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  • Udemy – Your Kid will love Math-Teach Vedic addition and subtraction [100% off]

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    Your Kid will love Math-Teach Vedic addition and subtraction

    Course Description

    Why should YOU take this course?

    1. You will learn the brain friendly techniques about basic mathematical operation like addition and subtraction.
    2. The discussed techniques are very useful for kids to help them engage in the math-learning process.
    3. The Vedic Mathematics techniques discussed in this course will make the process of addition and subtraction engaging, time effective and 100% accurate. You will surely love mathematics and can prepare cool math games for kids or math riddles for kids.
    4. You will have lifetime access to 17+ video lectures and all your queries/doubts will get a detail answer, if required with an additional video tutorial also!!
    5. Application developers can use this math tricks for kids and develop a math apps for kids.

    What is covered in this course?

    In this course we will take a close and detail look at Addition, Subtraction and answer cross-checking techniques offered by Vedic Mathematics and various math brain teasers with answers. Each lecture clearly describes the technique and its application as well as coupled with Quiz/Practice exercise. It’s a complete workshop having learn-practice-revise model and you can consider these math videos as cool math games online.

    If you are looking for cool math games a-z or cool math games run or even math games for kids then this course will provide a lot of ideas and procedures. Considering math in everyday life, this course will reveal math facts in a flash and math on the spot techniques. If your kid/student has just started with mathematics or he/she have math phobia then this is the perfect course for you.

    The duration of the complete course is around 1 hour. Along with Quiz and Practice exercise it may take around 1 hours and 30 minutes.

    Take this interesting Vedic Math’s Tricks course now and master how to subtract big numbers within seconds and with high accuracy. At the end of this course, you will love mathematics, love to experiment with numbers.

    You can get a full refund within 30 days and no question asked, if you didn’t like the course.

    So, what are you waiting for? Enrol now and discover the brain friendly methods of Vedic Math!!!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/your-kid-will-love-math-teach-vedic-addition-and-subtraction/?couponCode=DONTMISSIT



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  • Udemy – Learn HTML CSS creating a single page website [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Explore how modern single page websites are made.

    Learn about using HTML, CSS and jQuery together to develop a website from scratch.  Build a single page website within this course, everything is included.  Straight forward real world web design training form an instructor with over 16 years of web development experience.

    Building websites is easier than you think.  This course will take you step by step about website building, teaching you the core concepts on how to design and develop a website completely from scratch.

    Web design plan in 5 easy steps.

    1. Plan the design of what you want your site to look like
    2. add HTML creating the structure
    3. add CSS make it look great and responsive
    4. make it dynamic with jQuery
    5. tweak and update as needed.

    Everything is included to get you started quickly.  Top resources, source code and links to applications used within the course.  HD quality video.

    • experience how to build a website from start to finish
    • find out about resources used within this course
    • learn how to wire-frame and create a website outline
    • familiarise yourself with how to setup HTML to prepare for styling
    • explore options for development with dummy data and placeholder images
    • Basic of CSS for your template
    • create a sticky footer
    • learn how to create and add a navigation bar
    • Background explained, how to cover sections with backgrounds
    • How to tweak the CSS
    • Learn how to make it dynamic and interactive
    • Animate the scroll process
    • Google fonts, social icons and more

    I’m here to help you learn how to make websites, and ready to answer any questions you may have.  Let’s being creating a single page website from scratch!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/learn-html-css-creating-a-single-page-website/?couponCode=BONUSCOURSE




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  • Udemy – Learn Python and Django: Payment Processing [100% off]

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    Course Description

    *** September 2016: Fully updated to work with the latest version of Django ***

    Take this course to gain the skills you need to make money online.

    Learn Django, the #1 Python Web Framework. Pinterest, Instagram, and The Washington Times are built with Django.

    If you want to build an e-commerce store you need the ability to accept online customer payments. In this course, you will learn the easiest way to accept payments with your Django web applications. You will also learn how to: Implement Bootstrap with HTML templates, add Stripe to your site, build a web application with Django, and deploy applications with Python Anywhere.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/learn-django-code-accept-payments-with-stripe/?couponCode=FACEBOOK916




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  • Udemy – Begin Your Journey Towards Financial Education [100% off]

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    Begin Your Journey Towards Financial Education

    Course Description

    My name Carrie Kari, and I am an accredited educator, entrepreneur and business investor. My passion is to prepare young minds to succeed and thrive in the world of academics and business.

                Today we live in the information age; a very competitive, high tech, knowledge based global economy. Even to survive, let alone thrive, you need to find your inner special ability, that which will allow you create value and contribute to your community. The premise of what I teach is simple: happiness and financial freedom comes from first understanding what you love to do, and to capitalize on it and to create value for others. Understanding how to create value for others is financial education. Financial education is the key survival skill of our generation.

    I built this course for high school students and young adults who want to learn how they will create value by doing what they love. I also built this course for parents who want to help their child learn these skills and to mentor them for success.

    Let’s get started on what this class will teach you:

    1.     Your wealth is just a measure of value you create for others. To create value you need to be able to first fuel and fund your ideas and investments: You do this by creating disposable income. This is the money that is left over after all of your expenses are paid for.

    2.     We will begin by reviewing the 4 paths you can take towards creating disposable income. I will walk you through the pros and cons of each of the 4 paths, so you can find a strategy that works for you.

    3.     Once you start earning, you will need to understand how to spend your earnings wisely. This is referred to as earnings allocation and I will give you some useful tips on this.

    4.     Once you have understood the ways in which You can Work for Money, you will need to go to the next major step: Making Money Work For You. This is the power of investing. We will look at the common ways in which people invest and the risks and rewards for each category so YOU can find an investment strategy that works for you.

