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  • IconApp: LIFETIME Subscription

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    IconApp gives you access to a huge, easily searchable database of over 12,000 icons that gives you ultimate organizational power over your icons so you can use them in all of your projects seamlessly. Absolutely no code or design experience is needed – just browse, collect, and download icons to bring directly into your projects. Simplicity is the goal, and with IconApp, the busy work of any design project is completely handled.

    • Browse, collect, & manage your icons in a single simple interface
    • Set up a webfont for your project in less than a minute
    • Customize your own colors to create new & unique icons for each of your different projects
    • Generate PNGs, SVGs, & other formats in any size & color you wish
    • Get content delivered at an incredibly high speed

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  • Projects in jQuery Mobile: Learn by building Real World Apps

    Building native apps from scratch requires learning and mastering multiple languages such as Java, Swift, XCode, etc. Once, you complete learning these languages, you then have to understand how you can integrate other functions and features to build actual web apps from scratch.

    Well, what if I told you that you can build native apps from scratch without learning any of these languages, but just using your knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery? Well, now you can with the help of jQuery Mobile and this course.

    jQuery is a subset of jQuery, a JavaScript library that is designed to simplify the process of writing codes for websites. JQuery Mobile allows developers to perform the same functionalities for mobile apps. JQuery Mobile allows developers to write cross-platform apps using JavaScript.

    Apps built on jQuery Mobile can be deployed and published on multiple OSes and are compatible with numerous platforms. Now, you can get on board with one of the hottest app development platform with the help of this course!


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  • Plusprinters is an offset and digital printing company which has opened new passes and domains for custom boxes. Providing an excellent quality of personalized packages with customizable designs. We offer an effective solution to every printing problem of yours with extremely reasonable and affordable pricing.

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  • Ionic 3 Makeup Booking Service – Firebase Admin


    Ionic 3 Makeup Booking Service – Firebase Admin is a full and complete mobile application built with ionic 3 framework, Angular 5 and Firebase. The application consist of Customer Frontend and Admin backend dashboard.

    The application display makeup services and makeup products which user can browse and book appointment or order for product.It also include three payment method, Paypal payment, Bitcoin payment and cash on delivery.

    The Admin Dashboard is used to manage services, bookings, Orders, products and users.The application is built for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.




    • Booking Service
    • Products catalog and categories
    • PayPal payment
    • Bitcoin payment
    • Cash on Delivery
    • Login/Signup Firebase Authentication
    • Manage User Account
    • Multi Language
    • Customer Agent
    • Orders History
    • Booking History
    • Gallery image
    • Youtube Channel
    • Blog post and comment
    • Lazy Loading
    • Shopping cart
    • Settings
    • Side Menu
    • Profile
    • Screen Orientation
    • Can be used and tested for both IOS and Android mobile.
    • Documentation for installation
    • Push Notifications
    • Social Sharing
    • Google map API
    • complete ,clear,Simple design.
    • Responsive app. so it fits to all devices
    • Network information
    • Rate App
    • Manage Products
    • Manage Services
    • Manage Bookings
    • Manage Orders
    • Manage Categories
    • Manage Blog
    • Manage users
    • Admin Login/Signup


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  • VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription

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    Internet threats are a real thing – and surfing the Web on a public connection can result in your personal data falling into the wrong hands. This deal offers you a lifetime of protection so you can explore the Internet worry-free. With the Smart DNS component, you can even bypass those annoying geographical restrictions that block Hulu, and more abroad. Plus, unlike other VPN services that claim to not log your activity, VPNSecure proudly assures that ZERO logs are recorded. Get VPNSecure, and you’ll get a cross-platform VPN service you can trust.

    • Allows you to bypass geolocation blocks on your favorite streaming networks
    • Encrypts your traffic so hackers can’t access your data
    • Hides your location & IP address
    • Supports torrents
    • Allows you to connect five devices simultaneously
    • Grants you the ability to choose Data Cipher
    • Uses Stealth VPN to render your VPN traffic unrecognizable
    • Delivers unlimited bandwidth
    • Does not keep any logs of your activity
    • Includes servers in 46+ countries & counting
    • Protects against DNS leak fixes, kill switches & more

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  • MobilePress – Material Design Mobile Template


    MobilePress is a mobile template created to develop Web Sites, Web App and Native App. With a very fluid layout, it suits to any type of mobile device. MobilePress is a mobile template that strictly follow the Material Design Guidelines.


    • Clean code
    • Easy to customize
    • Fully Responsive
    • Html version
    • Powered by jQuery
    • Material Design
    • Material Icons
    • CSS page transitions
    • Image filter
    • Fixed Topbar
    • 15+ pages

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  • Learn and Understand React and Redux