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  • REST API Tutorial: Beginner’s Guide to REST APIs in Node, ES6 & More [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Welcome to the most in-depth treatment of REST API backend development available online. This course is perfect for you if you want to learn how to go professional in API development. This REST API tutorial is designed to take you from beginner level through the fundamentals of API development in Node, ES6, MongoDB, and Express.  Kickstart your journey to becoming a rock star REST Api developer today!

    The acclaim of this particular REST API tutorial is from the approach that it takes towards teaching. While other tutorials tend to drown you in a sea of unneeded details, this course takes a focused approach to teach you about the REST API. It narrows down on the important knowledge that’ll help you master API development quickly. Also, this course utilizes a hands-on approach that is necessary for long-term retention of the skills learned!

    Who is this course for?

    This course is for everyone! This course is for anyone who is interested in API development. As earlier said, the course is designed to take students from beginner level. If, however, you are a mobile application developer and you’re sick of outsourcing your backend API and database needs, this API tutorial is the perfect match for you.

    Also, if you have a mobile product idea and you own or want to create a startup, RESTful APIs could come in as a handy tool in your development toolbox.

    If you are considering a career switch towards backend development and are looking for industry-sought out skills to populate your portfolio and make you wanted on many development teams, this is the course you’ve been combing the net for!

    Over 50,000 students have enrolled in this course and have learned how to code and develop REST APIs. By taking this REST API tutorial, you can become a part of the next generation of mobile developers who build APIs for their mobile applications.

    What Will I learn from this REST API tutorial?

    • •    How to build RESTful API for iOS & Android applications
    • •    REST APIs deployment in Node to live servers
    • •    Live MongoDB deployment
    • •    How to write code in ES6 for API development and general-purpose programming

    What other skills will you learn from this course?

    • •    Node
    • •    Express
    • •    MongoDB
    • •    ES6 and Javascript
    • •    API development
    • •    CRUD & REST
    • •    Getting your developed iOS app to talk to your API
    • •    Getting your developed Android app to talk to your API
    • •    Automation and Tooling
    • •    Programming tips and practices from professionals
    • •    And a lot more!


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  • tvOS Tutorial: How to Create Amazing Apple TV Apps and Apple TV Games [100% OFF]

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    TVOS Tutorial Course

    Have you been fascinated by the Apple TV? Would you love to build your own games and apps for the Apple TV? Then, this course has got you covered! The tutorial is a practical guide for building Apple TV apps and Apple TV games using the Swift programming language. After you have built your apps/games, the course will show you how to deploy them on the App store. So, get into the world of big screens and deliver the most amazing features your mind can create with this TVOS tutorial!

    Who Can Take This Course?

    TVOS Tutorial for budding and experienced iOS developers This course is not designed for beginners or total newbies in the world of programming and app development. You need to have basic knowledge and experience in swift and Objective-C programming to flow with the course content.

    It’s also important to have learnt the basics of iOS development before starting this course. This course is designed for the intermediate or advanced iOS developer. It’s a great course for existing programmers and veterans hoping to learn how to develop an Apple TV app for the big screen.

    Getting Started

    Why Learn This Course? The TVOS Tutorial is one of the few tutorials on the internet that really simplifies the process of developing applications and games. The course content was developed to be as easy to follow as possible, and fluidly transitions from easy to more complex concepts. This course will teach you everything in order to learn Swift. You can watch the videos several times till you can commit the coding format and principle to memory. Upon completion of the course, you will learn swift and have a portfolio of apps to showcase and also publish on the App store.

    Are you ready for the next leap of your career? This TVOS tutorial is your formal invitation to the world of Apple TV games and Apple TV apps!

    Course Content

    The course content for this tutorial will give a sweet refresher about swift programming, and then guide you on how to build native Apple apps, TVML and client-server apps, XCode and Deployment, and SpriteKit development.

    Extra Features

    Using the Chatroom The Chatroom community for this tutorial is a vibrant community of 5,000+ developers. When you use this feature, you can rest assured that there will always be someone with an answer to your questions. You can also find additional resources like reading materials, and job postings etc. there.

    The Tutor is available through the Live Help section to answer your questions and challenges during and after the course. A Technical assistant can help you to resolve any technical difficulties you may encounter during installation and launch of your app.


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  • Video Guide on How to Make an App Without Coding or Programming

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    Course Description

    Would you like to learn how to make an app? If you always desired to create a mobile application, but don’t know how to code or where to begin, this is the right course for you. Through this course, you will discover how to make an app using different methods. This guide is here to give you ideas of what strategies for application development are out there and help you choose which one is best for you.

    This tutorial will help you decide if you should hire someone or is learning how to code and doing everything from scratch a better option for you. If you choose the latter, you won’t need to hire expensive programmers and pay them to code for you. This tutorial will provide you with knowledge of how to make an android app as well as how to make an ios app on your own. However, even though learning how to code can be highly-rewarding it is also time-consuming. After finishing this course, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on how to start your app development career whichever option you choose. Don’t waste your time and sign up today, so you can learn how to create an app and make money.

