• Udemy – CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Prep [100% off]

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    CAPM: Certified Associate in Project Management Exam Prep

    PMI (Project Management Institute) CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) 2017

    The Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK that is required for the CAPM or Certified Associate in Project Management exam. CAPM is a well-known certificate and a beginner level in project management and in particular for any project team members such as technical, engineers, testers… CAPM covers the following Knowledge Areas: Project Integration Management, Project Scope Management, Project Time Management, Project Cost Management, Project Quality Management, Project Human Resource Management, Project Communications Management, Project Risk Management, Project Procurement Management, and Project Stakeholder Management. While, PMBOK covers the following process groups: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing.

    Exam Facts

    • 135 scored questions.
    • 15 unscored questions.
    • Multiple-choice questions
    • 3 hours length.

    Exam Pre-requisite

    • A high school secondary diploma, or global equivalent.
    • 1500 hours of work on a project team, or 23 hours of formal project management education.
    • Project management education not required. You only need to practice on exam questions (this course)


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  • Udemy – Bug Bounty : Web Hacking [100% off]

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    Bug Bounty : Web Hacking

    In this course you will learn how to hack facebook, google, paypal  type of  web application, you will not just learn
    hacking them, you will even learn how to earn from hacking them and its all 100% legal, Earning by hacking legally is
    known as bug bounty program, 250+ companies have bug bounty program, Facebook paid 5 million to hackers,
    Google paid over $6 million and many others do pay. One earns millions to 100,000$/month, so basically bug bounty program is where hackers get paid for hacking and disclosing bugs to parent company, if you want to earn by hacking means this course is for you, this course will help you to get started in bug bounty program.
    what all instructor have covered in this course:
    first tools: Burp Suite, Browser Plugins, Lots of software in Kali Linux OS
    after that all types of vulnerability: SQL, XSS, CSRF injection and many more
    then finally methodology of doing bug bounty
    so that’s all in this course this much is enough to learn to begin with bug bounty
    if you want to be one among those ethical hackers then enroll into my course “Bug Bounty: Web hacking”  now!


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  • IconApp: LIFETIME Subscription

    Product 13633 product shots1 image

    IconApp gives you access to a huge, easily searchable database of over 12,000 icons that gives you ultimate organizational power over your icons so you can use them in all of your projects seamlessly. Absolutely no code or design experience is needed – just browse, collect, and download icons to bring directly into your projects. Simplicity is the goal, and with IconApp, the busy work of any design project is completely handled.

    • Browse, collect, & manage your icons in a single simple interface
    • Set up a webfont for your project in less than a minute
    • Customize your own colors to create new & unique icons for each of your different projects
    • Generate PNGs, SVGs, & other formats in any size & color you wish
    • Get content delivered at an incredibly high speed

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  • Udemy – Ultimate Creature Design and Concept Course [100% OFF]

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    Ultimate Creature Design and Concept Course

    Join the course and begin designing creatures today!

    Do you want to learn how to design creatures for game and film like an industry pro? Or maybe you’re on a quest to start making money as concept artist? In any case you’ve come to the right place.

    The ‘Ultimate Creature Design Course’ will show you how to create interesting and believable creatures that will stand up as professional work. The techniques taught in this course can be translated into any program from Photoshop to Manga Studio to paper and pencil. This course will enhance or give you skills in the world of creature design – or your money back!

    The course is your track to building a solid portfolio of creature designs and concept art! Whether for your own content or for other peoples projects.

    This course will take you from having little knowledge in designing creatures to creating professional concept art in as little as one week.

    So what else is in it for you?

    You’ll be taken from basic animal anatomy to believable and original creatures, from beginner to expert

    You’ll gain instant access to all of the course. You’ll also gain access to all of my files I create though out the course for you to use how ever you like. These assets can be used to study and trace over or as inspiration and reference for your own paintings.

    The course is setup to quickly take you through step by step, the process of creating interesting creature designs. It will equip you with the knowledge to create stunning images and concept art!

    This all comes under one convenient easy to use platform. Plus you will get fast, friendly, responsive support on the Udemy Q&A section of the course or direct message.

    I will be here for you every step of the way!


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  • Udemy – CPA Marketing A-Z: CPA Secret Formulas Revealed [100% OFF]

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    CPA Marketing A-Z: CPA Secret Formulas Revealed

    UPDATE: This course is completely updated and current through 2017.

    PLEASE NOTE: The price for this course will be going up in April 2017!

    So get in now at this lowest price possible (allowed on Udemy platform).

    Over 2500 students have joined this course… so thank you to each and

    every one of them! Do not miss out, join them today!



    As a member you have full access to this crash course on creating highly profitable CPA Campaigns.  

