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  • ReactJS and Flux – Learn By Building 10 Projects

    Building apps are now easy with ReactJS and Flux. Learn React JS and Flux in this hands-on project-based tutorial.


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  • Google Cloud Mastery Bundle

    Here what you’ll learn in this bundle (20-Hours of Lessons in Total):

    Google DialogFlow For Chatbots

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    Build Voice-Aware Bots the Smart Way with DialogFlow

    Chatbots are designed to simulate human conversations with users; and from collecting feedback to providing customer support, they’re utilized in a number of different industries. While they might seem complicated, building them is actually much easier than you think with Dialogflow, Google’s conversational interface for bots, devices and applications. Dive into this course, and you’ll get up to speed with this streamlined tool.


    TensorFlow & The Google Cloud ML Engine For Deep Learning

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    Get a Comprehensive Look at the Tool Behind Today’s AI Breakthroughs

    From colorizing black-and-white images to automatically translating phrases in a foreign language, Deep Learning has paved the way for some pretty magical breakthroughs, and we have TensorFlow to thank for that. This course takes a beginner-friendly look at this tool and how it can be used to design, build, and train deep learning models. You’ll start by understanding the anatomy of a simple Tensorflow program. Next, you’ll move on to regression models and ultimately neural networks.


    Google Cloud Platform: Data Engineering Track

    Come to Grips with the Premier Platform for Machine Learning Applications

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    There are plenty of options out there for cloud computing, but the Google Cloud Platform is king for high-end machine learning applications. This course looks at how Google Cloud can be used for machine learning along with TensorFlow and Hadoop, taking you through neural networks, stream processing, and more. Your foray into the world of data engineering starts here.


    Google Cloud Platform: Cloud Architecture Track

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    Lead Companies to the Cloud as a Google-Certified Architect

    More companies are heading to the Cloud, which means demand is high for experts versed in this revolutionary technology. The Google Cloud Platform is quickly emerging as one of the premier tools in the industry, and this course will walk you through concepts and elements key to getting certified, particularly for Google’s Cloud Architect track.

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  • The Ultimate Backend Developer Bundle [98% OFF]

    What’s Included

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  • PressShack University WordPress Training: Lifetime Access

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    WordPress has become one of the most efficient and effective ways to host your own website, but its enormous range of features can be difficult to fully master. With lifetime access to PressShack, you can learn all the tricks of the WordPress trade with a continually growing library of courses taught by expert instructors. Treat your blog or website how you would like to be treated, and let PressShack show you how to do it.

    • Access a growing library of courses to become a complete WordPress expert
    • Learn the time-saving tools the pros use to keep their sites running safely & reliably
    • Master the world’s best plugins w/ training in a wide range of WordPress plugins like WooCommerce
    • Build, maintain, & update your websites more efficiently
    • Submit private questions & get answers fast from support staff

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  • Skillometer Online Academy: LIFETIME Membership

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    Skillometer takes the old mantra to “learn something new everyday” extremely literally as they continue to expand their course library constantly. With a lifetime membership to Skillometer, you can take your professional and personal education to another level as you join over 100,000 like-minded students in the advanced, interactive student portal. Take advantage of an online, classroom-based experience and the edufication program in which you receive a certificate for every course, thereby gaining demonstrable proof of your expertise in a subject.

    • Access hundreds of courses in IT, business & communication, marketing & sales, photography, video, music, freelancing, & health & fitness
    • Receive certificates for every course you complete that can help you in your career
    • Interact w/ other students in Skillometer’s student portal
    • Learn from industry leaders in their respective fields
    • Take newer courses as they are released – lifetime access grants you entry to future courses, too

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