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  • Double Switch – Buildbox Template


    DOUBLE SWITCH Game Template Android & iOS is a very challenge arcade game where you need to cross different enemy with coin collected.
    This game is very fun, because you can use another character with different level in single world in endless gameplay to play with. Enjoy the endless fun and the beautiful design and don’t forget to share your top score to beat your friends. So lets play this game.
    This game has been created with buildbox 2.3.1 (BBDOC file included)


    • Android Studio Project
    • IOS Xcode Project
    • Buildbox Project
    • Documentation
    • All Image Asset
    • All Music Asset

    #NOTE if missing some included file contact me via my profil pages



    • Back
    • Game Services
    • Info
    • Setting
    • Share
    • Shop
    • Play
    • Reset
    • Restore Purchase
    • Review
    • Sound Background
    • Sound Effects
    • Pause
    • Purchase $
    • URL (image logo on info)


    • Coins Shop
    • Created by
    • Music
    • Effects
    • Play
    • Remove Ads Purchase
    • Reset Setting
    • Restart
    • Resume

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  • Ebook Reader – iOS App Source Code


    Ebook reader is a fully featured reader for Epubs and PDFs. Ebook market is increasing day by day as most of the people converting to ebooks than physical books.  It is perfect solution for developers who are planning to build ebook reader. This app has all the features with beautiful user interface.
    You can use this application in two ways(Local and Server).
    1) Keep the cover images and epubs in the server. Add the base path into Settings file in the application. Fill the local json files which have included in the code with your content.(This option will work in case of less content).
    2) Just use web services to get the data in required format given in the json files.
    By just doing small setting in the app, any of the above two ways will work.


    • Features

    •    Simple UI (Inspired from Apple Designs)
    •    Open books with 3D Touch
    •    Epub Reader and PDF Reader
    •    Download books from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.
    •    Copy books from iTunes File Sharing feature
    •    Open books from other applications like Safari or Mail etc..
    •    Automatically convert the book price based on the country.(But as apple not allowing buying books with payment gateways other than Apple In App Purchase system, we have not included any payment gateway feature in this application).
    •    Search books from Spotlight
    •    Open currently reading book from Today Widgets
    •    Google Analytics
    •    Search

    Epub Reader features:
    •    Highlight the text in different styles.
    •    Add Notes for highlights.
    •    Listen to a book by just tapping a button at bottom right.
    •    Share selected text as images quotations.
    •    Change fonts and font size
    •    Day and Night mode
    •    Read in Vertical mode or horizontal mode
    •    Search

    PDF Reader features:
    •    Thumbnail slider
    •    Crop the page
    •    Adjust brigtness
    •    Search for a word
    •    Bookmark

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  • Dark Thief Game Character Sprites

    Dark Thief Game Character Sprites


    Best for adventure games, platformer, runner, stealth and more !

    List of animations:

    1. Attack Bow Shoot
    2. Attack Kick
    3. Attack Shuriken Throw
    4. Attack Smoke Grenade Throw
    5. Attack Sword
    6. Attack Sword Heavy
    7. Edge Balance
    8. Crouch Idle
    9. Crouch-to-Idle
    10. Death
    11. Disappear
    12. Exhausted
    13. Forward Roll
    14. Hang
    15. Hit From Behind
    16. Hurt
    17. Hurt Idle
    18. Idle
    19. Idle-to-Crouch
    20. Jump Fall
    21. Jump On Air
    22. Jump Start
    23. Jump Up
    24. Pull
    25. Push
    26. Run
    27. Slide A
    28. Slide B
    29. Slide Wall
    30. Surprise Moment
    31. Swap Smoke Grenade
    32. Swap Weapon Bow
    33. Swap Weapon Shuriken
    34. Swap Weapon Sword
    35. Walk
    36. Walk Angry
    37. Walk Sneak

    Not sure if this is the right asset for you?
    You can try out a free sample here

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  • Make Me jump – Buildbox Template

    Make Me jump - Buildbox Template


    Your favourite emojis have come to life in Emoji Jump! The brand new challenging and seriously addictive endless jumping game. Some have even called Emoji Jump the most addictive thing since Flappy Bird! We’ll let you decide!



    – This BuildBox Template Document (BBDOC)
    – iOS code
    – Android Code
    – Full reskin instructions
    – PNG files and sounds


    This Buildbox document is a fully-made game, ready to be re-skinned and shipped. It was built from scratch (you won’t find this as a preset inside of Buildbox!). It was tested and tweaked by me for quality assurance.

    Tested and working in BuildBox 2.0 – 2.9. Also included is the iOS and Android source code for your convenience.

    1. Original Game NOT a Template or Reskin
    • Universal game (Phone / Tablet)
    • Applovin Insterstitial / Video Ads
    • AdMob Banner
    • Endless Game
    • One tap controls
    • Social Sharing
    • Rate
    • Sound on / off
    • Leaderboard
    • FaceBook like button
    • Export to a number of devices in the iOS/Android family
    • Compatible with Buildbox versions 2.0 – 2.9

    Reskin services available from the animation/design team who built the app!


    The attached documentation with your purchase walks you through the reskinning process for Buildbox, step by step (with pictures).

