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  • Udemy – Action Leads to Success with Kula Sellathurai [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Action Leads to Success

    The program on Leadership with Kula Sellathurai Author, Business Professional, Coach and Mentor

    Leaders need to take Massive Action

    As a leader you will always have a purpose and a vision for yourself. You need to be ready to act when a situation offers you a problem or an opportunity. Not only must you be prepared to take massive action; a great leader sets the bar high. You must gain an understanding that great results and and rewards lie just beyond the edge of what you find comfortable. You need to be willing to purposefully cross that line and embrace the unknown. That does not mean you need to be impractical or careless. No, you as a leader, are required to be logical to the nth degree, each choice being made on purpose, in line with your vision. You have to be tough, have a strong mental presence and learn to be tolerant of others who do not have the skill set you have.

    Plus a certain level of empathy or some might say emotional intelligence is very necessary. just as charisma and the ability to influence. One last thing, you must be the master of action. Know the importance of acting fast, acting bold, knocking out eh competition with your brazenly beautiful symphony of purposeful action. You too can be a great leader.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/action-leads-to-success-kula-sellathurai/?couponCode=KULASELLATHURAI2597



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  • Udemy – Microsoft Excel Masterclass: Complete and Concise [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Welcome to the Microsoft Excel Masterclass course.

    The course is created on the basis of three pillars of learning:

    1. Know (Study)
    2. Do (Practice)
    3. Review (Self feedback)


    We have created a set of concise and comprehensive videos to teach you all the Excel related skills you will need in your professional career.


    With each lecture, we have provide a practice sheet to complement the learning in the lecture video. These sheets are carefully designed to further clarify the concepts and help you with implementing the concepts on practical problems faced on-the-job.


    Check if you have learnt the concepts by comparing your solutions provided by us. Ask questions in the discussion board if you face any difficulty.

    Apart from this, explore fun and exciting use cases of Excel in our bonus videos.

    The Authors of this course have several years of corporate experience and hence have curated the course material keeping in mind the requirement of Excel in today’s corporate world.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/microsoft-excel-masterclass-complete-and-concise/?couponCode=MASTEREXCEL_WBS1


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  • Udemy – Learn How to Earn Money from CueLinks (Affiliate Program) [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    In this Course will explain clearly about the CueLinks Affiliate Program Below Topics

    • What is Cuelinks and How its work?
    • Types of Accounts in Cuelinks
    • How to Register in Cuelinks
    • How to Login in Cuelinks
    • How to change the Password for Cuelinks
    • How to Generate a Link Manager in Cuelinks
    • How to Add Bank Account in Cuelinks
    • How to Find Out Publisher ID in Cuelinks
    • How to Find Out Merchant Information in Cuelinks
    • How to Generate the Links for Merchants
    • How to Generate the Short URL for our Merchants
    • How to Generate the Links for our Merchant Mobile App
    • How to Generate the Links for Merchant Products
    • Understand the Reports in Cuelinks
    • Refer and Earn in Cuelinks
    • What are the Products in Cuelinks
    • How to Convert a Normal Link to Offiliate Link in Cuelinks
    • How to work with Coupon Codes in Cuelinks
    • How to Install Cuelinks Extention for your Browser
    • How to Install Cuelinks Plugin in our WordPress Website
    • How to Promote Cuelinks Links to Social Networks

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  • Udemy – ABC of Rational Eating – CBT for dieting [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    This short power packed course will teach you to why your diets have failed in the past. How to learn to think like a successful diet maintainer and diet without being on a “diet”, meaning this course doesn’t prescribe a diet.  What this course does is teach you, what are the common sabotaging thoughts which hamper your dieting or eating practice. How to dispute these thoughts and what are the alternate thoughts. All this and some more you will learn in the context of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy).


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/abc-of-rational-eating/?couponCode=RELDISC18


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  • Udemy – Unlimited Motivation Mindset Course [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    Step into the next level and beyond with the Unlimited Motivation Mindset Course. Are you struggling to get motivated and would you like to learn how to train your mind to become more motivated and productive in life and in business. If so you came to the right place.

    This class will teach you how to change your thinking and train your mind to become Motivated to accomplish all your goals. Are you ready to start doing new tasks, work new job or break free from the rat race? If so it is time for a change and first thing you need to change is your mind. This class will help you reprogram your mind to become a successful person join me in this class and learn how to master your mindset with the Unlimited Motivation Mindset Course.

