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  • Udemy – Digital Marketing Strategies Top Ad Agencies Use For Clients [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - Digital Marketing Strategies Top Ad Agencies Use For Clients

    Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies:  Your competition won’t know what hit them after you complete this course!

    Most courses on this Udemy platform concentrate very heavily on the “mechanics” of setting up a Facebook account, Instagram account, YouTube account, etc.  Not only will you will get the “Essentials” needed to get your account up and running but most importantly you’ll get what most other courses leave out. You’ll get to copy successful ads and learn how to create the Ads that produce results as well for your business.

    FREE YOURSELF FROM ALL THIS SOCIAL MEDIA MYSTERY & finally begin to have a predictable & deployable digital marketing strategy that you can count on to bring in customers like never before.

    But before we move on… Let’s hit it right out of the park from the beginning with an EXTREME BONUS just for taking this course.

    I’m going to give you my EXCLUSIVE “2-step letter” (Incredibly Powerful When Combined With Social Media & Digital Marketing Strategies), that generated MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN SALES and landed me interviews for jobs and appointments with potential clients because of its creativity and uniqueness.  Copy my letters & exact delivery technique to ensure your own success!  This will become your most talked about offline marketing sequence & pave the way to an easier appointment.  You’ll also get the exact wording to use to get past the “gatekeeper” so you can finally reach your intended client.  Used in combination with the Digital Marketing Strategies you’ll learn here will put you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition!

    You’ll learn the best Digital Marketing Strategies used by the Top Ad Agencies to provide massive results for their clients.  And, all the information and knowledge taught in this course is brought to you by a Business Development Professional of over 35 Years.  And yes – we don’t just teach – we actually use these strategies in our own businesses.  Check it out…

    Imagine if you were able to master the key Essential Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies of the top Social Media outlets that would allow your business to be seen by the right target audience for a massive 10X increase of sales?

    And, you were led step-by-step of the way by using a clearly written checklist of actions so you can do this Digital Marketing & Social Media thing with confidence and a bit of predictability of its outcome.  It will be like I’m sitting right next to you working with you to create your Ads!!

    We’ll start by discussing some of the most important elements of your website and what you need to do right now in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) so you can be seen by your target audience.

    More importantly – (What Digital Marketing Strategies YOU SHOULD NEVER DO) that will destroy your chances of getting to page ONE on Google.  I made this mistake and it cost me dearly!

    Know this… You’re not alone!  I know how you feel. How many times have you tried different digital marketing courses that just didn’t work.  I’ve felt that way too.  Worse yet, I’ve spent well over $50,000 on Marketing Materials that when finally gone thru, left me more confused or didn’t really tell me everything I needed to know – it always left something out.

    What I did find however, were certain strategies and techniques that blew all the others out of the water and I want to share these with you.

    Here’s an overview of the Digital Marketing & Social Media Strategies you’ll learn in this course:

    • We’ll cover the ESSENTIALS of FACEBOOK & Give You Detailed Step-By-Step Instructions You Can Follow Along With In Creating Ads That Produce Results This Week so you can finally use it as a real lead generating tool.  These are serious Digital Marketing NINJA tactics that will put you way ahead of your competition.
    • How to correctly set up your Facebook Pixel so you can track and re-target (advertise) to people who have visited your website – the most important piece of “code” you need to place on your website.
    • As important as Google Analytics – knowing how to set up your Facebook PIXEL will ultimately determine your success on Facebook.  We’ll get you set up so you can see EXACTLY where your visitors are coming from and how you can keep your name/brand in front of them even when they leave your website.
    • How to create your Facebook page, cover image, description and about page so visitors WANT TO LIKE YOU & FOLLOW YOU!
    • How to Create a “Custom Audience” so your ads are laser-like targeted.
    • How To Create a wide variety of Facebook Ads that get results & repeat business
    • Ready to BOOST your Post?  Learn this Ad Agency Secret so you can get 3x the results!
    • Use our CONTEST STRATEGY so you can drive more traffic to your website or retail store like never before.
    • The Fastest Way To Grow Your Account With LIKES & FOLLOWERS
    • Plus with our “Paint-By-Number” instruction, your ads will look like a Million Bucks!  Yes – it’s easy and you can do it & it’s FREE!  Your Clients Will Think You Are Spending Loads Of Money On A High-Priced Ad Agency.
    • Next we’ll dive into How to set up Instagram on your Cell AND Your Desktop so you can easily Post your Photos & Messages with much greater ease & control.
    • When I say set-up – I mean doing it the right way the first time out & making it look inviting and professional
    • How to Optimize Your Instagram Profile To Make Your Visitors WANT To Click To Your Website.
    • Finding The BEST #Hashtags So You & Your Business Can Be Found By Your Potential Clients Today.
    • Getting your business listed on “Google-My-Business” Correctly.  You can’t imagine how many businesses I work with that have this part all messed up and they wonder why they can’t be found on the web!
    • How to get set up correctly on Google Analytics so you can truly see if the actions you are taking now are making any difference in your business.
    • We’ll then dive into solid YouTube Strategies
    • Are you using videos yet?  Let’s talk about YouTube – with over 80% of all internet traffic going to Video Content – we’ll give you the top Strategies to use right now to create the most compelling YouTube Videos that get watched.
    • You’ll get a list of everything we use here like the best video software to create exciting videos your clients want to watch.
    • Not only will you get the software list, you get a list of the tools, mic’s, and cameras you should use when creating videos- a lot cheaper than you think.
    • You’ll get a list of top sales driven YouTube videos you can learn from so you don’t waste your time creating videos no one will watch.  Following this sequence will give you the best chance for high audience retention as well as a higher subscriber base.
    • You’ll know (and your competition won’t) the one thing YouTube uses to rank your videos, (hint) it’s not what you think!
    • You Don’t Need 30 Hours Of Instruction!  No Long Lectures Here.  You’ll Learn As You Copy Our Success And Make It Your Own!


