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  • Udemy – Resistance Band Training For A Fit, Tone, Lean Strong Body! [100% off]

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    Resistance Band Training For A Fit, Tone, Lean Strong Body!

    Resistant band training makes normal exercises more efficient and effective. Bands are easily portable but yet give a great full body workout like no other modality can.  Although not the only way to train I believe that bands should be a part of every persons routine.  Here are some of the things you will get in the program

    • Beginner to advanced exercises with different bands
    • The type of bands you should use probably not what you think
    • Circuits that can get you a great workout in 10 minutes or less
    • Band warm up program
    • Ideas for set up and how the instructor has been training for many years
    • Full body exercises along with isolation exercises to get stronger, lose weight, and increase muscular endurance
    • Training with bands that have been used in almost every one of the 20,000 plus training sessions
    • Bonuses you will not want to miss from other programs

    In the end everyone should use bands to enhance training and make it more fun. These exercises and routines can be used anywhere you can fit bands and your body.  Have fun and become more fit and strong with bands today!


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  • Angular JS Essentials

    [95% OFF] Angular JS Essentials – Learn Angular JS Step by Step (Video Course)


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  • Instaread: LIFETIME Subscription

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    That booklist only seems to grow, right? You only have so much time, and reading every book that you really want to can be extremely difficult. That’s why Instaread was created. This convenient app condenses books into digestible overviews with key takeaways that can be consumed in just minutes, by reading or listening. With Instaread, you get immediate access to read or listen to summaries for over 560 New York Times’ bestselling books plus twenty new books added every month. Booklist, watch out.

    4.5/5 Stars on iTunes

    • Get the insights & takeaways from bestselling books in 15 minutes or less
    • Read Instaread on your phone or tablet, or stream audio formats for over 500 books
    • Enjoy a steady stream of new releases every single month
    • Save money on books by avoiding high prices on physical copies
    • Take in bestsellers like The Girl on the Train, The Martian, Moneyball, & many more

    90% OFF

    39 days left.
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  • Udemy – Real Estate Investing: The Strategies, Tools & Mindset [100% off]

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    Real Estate Investing: The Strategies, Tools & Mindset

    Welcome to our Real Estate Investing Crash Course

    In this course we will cover:

    • The 5 Main Real Estate Investment Strategies
    • Market and Property Analysis Tools
    • Real Estate Investing Mindset
    • Starter information and advice on buying, flipping and selling properties
    • The Real Numbers & Formulas That Generate True Cashflow Safely
    • Creative Alternatives to Traditional Deal Structures
    • Negotiation
    • And more!

    Your instructor for this course is Alex Kouramanis. He has graduated with distinction in the Honours Double Major Cognitive Science & Philosophy and is a full time real estate investor. At a nominal cost and in just a few hours, Alex delivers thousands of dollars and years worth of real estate investment knowledge in this course. You will take away the tools, strategies and experience to prepare you for a career in real estate investing.

    This course also has a ton of resources attached that you can download and learn from such as: deal analysis spreadsheets, clauses, offer forms, and lease contracts

    Enrol now and learn how to become a sophisticated real estate investor!



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  • Udemy – Numbers in German [100% off]

    Posted on 29/04/2017 by | 0 comments

    Numbers in German

    Do you get numbers like 54 and 45 mixed up when trying to say them in German?
    Do you find it difficult to understand what the German cashier said you need to pay?
    Do you struggle to understand what time it is if the other person uses the 12-hour clock in German?

    You are not alone!

    Many German learners struggle with numbers, even if they are advanced students.

    This comprehensive course covers everything you ever wanted to know about numbers in German.
    You will learn …

    • to count to a million (if you really want to ☺)
    • to say and understand telephone numbers
    • to understand and use the 24 and 12-hour clock
    • to understand and use the correct currency, prices and sizes when shopping in Germany
    • to be able to have a go at some maths in German (I made it simple, but you can make it harder)
    • know how to use ordinal numbers in German

    All this will be reinforced with quizzes, and reading, listening and writing exercises.

    This course is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3 and available 24/7.
    At the end of this course you will be my “Number” one fan ☺


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  • Udemy – Instagram Ads For Beginners: Hands On Training [100% off]

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    Instagram Ads For Beginners: Hands On Training

    What if you could use Instagram Ads to

    • Drive traffic to your website or blog
    • Generate email leads
    • Sell your product and services 

    That’s exactly what you will learn in this course.