    5.     If your ideas are big and you need more money to get started than you can earn, you will need to raise capital. So, in the final section we will learn how to raise capital to fund your investments.

    What this course will not teach you:

    1.     This course is not a practical or hands on course that dives deep into how to use tools to make investments.

    2.     This course is also not an investment strategy course, so we will not look at any particular stocks, bonds, or any other investment vehicles.

    3.     There will be more courses following this class that will teach you the practical steps. This class is a beginner’s class that introduces several important key concepts that you need to know in order to get started.

    Finally remember what this is all about; I want you to not only survive, but also succeed and thrive in this very competitive world.  And you can do this by pursuing what you love, understanding how to leverage the power of investment and creating value for others you attain financial freedom. Ok, with that in mind let’s get started with the class.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/begin-your-journey-towards-financial-education/?couponCode=NEWCLASSPROMOTION




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  • Udemy – Android App Development For Beginners With FREE Software [100% off]

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    Android App Development For Beginners With FREE Software

    Course Description

    Do you want to become an android programmer?

    Are you struggling to get started with android programming?

    Dont worry, You are at the right place, to learn and code your first android app.

    In this course, you are going to learn what is android, and how to code your first simple app, using android. You will learn about android, and get all the resources, to code your first android app, after watching the course You will also learn about some interesting facts, about android in this course.

    This course will be a great starter, for launching your android apps and games.

    You are also going to get my, Android App Learning Software, – The Android Helper, which is 100% FREE with the course. I am selling this software for $47, but this is going to be completely free, if you join in this course. This software can help you in learning android, by showing you all the related FREE android courses.

    Android Helper has over thousand plus courses, on various topics related to android. It can also help you in, answering your doubts and questions, you have regarding android. There is no hidden marketing, and this software is completely free for the students, who enroll to the course.

    I want to help my students, who enroll to the course, and so i am providing this software, completely free for every student, who join this course.

    So grab the course, and the android learning software, that is absolutely free with the course.

    And whats more, – i offer 100% money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with the course.

    So what are you waiting for, – enroll to the course today, and start your journey as an android developer.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/android-app-development-for-beginners/?couponCode=0OFFER




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  • Udemy – Dating Accelerator [100% off]

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    Dating Accelerator

    Course Description

    Do you have trouble dating the women you are attracted to? Do you fear being rejected? Do you bring your past failures into your present efforts to be with the woman of your dreams?

    Then you are in the right place!

    Roman Pearl has spent years teaching men just like you how to create win-win-win situations with beautiful women.

    In this course you will learn:

    • Why your purpose is crucial
    • How to stop your attitude from sabotaging your success
    • Why quitting is not an option
    • How to blow your confidence through the roof
    • The secret to approaching women that no one does
    • Why your Facebook profile repels all the women you want to date
    • The “ABC’s” of dating
    • And much more!

    Master Dating And Attraction Skills That Will Make You Rejection-Proof!

    Discover why you get rejected when you approach women and begin a conversation. Learn the secrets to make sure this never happens to you.

    In this fast-paced course, Roman walks you through the landmines of dating women.

    Register today!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/dating-accelerator/?couponCode=RPDATE0




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  • Certified iOS App Developer Training Course

    Learn and master the necessary skillsets for professional iOS application development by developing seven trending applications during the course.


    Reveal offer ONLINE25
  • Certified Android App Developer Training Course

    Learn and master the necessary skillsets for professional Android application development by developing six trending applications during this course authorized by Google.


    Reveal offer ONLINE25
  • Udemy – Create Passive Income-Sell Your Images on 500px [100% off]

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    Create Passive Income-Sell Your Images on 500px

    Course Description

    Create Passive Income:- Sell Images on 500px com-World’s Best Photography Site  

    Welcome to this Course!

    Make Money with Your Images or Photography! Make Passive Income from your Images or Photography!

    In this course You will Learn:-

    1. Step by Step Process to Sell Your Images

    2. How to submit Your Images to 500px com from Your PC or directly from Instagram-Twitter-Facebook etc.

    3. How to Add Proper Title-Description and SEO Keywords

    4. What are Model Release and Property Release?

    5. Why and where you Need them?

    6. How to Fill them & attach to Your Images?

    7. Whether to Sell Your Images Exclusively on 500px com or not?

    And Much More!



    So, if this sound Interesting to You, then Go ahead and Join this Course!



    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/create-passive-income-from-photography-sell-your-images/?couponCode=JUSTJOIN




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  • Udemy – Getting in shape: The Basics [100% off]

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    Getting in shape: The Basics

    Course Description

    This course covers everything you need to know to being healthy without putting yourself through hardcore diets and workout routines. It is about being healthy daily, about adopting the healthy lifestyle and seeing continuous results.

    The reason I decided to do this is because I see too many “quick results” diets and workout plans like “Let’s get shredded in 10 weeks” or “Get fit in just 15 weeks”. Building a great body and especially one that lasts takes a lot more than that. All your favourite people on social media or whatever work for their bodies every day and you can actually tell the difference between someone who has done a 10 week plan, and someone who does this daily, no matter what time of the year it is. And I can guarantee you that they know about all the simple things that are covered in here and can help anyone achieve results.

    Being healthy and looking good is about knowing your body and how to treat it right – what to eat and when and how to workout. These fundamentals and more are covered in this course and once your grasp the basics behind keeping fit you will know for yourself why those quick plans are just not worth it.

    I have tried being as straightforward as possible and keeping it short and to the point. I hope I’ve succeeded and you will both manage to learn from it and enjoy it.

    I feel like it’s time to get to the real content, so see you inside,


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/getting-in-shape-the-basics/?couponCode=START0





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