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  • Udemy – Learn Discrete Mathematics from Basics [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    This a basic course in Discrete Mathematics which covers the following topics:

    1) Logic  2) Methods of Mathematical Proof  3)Set Theory  4) Functions and Relations  5)Number Systems  6) Counting Arguments 7) Matrices 8) Graph Theory 9) Number Theory  10)Cryptography 11) Boolean Algebra 12)Sequences  13) Series  among other topics.

    Lot of Exercises along with solutions to some of them will be discussed.

    It is learning from the fundamentals  by doing plenty of exercises and developing deep understanding of concepts.

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  • Udemy – Make Four Projects From Scratch: CSS And HTML [100% OFF]

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    Course Description


    If you are an aspiring web developer looking to take your skills further, this course will help get your hands dirty and prepare you for developing real life projects and websites from scratch.

    Each one of these projects will help you practice some of the more complicated concepts in CSS.

    For example, you will become more familiar with how use variables, functions, as well as how to use the animation, transform and box-shadow properties to create beautiful designs.

    The projects in this course are made using pure CSS: no knowledge of javascript is required.


    1. A hand
    2. A penguin
    3. A ghost with four glowing orbs
    4. A chest with three drawers

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  • Udemy – Gamification: How to Level Up Your Life and Business [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Want More Productivity Without Sacrificing Happiness?

    Want To Discover the Psychological Triggers That Get Us To Take Action?

    Well this course helps with just that.

    You can look at it like the MANUAL to integrate game mechanics into your schedule.

    So either you want a more productive team or to get a new habit, this is for you.

    You’ll learn…

    • psychological triggers
    • how choice works
    • how to avoid cognitive biases
    • game mechanics
    • badges
    • leaderboards
    • quests
    • how to tell a good story using the hero’s journey

    And all this in a practical, easy to follow format.

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  • Udemy – A fun way of learning Japanese language – JLPT N4 and N5 [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    When you were a baby, did you study grammar to learn how to speak?

    I’m sure none of us did.

    There’s only one way babies learn, and that is through repeating what others say.

    In this course, there will be 136 interesting personality.

    They will speak a total of 1000 sentences using short dialogues.

    All you need to do is to repeat what they say.

    But with passion.

    Learning Japanese does not simply come from listening to it.

    Please keep listening to it repeatedly and recite what the characters are saying.

    I have made the lessons interesting so you will not get tired of them.

    Don’t try and learn the grammar theoretically. Learn it through practice.

    If you don’t understand grammar, you can learn the phrase itself.

    This course is not just about watching or listening to the videos.

    Please utilize the Q & A format like a chat room, and communicate with others using Japanese.

    Fortunately, this course is full of people from all over the world who are keen to learn Japanese.

    I will advise in the comment section if I notice any strange wording.

    Let’s learn together.

    This course consists of 5 hours of video lessons.

    Section 3<vocabulary Lv1~25> can be downloaded.

    You can listen to these in the background when you are unable to watch the video lessons.

    When there are Kanji in the conversation, the meaning of the Kanji and the pronunciation will both be written to help you understand.

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  • Udemy – Explaindio Mastery: A detailed Approach to Video creation [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Greetings fellow animators and aspiring animators!

    If you have been struggling with learning how to use Explaindio 3.0 or transitioning from video scribe or video maker fx or easy sketch pro to a much more complex software like Explaindio then worry no more!


    Have you used older versions of the Explaindio software like the 2.0 version and are having a hard time getting a hang of some of the changes in the Explaindio 3 software?

    Perhaps you have looked everywhere for a detailed yet straight to point, no fluff course on using the Explaindio software but can’t seem to find one..

    Most Explaindio courses are just way too lengthy and spend time trying to over explain the basics while leaving out the most important features and much more!

    Would you like a detailed course that takes you through each Explaindio feature explaining how to use them?

    How about a complete start to finish video project showing you the exact approach i take any time i am creating a video?

    That’s not all, you also get access to a folder containing the graphics used in the tutorials!


    With this course you get a step by step guide of the key features in Explaindio 3 along with tips on how to make a good video from someone who has made hundreds of whiteboard animations, presentations and Explainer videos!

    What you will learn with this course

    – How to use all the features in the Explaindio 3 software

    – How to create professional and very eye catching whiteboard animation

    – Creating other types of videos in the Explaindio 3 software

    – Making uses of other elements to spice up your animation

    – No fluff straight to the point lectures

    – Resources to help you replicate sample videos

    – Links to additional software to give you an edge over other animators


    I am dedicated to not just teaching you how to use the Explaindio3 software but also to making you a very good animator in the process.

    You would also be backed up with a:

    100% Satisfaction 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

    Life time support for all modules

    Plus free future updates!

    What are you waiting for??

    Enroll today! and be on your waiting to Animation success!

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  • Udemy – The Complete Online Arbitrage Masterclass [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Online Arbitrage is hands down the best Online Business for Beginners.

    It’s a low risk, high reward, high return on your investment Business.

    It’s time the internet started to work for you.

    You can use whatever you have to start (yes, you can start with nothing!) & I’ll show you how to continuously flip products to double, triple, & even 10X your money…over & over again.

    No, that is NOT a typo! I’ve taught thousands of people to do this & still do this myself EVERY SINGLE DAY.