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  • MobilePress – Material Design Mobile Template


    MobilePress is a mobile template created to develop Web Sites, Web App and Native App. With a very fluid layout, it suits to any type of mobile device. MobilePress is a mobile template that strictly follow the Material Design Guidelines.


    • Clean code
    • Easy to customize
    • Fully Responsive
    • Html version
    • Powered by jQuery
    • Material Design
    • Material Icons
    • CSS page transitions
    • Image filter
    • Fixed Topbar
    • 15+ pages

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  • Revo – Ionic Web UI Kit

    Revo - Ionic Web UI Kit


    Revo is a complete framework to help you get started with your mobile app project. It is based on Ionic 3 framework and AngularJS 4. We have included detailed docs to help you setup Ionic on your machine, setup the app and start developing. Everything is explained, and if you have any issues, our friendly team will support you at

    This collection is 100% responsive. Uses a grid system inspired by the Bootstrap one. No matter what you want to display,  the content will fit the screen nicely, you can try resizing the browser on our web demo.

    We have created custom functionality for multilevel side menu and parallax effects.

    It has everything you need to get it rolling,

    • Home page layouts
      • Full cover
      • App landing
      • Boxes
      • Business
      • Travel
      • Restaurant
      • Admin dashboard
      • Dark version
    • General pages
      • About us
      • Contact us
      • Login
      • Register
      • Lock
      • RTL
      • Blank
    • WordPress API – Blog list and single page
    • Woocommerce API – Shop list and single page
    • Elements
      • Buttons
      • Grid
      • Forms
      • Feature boxes
      • Titles
      • Sliders
      • Tabs
      • Chips
    • Blocks
      • Cards
      • Testimonials
      • Lists
    • Functions
      • Toast messages
      • Action sheet
      • Loading
      • Gestures
      • Popup boxes
      • Search list
    • Native functions
      • App rate
      • Fullscreen
      • App icon badge
      • Local notifications
      • Social sharing
      • Camera preview – Augmented Reality
      • Text to speech

    Native functions can be tested only in the app, not the web version.


    • Modern design
    • Responsive, works for mobile and web too. Build an unique app or a website.
    • Animations (Animate.css)
    • Multilevel side menu
    • Sliding and reorder list items
    • WordPress API
    • Woocommerce API
    • Infinite scroll
    • Custom handmade parallax effect
    • Custom handmade popup info boxes

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  • CryptoZilla Pro: Lifetime Subscription [98% OFF]


    No need to endlessly switch between market tabs and windows when you’re trading with CryptoZilla. Made by traders, for traders, CryptoZilla is the hassle-free solution for managing your open cryptocurrency trades on different exchanges in a single secure interface. You can monitor the performance of different cryptocurrencies on multiple markets, exit and re-enter the markets with a single click, and enhance your day trading with stop losses, trailing stop orders, one cancel other orders, and other handy features. Plus, since CryptoZilla is based on your desktop, you don’t have deal with the security, downtime, and lagging issues common with Web apps.

    • Stay connected to multiple exchanges from one place w/ mutli-exchange support
    • Monitor the performance of various cryptocurrencies on different exchanges
    • Manage your investments & open positions on different exchanges w/ a single click
    • Exit & re-enter the markets w/ a single click using the Panic Room feature
    • Carry out your day trading w/ stop losses, trailing stop orders, one cancel other orders & more

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  • 2 Buildbox Templates Bundles


    Cali Animation would like to give back to this amazing community! Want to make game development easier? These two games ‘8-Bit Space Shooter’ and ‘360 smash’ are extremely cheap!


    • 8-Bit Space Shooter and Bubble Protect (Isometric & Regular included) Buildbox Template Files (.BBDOC)
    • Xcode Projects for iOS (Extracted from BBDOC)
    • Android Projects (Extracted from BBDOC)
    • All the artwork (PNG) – You can publish the game with the existing graphics if you like.
    • Instructions (Email for zip file)
    • ALL mp3 game music & sounds
    • Icons

    These were built from scratch in Buildbox and tested by the Cali Animation team to ensure the highest quality. We spent countless hours to bring you this bundle, however these games are not finished; which means there is major development needed. All sales are final, but we are here to help

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  • PHP Easy Lock – Password protect PHP Script

    PHP Easy Lock - Password protect PHP Script



    Ever wanted to block the access of users on a certain page, but didn’t find a good code for that? Well this is it! All you need is inside one file, and is being run from one single line of code…


    • No installation, no configuration, no database needed
    • Everything is inside a single file
    • Very easy to use. For basic usage you only need 1 line of code
    • Fully Responsive and brand new design. Works perfect on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops
    • 3 skins( + other 4 that come as a bonus) to choose from
    • For higher functional demands, there are lots of options, like sha512 encryption, IP blocking, limiting number of attempts etc.
    • Running very fast ~0.006 seconds (6 milliseconds)
    • Remember me option – will set an encoded cookie to keep the user logged in

    Few screenshots

    Skins 3 on wide screen

    Skins 5 and 7 on tab and on mobile

    Skins 2 and 3 on mobile

    Skins 4 and 5 on mobile

    Skins 1 and 6 on mobile

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