Brain-friendly reading – Understand 300 books per year

Brain-friendly reading - Understand 300 books per year
Don´t read like you learned in school – learn and practice the efficient german Speed-Reading techniques of the geniuses

I don´t understand the text. I should read it faster.

Sounds strange? This sentence will be completely normal to you after this course.

What makes this course unique?

  • Compression of content – you will learn the techniques that will help you as quickly as possible
  • Permanent Practice – Each technique is practiced interactively immediately after its introduction
  • Specially adapted reading texts to determine your reading speed and your understanding of the text

Why this course exists

No matter what area of expertise you want to be successful in, the ability to absorb information like a sponge is incredibly valuable. When I accompany people on their way to success, there is usually a first step: to awaken or strengthen the joy of learning and reading again.

As a result, the concept of speed reading has been improved a little bit with each time. It was important not just to cram the course full, but also to ensure that the course time remains as short as possible, but that knowledge continues to increase.

This course is the product of 6 years of continuous development. The aim was to teach people how to speed reading as simply as possible in the shortest possible time.

Advantages for you

  • It is possible to double the reading speed after the first half of the course
  • After the course, 10 times the speed of absorbing knowledge is feasible
  • Can you complete an entire degree in half the time? Absolutely doable. Everyone who has done this so far has used fast reading techniques
  • One non-fiction book a day? No problem!

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