    So what are you waiting for? Every second you wait, you are missing out on learning new skills of essentials knowledge. Sign up today and and start learning from the comfort of your own home!

    Test drive this course now! This investment you make in yourself will pay for itself many times over!

    See you on the inside!

    Your instructor,




    I’ve been an entrepreneur and ecommerce seller since the year 2001. I have helped and coached thousands of students online and in person and got over 150,000+ students enrolled in all my online classes. I would love to share the secrets of my success with you, it is my personal mission to help get you to be your best. Learn from my experience and expertise so you can take your business to the next level and beyond.



    With the paid purchase of this course you get the following…

    * Free 15-min GoogleHangout coaching session to help you with any problems you might have with your online business

    * Satisfaction guaranteed best in class experience ask me any question anytime with responses within 24 hours or less

    Office hours when I hold 30 min-1 hour free sessions answering any of your questions live



    Finish 100% of class and get rewarded with a beautiful certificate that would be emailed to you. Use this to enhance your resume, show proof of expertise or extra curricular training. Print it out and frame it on your wall it is something you should be proud of.



    The course comes with a Udemy 30-day money-back guarantee. If you do not like this course and did not find it helping you then get a refund. Before deciding whatever to get a refund please contact me first and see if I can help and address any of your concerns.

    I am sure you will love this course. If you choose to stay you will receive lifetime access, any future revisions or additional lectures free of charge plus unlimited instructor support. 


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/motivationmastermind/?couponCode=FBGROUPFREEAX



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  • HiGreen – Multipurpose OpenCart Theme


    HiGreen is one of the best OpenCart Template for any eCommerce site. It matches to online stores like cosmetic, shopping, digital, even shoes shops. Definitely, HiGreen will satisfy your business goals than expected. By providing a lot of functional extensions such as Mega Menu with multi-columns (sticky Menu – Fixed menu), Visual Page Builder, OnePage checkout, So Quick Tools attractive homepage slider with many smooth effects, multi-language, multi-currency, image popup view and much more, super faster speed to enhance the customers’ experiences.
    Just by some clicks, you completely see this theme with powerful features as following!


    • Compatible with OpenCart 2.3.x
    • So Quick Tools
    • Newsletter Popup
    • OnePage Checkout Integrated ( Hot)
    • Beautiful Homepage
    • Product Label Module
    • Responsive layout for all devices
    • Mega Menu support (Horizontal & Vertical)
    • Boxed and RTL layouts
    • Multiple Language support
    • Multi color Options for website skin
    • Fully integrated with Font Awesome Icon
    • Social Networks integration
    • CSS3 table-less design
    • Setup rows and columns
    • Experience the Live Demo Via QR code
    • Display static blocks contain texts below menu items
    • Full control over site width; content area and sidebars
    • Back to top button
    • SEO friendly
    • OnePage Checkout
    • Social Login Module
    • Optimized codebase
    • Compatible with IE10+, Firefox 4+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5 and Chrome

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  • Unlimited Contact Form Extend PHP

    Unlimited  Contact Form Extend PHP


    How many contact form I can create?

    Just as the name says UNLIMITED. You are not limited by the number of contact form.

    Can I change created forms?

    Yes. You can change every part of your forms (id, class, tag, label, placeholder,..). Also you can add new box or change the old one.

    Free template for your form

    You have available five templates for free for your contact forms. And all what you need is to add a class in the row section.
    If you want to create own template you can do that in output/css/cfe-style.css

    cf5.png cf4.png
    cf3.png cf2.png


    • Create contact form in few steps.
    • You don’t need database for Unlimited Contact Form Extend.
    • Free responsive templates for your contact form.
    • AJAX request.
    • If javascript turned off message will be send anyway, because this is smart contact form.

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  • Copter Attack – Buildbox Template


    COPTER ATTACK Game Template Android & iOS is a very challenge arcade game where you need to cross different enemy with coin collected.
    This game is very fun, because you can use another character with 3 different character in single world in endless gameplay to play with. Enjoy the endless fun and the beautiful design and don’t forget to share your top score to beat your friends. So lets play this game.
    This game has been created with buildbox 2.3.1 (BBDOC file included)
    More about this game check demo on end of pages.