    Six Unique Startegies For App Development

    This tutorial will teach you six strategies that will help you learn how to make an app. Furthermore, you’ll be able to feel more confident when launching it with some neat tricks from this course. You will learn the basics of coding and outsourcing, as well as, how to find the best technical co-founders. You will know what can be done and what is not possible regarding application development. This guide will show you top-notch strategies on how to create an app and make money as well as how to optimize the process in the best way, whether it is how to outsource or how to learn to program apps.

    Regarding outsourcing, you will understand what is best for you. Do you need to outsource at all, or you can do this on your own? If you choose to do the first, this tutorial will aid you in acquiring help. This course will tell you how to pick between freelancers and app development companies. You’ll find out which option is cheaper, and which one offers better quality. There is no shame in looking for help. Programming is not as complicated as it seems and still, it’s not for everyone. Furthermore, by hiring someone, you can save a ton of time and focus on aspects like marketing, designing, leading the project and creating strategies on how to make an android app as well as how to make an ios app in the most efficient way.

    Easy Ways to Learn Programming & Development Without Coding

    Now, if you’re a lone-wolf or just a programming enthusiast, this tutorial will show you the easiest way to learn how to code. There are many programming languages and techniques to learn them. It’s easy to get lost. This course will help you to stay confident. After you choose a language you want to learn, you should check out all of the great programming and development tutorials on BitDegree.

    This course will also show you how to use the so-called hybrid approach. Where you get the best of both worlds. Last, but not least, you will learn how to use software to create an app without coding. After finishing this course, you’ll know how to make an app in the best possible way for you.

    So, if you have an excellent idea for an application, but don’t know where to start, this tutorial is here to help you through the process. Whether it is about learning how to code, outsourcing or using software, this course will guide you all the way! Learn how to make an app now!


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  • Profit Maximization: Learn to Price Products, Negotiate Sales & LTV [100% OFF]

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    Many new entrepreneurs and businesses aren’t sure how to price their products. The usually go too low, and you lose out on returns or go too high and miss out on sales. However, there are methods for your profit maximization while still staying competitive in the market.

    It’s hard to find the perfect balance, especially when you’re trying to bring a new product to the market. Most people check out similar competitors in their field, but this can mean missing out on revenues or failing to stand out from the crowd. However, in this profit maximization course, you’ll find the essential material to balance your pricing and income for various products.

    Predict the Market

    First of all, the instructor of this course will talk about how you can find the ideal price for your product, teaching you the different variables you will need to take into consideration. That is the first step of how to maximize profit you must take. What you will be looking for, is the price that will boost sales, and keep customers coming back. Lifetime Customer Value, or LTV for short, is what will define your businesses’ success over time.

    This profit maximization course aims to teach you how to make sure your customers return to your business, which will increase your revenue, and help your project grow without losing money. Although financial management seems like a hard task, you’ll learn how to deal with your income through this tutorial. An excellent entrepreneur and teacher will guide the course and share his best tips & tricks for professionally managing your business and revenue.

    By the end of this profit maximization course, you’ll learn all about how to maximize profit with various pricing techniques. You’ll see a few real-life examples of success stories from real companies. You’ll be confident about managing your pricing according to a few simple rules given in this course by your teacher. You’ll not only master the financial management but also how to get more profit with less effort!

    A Skillset for Successful Entrepreneurship

    Sales negotiation is an essential part of running any enterprise, but it’s crucial when it comes to trying to find the right prices to maximize your returns. This profit maximization course will teach you the skills you need when buying products for resale or trying to branch out and assert yourself in the market as a young business. An excellent entrepreneur himself, Alex Genadinik, will share his expertise in this field with you and help you to make the best decisions for your business.

    However, as there are a few techniques while learning how to maximize profit, don’t be afraid to experiment with them. Not all of them will work exceptionally well because you have to find the one that will make the most significant impact on your business. Through learning and experimenting, you’ll get hands-on experience with finance management which will help you decide with the pricing of your products.

    Whether you’re just starting your company or you’ve been working in this field for some time now, this course can teach you some new and effective techniques for sure. If you’re not sure where to start with pricing, enroll in this profit maximization course today and start earning immediately!


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  • Forex Trading For Beginners: The Ultimate Guide [100% OFF]

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    If you are new to the world of Forex and wish to understand how it works, then this course is for you. Here you will learn about the Forex markets, the terminology, how to set up an account and prepare for your first trade.

    Forex Trading for Beginners – A Step-By-Step Guide

    In this course you will learn:

    • The basics of Forex terminology. For example, swaps, currency quotes and spreads
    • How to set up trades using stop-losses and limit orders
    • How to set up a demo account
    • Steps needed to create a trading plan and manage money

    What is Forex Trading?

