructor

    Please note: This course is not an “information product.” This interview skills course is not “passive income” for the creator. This course is designed for students who are serious about getting good at theirinterviewing skills and are willing to practice on video. TJ Walker assigns homework and personally gives detailed critiques on the interviewing skills of each and every student after they post their videos.

    Please note: this is an interviewing skills course on how to speak effectively while on a job interview. It is taught by a world-class speaking expert who demonstrates how to speak effectively in a job interview by speaking directly to students. If you are looking for a course with lots of graphics, special effects, music and sound effects, then this course is not for you.

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  • Udemy – Davinci Resolve 15 : From Beginner To Professional [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Hello, in this course you will learn to work with the Davinci Resolve software, this software is considered one of the best video editing software’s in the world.

    To reach a professional level in this software you need to learn its basics and how to use its tools.

    In this course I will explain to you all the basics and the features in this software.

    This course is 1 hour long and divided to 29 videos and presented in a simple and easy way.

    When you complete this course you will know how to work with the software menus, how to add effects, correct colors, animate the text and a lot more.

    In short this course will qualify you to be a professional in the Davinci Resolve software and give you all you need to start your career in video editing.

    The course is divided to 6 sections:

    The basics

    Editing videos

    Adding effects

    Text editing and animating

    Color correction and grading

    And then we have an advanced level section

    So go ahead and join more than 40.000 students subscribing to my courses.

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  • Udemy – Social Media Manager [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Teaching the basics of social media networking and success of growing it, I provide the details of using instagram , twitter, and twitch. And how to grow your following, and get more views from your posts, and or streams.

    How to use proper hashtags on both instagram, and twitter. How to achieve getting your tweets retweeted. How to create instagram stories.

    I also explain the rules of using instagram correctly.

    Today on social media it is very important to use every tool possible in order to get the maximum amount of growth from your account. It is also a key factor to learn how to market yourself.

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