Beginner Cyber Security Weaknesses & Protection For Your PC

Beginner Cyber Security Weaknesses & Protection For Your PC
Home Office Cyber Security For Personal Users & Small Business Owners

Learn how to protect your computer from getting hacked! (Useful for small offices too)

Are you an entrepreneur wanting to protect your startup?

A personal user wanting to protect your home and family from cyber security threats?

Have you got flexible working and allowed to work from home some days?

Then this course can help you!

You’ll learn:

  • The main vulnerabilities of a home or small office – including what to look for and how to combat them
  • Understand cyber security threats and what they look like at home
  • How you can make sure you’re GDPR compliant at home!
  • How to protect yourself in the event of a breach

Using easy walkthrough videos, face tutorials, and presentation videos I’ll share everything you need to know about home office cyber security and how to protect yourself from getting hacked!

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