    When you exchange currency with another currency in at least two opposing sequences to profit, you are commencing Forex trading.

    The term “opposing sequences” refers to the act of possessing a currency, which you use to buy another currency. Then you wait for this currency to gain in value relative to the first currency and re-exchange the second currency for the first one. At the end of this process, you end up with more of the currency you have started with.

    When trading online, this process is performed via specific technology – trading platforms – and is highly automated, which means it occurs extremely fast.

    How to Trade Forex

    This course on Forex trading for beginners is meant to help you take the first steps so you could launch your online trading career.  One cannot just wake up one morning and start trading online.  To be successful in currency trading, you must have a plan, an entry strategy, a trading strategy, huge loss impact recovery strategy, reinvestment and withdrawal strategy,  and obviously – an exit strategy.

    That means it is essential to learn how to trade and find out which strategies suit you personally and financially.

    So what do you, as a beginner, have to know?

    • Currencies listed in the spot Forex market are floating – their values are determined by market forces.
    • These values change continuously.
    • The market is open five days a week.
    • Currencies which are fixed to a single value or within a tight range of values by the government (such as the Chinese Yuan (CNY)) are not suitable for spot Forex trading.
    • The currencies are priced, listed and traded in pairs since the thing traded in spot Forex is the change in the value of one currency relative to the value of another currency.
    • One cannot access the Forex market directly, only through a broker. The broker provides the platform and a fair and balanced field for the participants of the market. As well as the market tools the traders will use.

    Understanding Before Trading

    This Forex trading for beginners course will help you avoid all the usual mistakes that beginners make.

    The demand for currencies fall and rise due to a multitude of factors. The relationship between these factors is complicated and cannot be understood intuitively – it can only be understood through study. A beginner should not start trading until she or he understand these complexities and can use them to her or his advantage.

    This is what this course is for.


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  • Content Syndication: The Untold Ways How to do Social Media Marketing

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    Course Description


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  • 6 Easy Ways How to Make Money on Social Media – Ultimate Video Guide

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    Course Description

    This course will teach you the best ways how to make money on social media in one afternoon. From discovering how to make money on Facebook, through understanding how to make a video go viral, to learning how to use Twitter for business; you will be fully immersed in the social media world. Start learning and increase your income!

    Today, more than ever, Internet can become your primary source of income, if you know how to use it properly. With this course, you will learn how to make money on social media form the comfort of your own home. This tutorial will show you how everything happens behind the scenes and you will become a pro. Everything will be explained in a super simple and easy to follow manner. So, you’ll have fun and learn a ton of useful thing from these short and engaging video lessons.

    Master Advanced Marketing Techniques on Facebook & YouTube

    In the first module, you will be introduced to one of the most prominent social media outlets – the one and only Facebook. Having a profile is not good enough anymore, hence you will learn how to utilize Facebook Live so you can get more profits and leads. This is one of the most advanced techniques that will help you understand how to make money on social media fast. This tutorial will teach you how to cleverly market and establish your business so that it can reach more and more followers.

    After you learn the secret profitable use cases of Facebook as well as how to make money on Facebook yourself, you will have a date with YouTube. If you have never used YouTube for advertising before, don’t worry! This course will explain how to start a YouTube channel. You’ll begin your journey to success in the correct way! You’ll discover how to make a video go viral and optimize it. This tutorial will explain how you can use viral videos to increase your conversion rates. In the end, you will know how to grow the number of your subscribers and views as well as how to thrive with YouTube ads.

    Build Reputation on LinkedIn & Promote Yourself Using Pictures on Instagram

    Your third stop will be LinkedIn. Every serious business owner should have an account there in order to target clients and advertise his goods. Not only you will learn how to make business connections, but you will be able to expand your network and boost your traffic. So, to succeed in your mission of learning how to make money on social media, mastering LinkedIn is a must!

    To get more views and followers you need fabulous pictures. But, there is more to that. Only taking great pictures and posting them online is sadly not good enough anymore. You need to advertise them, and the best places to do so are Pinterest and Instagram. This course will show you how to get your targeted followers through good marketing, create outstanding pins and great hashtags. Your business needs exposure, and these social media platforms will help you reach it.

    If you have a business or an idea for one and want to earn money online, this course is the right option for you. You will get the tools to build your online presence and establish yourself. Plus, you will get a bonus lesson on how to captivate a diverse audience in Twitter and how to create winning marketing strategies there. After this course, you won’t be asking how to make money on social media; you’ll the expert! Enroll now!


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  • How to Monetize a Blog: Fast & Guaranteed Profit From WordPress

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    Course Description


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  • Space Doggos – Interactive Learning Solidity Course For Beginners

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    Space Doggos - Interactive Learning Solidity Course For Beginners

    Course Description


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  • Learn Solidity: The Ultimate Solidity Course To Kickstart Your Career

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    Learn Solidity: The Ultimate Solidity Course To Kickstart Your Career

    Course Description


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