    The CPA Secret Formulas Revealed Course consists of 3 modules: 


    Module 1: CPA Quickstart 

    In this module you’ll learn everything you need to now to get started right now to make money with CPA marketing.  We’ll start by giving you several reasons why you should try CPA if you haven’t already and we’ll give you a list of some of the most popular networks.

    CPA networks are sometimes difficult to get accepted to, and in this module you’ll learn some cool strategies to make sure you’re accepted immediately after applying.

    Finally, we’ll walk you through how to pick profitable CPA offers.  Most people spend too much time on this part of the process; we’ll show you how to quickly find your big money makers – right from the start!

    Module 2: CPA Online Methods

    In this module you’ll learn about 3 of the best methods we’ve found for generating profits with CPA on the internet.

    You’ll learn a neat trick to make sure people click on your links as well as how to leverage existing websites to swipe traffic and watch the money roll in.

    Online is the first place you should start with your campaigns; once you’ve mastered these CPA secrets, it’s time to move offline…

    Module 3: CPA Offline Methods 

    In this module you’ll learn ninja tactics to making massive profits with CPA right in your backyard!

    First you’ll learn three of our favorite methods to leveraging CPA traffic in your city that other people are paying for.

    And if you’re looking to do CPA full time, we’ll show you in a special bonus video how to take to the streets and take your CPA domination to a whole nother level.

    We’ve only included what we think are the most important factors in generating massive profits with your CPA campaigns…

    We hope you get a lot of value from this course and as always we’d love to hear your feedback!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/cpa-marketing-a-z/?couponCode=free4blackhat




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  • Polaroid University: 5-Yr Subscription

    4258b83c0c5ad2f090d11f56ed9b1a65a2cbeef9 main hero image

    Packed with hours of professional-led, professionally-produced videos for smartphone photographers, covering dozens of topics, Polaroid University offers you the power to master smartphone photography. After all, your smartphone is probably your most commonly used camera, and the easiest way to document your life on Insta. Whether you use iPhone or Android, Polaroid University has a logical learning track for you.

    5c8cdfbc0bdc216b3274f6484d3c835e798f1ca4 main hero image

    • Access the entire Polaroid University library for 5 years
    • Learn how to use your smartphone camera to its fullest from professional photographers
    • Choose between iPhone or Android or learn how to photograph w/ both
    • Explore fundamentals right through to advanced topics
    • Understand how to use gridlines, slow motion, time lapse, panoramas, lock focus, & more pro tips
    • Stream videos to all your devices easily


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  • Udemy – Camera RAW: The 10-Step System for Retouching Photos [100% off]

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    Bug Bounty : Web Hacking

    Knowing how to retouch photos can get a little too much for a lot of photographers. Photoshop has so many tools and it takes so much time to learn about all of them. Instead, I teach you only 10 things that if you apply to your photos, they will really stand out.

    No more worrying about what each of the tool in Photoshop does. No more spending hours on each of your photos. All you need to know is 10 things within the Adobe Camera RAW plugin and you’re set.

    It takes less than a few minutes to apply all the 10 steps once you’ve mastered them, which will make your retouching a whole lot faster and you won’t sweat when you have to work on hundreds of photos from a shoot.

    If you want to know what that 10-step process is, dive right in.


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  • Build 30 Mini Virtual Reality Games in Unity 3D From Scratch



    The next gaming frontier is in virtual reality and the time to learn how to build for this exciting platform is now. This massive course is your jumping off point for building full-functioning virtual reality games completely from scratch using the popular gaming engine, Unity 3D. You’ll go from absolutely no knowledge to building 30 mini mobile VR games. Soon enough, you’ll be able to put yourself in the elite, well-paid ranks of VR developers.

    • Access 207 lectures & 77 hours of content 24/7
    • Learn the process of coding a game in Unity
    • Create all the artistic elements you will need to complete a game using Blender
    • Integrate art from Blender into Unity 3D
    • Build real VR games from scratch

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  • Udemy – MBA Admissions Strategy: A step by step guide for success [100% off]

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    MBA Admissions Strategy: A step by step guide for success

    This course provides a complete overview on the most ideal approach to get into business schools, Coming from the experts of Coll mission, this course, allows you to learn everything that you have to know in order to get into a top MBA program, it includes the answers to your questions, like:

    • How to inquire about and select your schools?
    • The ways in which you can market yourself
    • The ways of writing compelling essays to convince the admissions officers
    • The ways of writing an optional essay
    • How to prepare your B-School application resume?
    • Time Management for entire application life cycle ?
    • Waitlist management


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  • Painting Portraits-Watercolor Course

    This is a portrait painting course that will help you to obtain useful pieces of information on:
    • Colors that should be used to define skin tone
    • Painting the eyes and eye sparkle in a realistic way
    • Painting the hair combining watercolor pencils and watercolors
    • Adjustment of background color in order to fit with skin tone
    and so much more….

    £ 18 OFF

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