    • Android Studio Project
    • IOS Xcode Project
    • Buildbox Project
    • Documentation
    • All Image Asset
    • All Music Asset

    #NOTE if missing some included file contact me via my profil pages


    • Admob Banner + Interstitial + Universal Ads
    • In App Purchase Coins
    • Remove Ads Purchase




    • Back
    • Game Services
    • Info
    • Setting
    • Share
    • Shop
    • Play
    • Reset
    • Restore Purchase
    • Review
    • Sound Background
    • Sound Effects
    • Pause
    • Purchase $
    • URL (image logo on info)


    • Coins Shop
    • Created by
    • Music
    • Effects
    • Play
    • Remove Ads Purchase
    • Reset Setting
    • Restart
    • Resume

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  • Sub Pro Premium Business Admin Template

    Sub Pro Premium Business Admin Template


    Sub PRO is a premium business Admin theme crafted with care by the Frontted senior designers & developers.
    Sub is built using the latest frameworks and best practices on the internet with uniquely designed and coded pages and UI elements.
    This Bootstrap 4 Admin Template can be used for any  Shop/Retail, Financial/Reporting, Social Media, Real Estate, Project Management or Ticketing System.

    Fully Responsive
    Latest Bootstrap 4
    4x Dashboards
    Development Files Included
    Multiple Layouts
    Various Navbars and Sidebar Styles
    Drag and Drop
    Alerts / Popups & Modals Included
    Dozen of Form Elements
    All images are included in package

    bootstrap 4


    • Development Files Included
    • Various Navbars and Sidebar Styles
    • Alerts / Popups & Modals Included

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  • Udemy – AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass 2019 [100% OFF]

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    Course Description

    In the world of DevOps automation and Auto Devops, Big Data Analytics, and Enterprise Cloud Applications, developing and managing enterprise grade applications has become a challenge!

    AWS codepipeline along with CI/CD forms a robust solution and serves as a powerful combination, and provides a seamless solution to implementing a Devops lifecycle.

    Do if you or your company are facing challenges with enterprise app deployment or would like to learn how to automate software delivery using DevOps best practices with AWS CodeStar, AWS Codepipeline, AWS Codecommit, AWS CodeBuild, AWS Codedeploy, and AWS Beanstalk? Look no further – AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass  course will help you gain solid understanding of all these concepts along with hand-on application.

    Are you a company or a App Developer, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Web Developer, IT administrator, Data Center ArchitectProject Manager, Enterprise Architect, or Programmer? and want to gain fundamental and intermediate level skills and enjoy a fascinating high paying career?

    Or maybe you just want to learn additional tips and techniques taking to a whole new level?

    Welcome to AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass  course – A specialized course!

    It is not only a comprehensive hands-on course with detailed concepts and their application, you are will not find a course similar to this. The flipped classroom model with hand-on learning will help you experience direct  into the course as your begin your learning journey.

    In this course, you’ll learn and practice:

    1. Create billing alerts
    2. AWS automation, developer tools, and AWS SDK toolkit
    3. Be able to deploy PHP, JAVA, WP Blog, and other Web applications using Eclipse IDE and AWS Cloud9
    4. Create AWS CloudFormation template, and work with EBS, and CLI
    5. Gain solid understanding of DevOps concepts relating to CI/CD pipeline
    6. Know AWS CodeStar, AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeBuild AWS CodeDeploy, AWS CodePipeline, repositories, and much more….

    You will also get valuable resources and several quiz questions with this course!

    So, if you would like to:

    – gain solid understanding of Amazon AWS Codepipeline complete DevOps CI/CD pipeline, this course is for you

    – gain marketable skills as an IT expert and professional, this course is for you

    – This course is not designed for advanced level students

    …this AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass course is exactly what you need, and more. (You’ll even get a certification of completion)

    See what our students say “It is such a comprehensive course that I don’t need to take any other course but this one to learn all important concepts and hand-on application with this AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass course, and I would without a doubt recommend it to everyone.” – Mariana Jones

    “This is such an awesome course. Clear instruction, and I loved every bit of it – Wonderful learning experience!”  Carlos Nvara.

    Join thousands of other students and share valuable experience!

    Why take this course?

    As a senior Enterprise Architect & Project Manager managing and deploying enterprise level IT projects, along with AWS, Microsoft, and CISCO certifications, my experience with AWS has been phenomenally great! I am excited to share my knowledge and transfer skills to my students.

    Enroll now in AWS CodePipeline: DevOps CI/CD Masterclass course today and revolutionize your learning. Stay at the cutting edge of DevOps – and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

    See you in class!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/aws-codepipeline-devops/?couponCode=AWSCPIPE01


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