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  • My Fashion Ionic Theme


    Elegant theme for Clothes shopping using Ionic 3 , Angular 4 ,Typescript

    • Login
    • Registration
    • Home
    • List
    • Details
    • Side Menu
    • Shopping Cart
    • Filter
    • Profile(likes,notfication)
    • Settings


    • complete ,clear,Simple design.
    • Responsive app. so it fits to all devices
    • the app using Ionic 3 , Angular 4, Cordova ,Typescript,Flat design
    • Changeable color using Sass variables
    • Can be used and tested for both IOS and Android mobile.
    • Animation availability
    • Free for life Updates
    • Readme file included with how to use the theme steps to follow
    • 10+ complete screens and components

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  • Cave – Buildbox Template

    Cave - Buildbox Template


    Easy to learn, hard to master. Collect the diamond to advance to the next cave. Carefully plan your move because you never know what’s within these dark places. This game will test patience and pin-point-precision. With good marketing, it has a great chance to become viral.


    • The Cave Buildbox Template File (.BBDOC)
    • Xcode Project for iOS (Extracted from BBDOC)
    • Android Project (Extracted from BBDOC)
    • All the artwork (PNG) – You can publish the game with the existing graphics if you like.
    • Instructions (Email for Zip file)
    • ALL mp3 game music & sounds
    • Icon

    Cave was built from scratch in Buildbox and tested by the Cali Animation team to ensure the highest quality. At Cali Animation, we design and develop the apps of the future. By combining the latest tools, creativity, and knowledge, we produce apps that get featured on the App Stores and are loved by the users.
    Got a question? We’re here to help! You’ll get your answer within 24 hours.

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  • Double Switch – Buildbox Template


    DOUBLE SWITCH Game Template Android & iOS is a very challenge arcade game where you need to cross different enemy with coin collected.
    This game is very fun, because you can use another character with different level in single world in endless gameplay to play with. Enjoy the endless fun and the beautiful design and don’t forget to share your top score to beat your friends. So lets play this game.
    This game has been created with buildbox 2.3.1 (BBDOC file included)


    • Android Studio Project
    • IOS Xcode Project
    • Buildbox Project
    • Documentation
    • All Image Asset
    • All Music Asset

    #NOTE if missing some included file contact me via my profil pages



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    • Setting
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    • Shop
    • Play
    • Reset
    • Restore Purchase
    • Review
    • Sound Background
    • Sound Effects
    • Pause
    • Purchase $
    • URL (image logo on info)


    • Coins Shop
    • Created by
    • Music
    • Effects
    • Play
    • Remove Ads Purchase
    • Reset Setting
    • Restart
    • Resume

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  • Get an extra 5% off on every fitness product at Ohio Fitness Garage

    Exclusively for our readers, This is the perfect chance for shoppers around the world to save a lot on fitness equipment for strength, cardio training and all-in-one home gyms. when you enter our coupon code you will get an extra 5% off on every fitness product. Our brand stays committed to serving the best shopping deals of the year, so get ready to save more in 2018 and ahead!


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  • Udemy – Job Interview Preparation – Job Interview Preparation Course. [80% FREE]

    Job interview Tips and Tricks for Jobseekers. Find out what to wear to job interview, what not to say in a job interview, how to make an impression in an interview, how do you sell yourself in a job interview and how to act during an interview. Useful tips for job interview preparation to help you improve your interview techniques. Interview preparation questions and best answers to give in an interview.

    The interview is one of the fundamental elements of the job search process. Knowing how to nail a job interview is a skill. As with any other skill, thourough job interview preparation is the key to do well in your interview and that dream job.

    At the end of this Job Interview Preparation course, you will know how to prepare for a job interview in English properly and you will have all the keys to a successful job interview. You will be familiar with common types of job interview questions:

    how do you like to be managed

    what are your strengths and weaknesses

    what skills can you bring to the job

    why should we hire you

    what can you tell me about yourself

    You will know the best possible answers to give as well as the questions you should ask your potential employer. We will also go through common interview mistakes and nuances of the job interview over the phone or Skype.

    Job Interview Preparation course will be particularly useful for Non-native English Speakers preparing for a job interview in English.

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    Want to have leadership extraordinary skills? 100% FREE

    In this course, you’ll master 4 stages leadership coaching program to be an exceptional leader
    • How to transform your team and yourself to give the best outstanding performance.
    • Why and How to be an A+ emotional intelligent leader? Who is aware, can regulate, lead and motivate for outstanding success.
    • How to be a super convincer, who can touch, convince and influence anyone especially his team, to achieve his vision.
    • Proven success strategies that will give you huge distinction.
    •This is a sample of the top contents you’ll master by the end of this leadership coaching program
    -The #1 tool proved to transform an ordinary BOSS to be an exceptional leader who leads his team to great success? And how to do that step by step?
    – How to convince and transform resistant employees into loyal team members eager to do their best.
    – How to build a trust relationship with your team in the PROVEN easiest way?.
    – How to let yourself and your team to execute the big vision effortlessly?
    – How to be an A+ emotional intelligent leader. Because emotional intelligence PROVED to be, number 1 reason to give extraordinary results and success whatever the stress around
    – The simple way PROVED to create best successful mentality inside your team members.
    – what is the # 1 PROVEN REASON for people to trust you? And how to train yourself on it step by step?
    – Train yourself on how to bypass any emotional resistance of your team with a PROVEN mental hack!
    – How to make a strong impression every time you talk to them with a PROVEN way?
    – Best way to deal with failures.
    – How to use stress in an innovative way to increase your success?
    – How to lead your people to welcome change not resisting it?
    -PROVEN ways to increase creativity in your team.

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  • Dark Thief Game Character Sprites

    Dark Thief Game Character Sprites


    Best for adventure games, platformer, runner, stealth and more !

    List of animations:

    1. Attack Bow Shoot
    2. Attack Kick
    3. Attack Shuriken Throw
    4. Attack Smoke Grenade Throw
    5. Attack Sword
    6. Attack Sword Heavy
    7. Edge Balance
    8. Crouch Idle
    9. Crouch-to-Idle
    10. Death
    11. Disappear
    12. Exhausted
    13. Forward Roll
    14. Hang
    15. Hit From Behind
    16. Hurt
    17. Hurt Idle
    18. Idle
    19. Idle-to-Crouch
    20. Jump Fall
    21. Jump On Air
    22. Jump Start
    23. Jump Up
    24. Pull
    25. Push
    26. Run
    27. Slide A
    28. Slide B
    29. Slide Wall
    30. Surprise Moment
    31. Swap Smoke Grenade
    32. Swap Weapon Bow
    33. Swap Weapon Shuriken
    34. Swap Weapon Sword
    35. Walk
    36. Walk Angry
    37. Walk Sneak

    Not sure if this is the right asset for you?
    You can try out a free sample here

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  • Recipe – Android Studio App UI Kit [100% OFF]

    Recipe - Android Studio App UI Kit


    The recipe is a food social media mobile template app for restaurants and food bloggers. The template is user-friendly and easy to use. It allows you explore new recipes, creates your own recipes and allows people to comment, follow etc


    • Splash Screen
    • Sign Up Page
    • Login Page
    • Dashboard
    • My Recipe page
    • Explore page (for food blogging)
    • Settings Page
    • Extra three (3) free pages
    • APK Included
    • Documentation


    • Android Studio
    • Gradle 3.0 and above

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