    We’ll run through where to source profitable products (& even get some for Free).

    We’ll also talk about all the different marketplaces you can sell those products, the benefits of each one, & the best places to sell specific products. That way you can begin with the end in mind (b/c the profit is made in the purchase…given you know where to Sell for a Higher Margin).

    By enrolling in The Complete Online Arbitrage Masterclass you’ll learn how & where to Buy products ridiculously cheap Online, how to Resell those products back Online, & get a MAJOR RETURN on Your Investment….all RIGHT FROM YOUR COMPUTER.

    You have NOTHING to lose, but time. Why postpone your dreams? Enroll now.

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  • Udemy – PIC Microcontroller Interfacing with LCD [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    >>> You will enter LCD Display world of wonders, Write Anything and Make it shine using LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) 

    Welcome to this course.

    LCD Display is a display device used to display information on clocks, calculators, watches and other devices and in this course you will learn it’s internal structure and how it functions, as well as how to interface it to a Microcontroller and Write codes to display letters, numbers and sentences.

    Do you want to Go to the next level in Displaying Data using LCD Display?

    • We are announcing our brand-new course LCD Interfacing with PIC Microcontroller
    • HD Content that will take you in an informative journey to not only master the coding of LCD Display with PIC Microcontroller, but also learn the very basics of LCD Display internal structure, how it works, it’s parts, it’s wiring diagram and how your code is handled by it.

    What You will get in this course?

    • To know how LCD Display function and learn about it’s internal structure.
    • To get familiar with interfacing LCD Display to PIC Microcontroller.
    • To know how to display numbers and letters.
    • To know how to move numbers, letters and words on LCD Display.

    Learn By Practicing, Practical Work?

    • Interface and Connect LCD Display to PIC.
    • Display a Letter on LCD Display.
    • Write a C program to display Words and Sentences on LCD Display.
    • Write a C program to move Words and Sentences on LCD Display.

    If you take this course now, you can count on these three results in just a few hours!  

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  • Udemy – Etsy for Newbies: Start your shop fast, easy and simple [100% OFF]

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    Course Description


    Did you know that Etsy had over 1 billion dollars in transactions last year? What if you could go back in time and start selling one eBay when only a few know about it! This is what Etsy is all about with not too many sellers and over 50 million buyers where the average seller makes over $2,000 while those on the top making a living the dream. You can as well join this course today and learn some of the methods that will get you to the top of the food chain instructors by two of the top teachers on Udemy.

    In this course, you will learn about the kinds of products that make money on Etsy as its only limited to selling handmade, antiques & vintage anything made before 1998, and digital creative products. You will also learn the basics of setting up your Etsy account, and how to take the first steps of running your Etsy business, which will hopefully put you on your way to becoming the next Etsy success story.

    Remember this course is a small preview of my larger Etsy course which features over 6 hour of content. This course gets you started with 40 free listing, each listing on etsy normally cost 20 cents but on the plus side you get 4 months exposure and etsy only charges you 4% final value fees and they accept Paypal plus a wide variety of payments methods. Etsy is the next big thing in ecommerce learn about starting and starting your etsy shop today see you on the inside.



    I’ve been an entrepreneur and ecommerce seller since the year 2001. I have helped and coached thousands of students online and in person and got over 150,000+ students enrolled in all my online classes. I would love to share the secrets of my success with you, it is my personal mission to help get you to be your best. Learn from my experience and expertise so you can take your business to the next level and beyond.



    With the paid purchase of this course you get the following…

    * Free 15-min GoogleHangout coaching session to help you with any problems you might have with your online business

    * Satisfaction guaranteed best in class experience ask me any question anytime with responses within 24 hours or less

    Office hours when I hold 30 min-1 hour free sessions answering any of your questions live



    Finish 100% of class and get rewarded with a beautiful certificate that would be emailed to you. Use this to enhance your resume, show proof of expertise or extra curricular training. Print it out and frame it on your wall it is something you should be proud of.


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  • Udemy – Acupressure for Common Ailments [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Hello, and welcome to Acupressure for Common Ailments. Have you ever wondered if there was a drug free alternative to help alleviate many of those common issues that  some of us face almost every day?  Well look no further than this course!

    In this course, you will learn how to easily assist with many problems through the simple power of touch!  We looked at an extensive range of issues, as well as an extensive range of points that have many other added benefits. Some of those issues include;

    • Headaches
    • Digestive issues
    • Menstrual problems
    • Aching joints and muscle stiffness
    • Emotional issues

     and so much more!

    so, If you are ready to learn a great, easy, step by step technique that could potentially ease, not only your pain, but the pain of those you care about, then this is the course for you. So come on inside and learn the magic of acupressure.

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  • Udemy – OPTIONS TRADING: Trade Stock Options in the Stock Market [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Options trading. Learn how to trade options.

    I teach you how to be profitable in the stock market by trading (selling) option premium.

    You will learn financial trading, stock options and how to be an options trader by selling options.

    Options trading can be very profitable.

    Learn the safe way how to trade stock options so that you can be a successful options trader and earn consistent profits.

    Make MONEY in the stock market

    Learn financial trading so that you can make money by trading and being an options trader

    Learn from a millionaire trader

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