    Instagram has over 600 million users and only 1 million advertisers. This number is still very low compared to Facebook’s 5 million advertisers.

    This course will help your master Instagram Ads and you will create your first Ad campaign. 

    We all know the importance of Instagram marketing. After taking this course you will master the process of creating Instagram Ads and get ahead of your competition. Here are the topics covered inside

    1. Why Instagram Ads are so important
    2. Why people FAIL with Instagram Ads and a downloadable planning worksheet 
    3. Use Facebook Ads manager to create Instagram Ads
    4. Use Facebook power editor to create Instagram Ads
    5. Use Instagram mobile app to launch your Instagram Ads
    6. Different tools you can use to create amazing visuals
    7. (FREEBIE) – Get my handmade Instagram images for FREE

    This course is NOT just theory. It’s full of hands on demos and training. I will show you my step by step process to create Instagram Ads.

    People who mastered Facebook Ads are way ahead of their competition. Don’t wait and start learning the Instagram marketing for business esp. Instagram Ads.

    This course also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So there is no risk at all.

    ENROLL NOW and I will see you on the inside.


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  • Udemy – Learn RSI, Options & Technical Analysis (3 Course Bundle) [100% off]

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    Learn RSI, Options & Technical Analysis (3 Course Bundle)

    **Course fully updated for March 2017**

    As you are Reading this this means you are here to learn. This Course is a 3in1 Bundle course to Explain Charting, RSI with Options Trading.

    Even if you know nothing on these subject then don’t worry as this course is designed to teach newbies. You can read below but at the end you will reach the same point mentioned Here i.e “Learn Charting, RSI & Options all in One Course”.

    Even you look at all 1000 Finance Course you will find that to learn these 3 (Charting, RSI & Options) you will need to purchase 3 course. So Why not get one course.

    Please note this Course Explains the Basics First and then Advanced Details later; as Basics it helps you to completely understand the Advanced Details. “5 out of 5 Moon”

    This Course Brings a Beginner to Advance Stage. I give my Students full Access; So please feel free to ask any questions as and when needed. To again emphasis I would say again “You have full access”

    You might think Technical analysis is something very technical and will have many jargons and you might get lost in them? Think Again as this course is for beginners or intermediate traders or finance students.

    Why Purchase this Course? Because you are here to learn new skills and this Course explains a new Chart Reading skill that is not available in any other course on Udemy.

    Why Purchase This Course Now? You will learn my own trading plan to trade stocks without any risk.

    I will explain things in easy words, as if I am explaining Charting to a 5 year old.

    Learn technical analysis and trade like a professional. Technical analysis is also known as charting, as charting literally means reading Charts.

    In this 3 Hours and 35 Minutes Long Course you will learn philosophy or thinking process of different Charting indicators and will trade like a professional.

    This course comes with guarantee that you can always apply for 100% Refund within 30 days. 

    This course informs you as to How to Trade; as currently you don’t know all the options available to you and other investors.

    Just Imagine you are crossing the road and looking only on right and doesn’t know if a bus is coming from the left side of the road. You will certainly get killed and thats what happens with you in the stock market. This course will inform you the procedure to look both ways.

    You currently only know Buy, Sell and Stop Loss order and consider any person authoritative in Stock Market; Either its your broker . However you need to understand that everyone acts of his self interestand if you don’t know what his self interest is then you will always lose money and will never learn to trade.

    We will discuss how to make money even before Buying a good stock and if you get lucky then you buy the stock at 5-10% lower rate from today.

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  • Udemy – Complete Wifi Hacking Encyclopedia [100% off]

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    Complete Wifi Hacking Encyclopedia

    Get ready to gain the complete wireless pentesting knowledge in easy way. Also learn the secrets method of breaching the wireless networks.After enrolling into this course you don’t need to know anything else this course will give you the entire Network breaching ideas. After taking this course you can become self dependent you can research by yourself.A course especially designed by a group of cyber security experts(Pentesters).This course will give you the complete knowledge of wireless hacking or pentesting.This course is designed in such a way that a kid in 10th standard can also learn it without any difficulties.


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