Advance IT Troubleshooting for Desktop Support Professional

Advance IT Troubleshooting for Desktop Support Professional
Learn advance IT troubleshooting skills and get growth in your Desktop support or IT technical support job.

You’ll learn advance IT troubleshooting skills in this course.

You’ll be able to proof yourself by learning advance troubleshooting knowledge while working as Desktop support Professional, technical support or system administrator.

  • We’ll create a virtual PC where you can practice without worry because changes make on virtual PC will not affect your main physical system.
  • I hope you’ve basic knowledge of Windows 10, Active Directory Domain, PowerShell and have a system for practice.

You’ll learn below sections and this course will keep get updated with new troubleshooting solutions.

Prepare Virtual Test-lab

· Install Hyper-V on Local System

· Create Virtual Machine (VM)

· Download Free Evaluation OS Image

· Hyper-V Interface Overview

Installing Windows

· Installing Windows 10

· Make USB Bootable with GUI Tool

· Make USB Bootable with Command (CLI Tool)

· Access Boot Menu

Troubleshooting without Reboot

· Fix stuck Windows service

· Fix Not Responding Application or Desktop

· Logoff Another User Manually

· Logoff user Remotely through PowerShell

Active Directory Setup (Optional)

· Create Virtual Machine for Server 2019

· Install Windows Server 2019

· Rename System Name

· Server Manager Introduction

· Install Active Directory Role

· Promote Active Directory Domain Controller

· Set Static IP Address

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