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  • School of Game Design: LIFETIME Membership

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    Love gaming? Want to build your own games? The School of Game Design is the place to start. With courses for developers of all skill levels led by expert instructors, The School of Game Design helps you learn game development and design at your own pace, giving you access to an enormous library of step-by-step training videos. From the absolute basics to performing advanced techniques with Unity3D, and much more, lifetime access to The School of Game Design will ensure you’ll always be up to speed on the newest advancements in the industry.

    • Access over 120 hours of easy to follow, step-by-step video training w/ access to all additional or updated training
    • Receive support from instructors & professionals w/ over 16 years of game industry experience
    • Enjoy unlimited access to thousands of dollars in royalty-free game art & textures
    • Learn how to make advanced 2D & 3D games that you can publish anywhere
    • Master computer modeling & animation techniques
    • Develop both coding & digital artistry skills

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  • Build an Amazing Space Shooter in Gamemaker

    Great course on learning how a simple game is developed. You’ll learn the basics of building using Gamemaker Studio, giving you the tools to then move on and start creating your own games. Some things you will learn include:

    – Controlling your ship with the mouse and keyboard
    – Adding multiple enemies and multiple enemy attack patterns that increase the difficulty over time.
    – How to add a menu system, and a save and load system.
    – The power of parenting objects to minimise the workflow.
    – Creating multiple powerups to make the game more fun and engaging.
    – Utilising simple, but useful, effects to make the game feel more alive.
    – How to incorporate a boss fight that returns periodically, but offers more of a challenge each time.
    – Great sites that give you free sounds and music to use in your own games.

    Gamemaker can be used to make apps and games for IOS and Android as well, as it’s a great platform to start learning on.


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