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  • Become a Permutations and Combinations Master


    This course deals with concepts required for the study of Probability and Statistics. Statistics is a branch of science that is an outgrowth of the Theory of Probability. Permutations and Combinations are used in both Statistics and Probability ; and they in turn involve operations with factorial notation.
    This 50+ lecture course includes video explanations of everything from Permutations and Combinations, and it includes more than 60+ examples (with detailed solutions) to help you test your understanding along the way. Become a Permutations and Combinations Master is organized into the following sections:

    Fundamental Principle of Counting
    Permutations including Circular Permutations
    Application to Number Theory
    Division into Groups
    Arrangements in Groups
    Multinomial Theorem
    Number of Rectangles and Squares
    Exponent of Prime p in n!
    Important Results to remember

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  • Xbox Live Gold: 3-Month Subscription

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    It’s time to unleash the full power of your Xbox! With amazing online multiplayer functionality, you’ll battle top players from around the world in Call of DutyHalo, and much more. If that’s not reason enough to pull the trigger, the subscription also delivers an epic monthly collection of free games. Topped off with exclusive discounts (even up to 75% off), this membership pays for itself on day one.

    • Free games (up to $700-worth per year)
    • Exclusive discounts & deals
    • Online multiplayer & matchmaking
    • Player-powered reputation system for the best possible experience
    • Multiplayer network powered by over 300,000 servers
    • Advanced network helps eliminate lag & cheating

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  • BullGuard Premium Protection 2018

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    VPNs, anti-malware, firewalls… There are so many cybersecurity solutions out there it can be difficult to figure out exactly what your home needs. BullGuard Premium Protection addresses that complication by providing it all in one comprehensive program. This fully loaded software includes a home network scanner, identity protection, next-gen anti-malware, firewall, vulnerability scanner, and even a game booster to totally protect your family and enhance your home network.

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    • Home network scanner proactively assesses your network & every device on it 24/7 — even smart home devices
    • Identity Protection scans the web for your usernames, email & postal addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, passwords, and anything else you provide to ensure they aren’t exploited by hackers
    • Anti-malware gives you intelligent triple layer protection
    • New firewall provides added layers of heavy-duty protection against malware & intruders while using less CPU power
    • Vulnerability scanner blocks access points hackers like to exploit automatically
    • Game Booster optimizes your CPU performance while blocking pop-ups & other annoying interruptions for a premium gaming experience

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  • The Best OCASE Waterproof Phone Case

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  • Forex Supreme Robot [50% OFF]

    Allow me to introduce my latest and best Forex software created to help you make money through Forex faster, totally automated, working 24 hours a day, trading as you relax or rest. It is designed mainly for FX aficionados who have at least basic knowledge about Forex and have been trading already. Of course those who never traded before can buy it and with some instructions, use it perfectly as well.

    There are some Forex trading Robots on the market – they usually sell for $100-$200 – and you will see them advertised all over the net nowadays. However, most automated Forex systems still lose money since there are many unpredictable market conditions that the authors of the program didn’t foresee. It is similar to a programmed computer “chess player” that usually loses when playing a professional human chess player.

    However, a Forex trading Robot has one big advantage. A ROBOT NEVER GETS TIRED. It can “run” 24 hours a day. And, doesn’t “gamble”. And doesn’t get emotional. Never gets excited when it makes big trades, or annoyed when it makes small trades or loses! With a good system, let the Robot do the “manual” work.

    Systems that always make money – regardless the ups and downs of currencies, conditions and market fluctuations, are called “Holy Grails”. Easy to fantasize about, hard to get one that in fact does this and brings you the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. So don’t be misled by all the “hype” you hear. Most systems are not Holy Grails and for even the trader with great experience and finesse, there is always lurking the “risk factor”!

    My “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” is designed to remove the “risk factor”, the fear of losing and the fact of losing. Stay relaxed. Use the “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” on your platform and lie on the bed and watch a movie. Or lie on the beach and read a book and log in to see how your “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” is accruing you trade profits.

    In Forex terminology the method which the “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” uses is called “scalping”. It’s 100% legal, and and often used by experienced traders to make money by taking a few pips profit at a time.

    My scalping method allows mainly profitable trades to be open since the Robot “knows” the direction of the price movements within the next few seconds. The question is only “how much” it makes. Sometimes only 1 or 2 pips.

    But occasionally even 10 or 20 pips in just 1-10 up to 60 seconds. So watch the trades carefully, since you might even not notice them! So fast is the “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT”. “To read more, click here…”

    Very good Question! Why should you buy my EA, and not the other ones, much cheaper?

    Consider this:

    Most EAs are based on indicators, time-frames, trends, etc. which are very unreliable, it’s pure guessing, that’s why most of them lose.

    “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” compares prices in real-time and knows the price movements within the next few seconds. So it doesn’t need to guess, it knows the price before it opens the trade.

    Most EAs have very low Take Profit and very high Stop Loss. “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” has very high Take Profit and very low Stop Loss.

    Most EAs keep trades open for a long time, a few hours or days hoping the price will go in their favor, but it usually doesn’t. “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” keeps the orders open usually for 5-30 seconds and closes them with profits. It doesn’t hope, it knows.

    Most EAs require high deposit of $5,000 or more and bust it sooner or later. With the “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT” you can start as low as $47 and grow your profits parabolically; see the accounts on the website.

    So you can get a cheap EA for $47, deposit $5,000 and lose almost everything, or you can buy the “FOREX SUPREME ROBOT”, deposit $100 or $250 and make much money very fast. The choice is yours!

    You go with the crowd, you lose like the crowd!


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  • How To Make An Android App Without Knowing Development

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