    You’ll be on a quick journey going from being Frustrated, Scared & Overwhelmed by this Social Media Phenominon To Becoming Confident, Knowledgeable and Knowing That The New Digital Marketing Strategies You Implement From Within The 7-Minute Marketer Will Give You The Best Chance Of Succeeding Like Never Before.

    You can save thousands of dollars you would have to spend each month to have an agency handle your Digital & Social Media Marketing for you.    So if you want to generate more retail customers, more leads, more online sales, more 5-Star Reviews than ever before without looking too salesy…

    …then taking this course right now by The 7-Minute Marketer might just be for you.

    You just got a “taste” of what you’ll learn.

    You’re about to free yourself from all the anxiety of  not knowing how to make various Digital Marketing & Social Media platforms work for you.

    You’re getting the exact system I use to create Millions is sales and Ads that actually work!

    And now that you know what you’ll learn, lets dive in this course together so I can show you exactly how to do it.

    Most courses of this caliber sold on the Internet charge anywhere from $295 to over $2,700 for just part of what you’ll learn here.   And, even at this low, low price – you still get a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    What are you waiting for?

    Sign up today!

    P.S.  This Course Will Be Ever Growing With Added Updates 1x – 2x Per Month.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/digital-marketing-strategies-top-ad-agencies-use-for-clients/?couponCode=DMSFREE2




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  • Udemy – Step-by-Step Basics of LinkedIn and How to Leverage it [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - Step-by-Step Basics of LinkedIn and How to Leverage it


    This course helps a newbie to understand all about LinkedIn.

    How can LinkedIn help in growing to a level where connections with Industry Leaders is possible.

    LinkedIn is the one major platform which is mostly untapped right now by the college students and help in a massive reach on the whole Internet.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/step-by-step-basics-of-linkedin-and-how-to-leverage-it/?couponCode=YE100OFF





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  • Udemy – The guide to spiritual enlightenment [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - the guide to spiritual enlightenment


    The fun and the ease find the way back to the feelings.

    My goal is to bring you closer to your locked feelings. I’ll show you how this is possible.

    My motivation is that in the past I rejected my feelings as if they were excluded. You may give them the space they deserve. This is about your feelings and the path to them. My wish is that you are able to feel your innermost.

    Goals and Paths:

    – Give your mind a rest

    – Feel the feelings

    – Let go of everything and relax

    – recognize your motivations

    – Find your deepest wish

    – Time for yourself

    – rest and retreat from everyday life

    – fall into deeper layers


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/feelings/?couponCode=AWAKEN




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  • Udemy – asp.net web api and angularjs development to deployment [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - asp.net web api and angularjs development to deployment


    If you want to be an API based web application developer and want to develop your client side application using asp net web api and angularjs then you are in right track.

    In this course you will learn –

    1. How to create an angularjs module and include the module in your web project.
    2. Write angularjs controller and register with the module.
    3. Bind the angularjs module and controller with your view.
    4. How to use ui-route for anchoring.
    5. Create the master layout and render all the sub views in the master layout.
    6. How to use bootstrap in your web application.
    7. How to crate an API.
    8. How HTTP Verbs work.
    9. How api route works.
    10. How to use HTTP Verbs as prefix.
    11. How to use HTTP Verbs as attribute.
    12. How to use route attribute for writing custom route.
    13. How to write connection config and insert data into database.
    14. How to get list of data and show in html table.
    15. How to get single data and show in edit form.
    16. How to update and delete data.
    17. What should you return from API end point.
    18. How should you return from API end point.
    19. How to show success or error message on a successful or failed API calling.
    20. How to use $resource service instead of $http service for getting, inserting, updating and deleting data.
    21. How to upload file, show uploaded image and show image preview on selecting an image.
    22. How to create pagination.
    23. How to deploy your API application in live server
    24. How to deploy your web site in another live server and connect with your API server.
    25. How to get path and give permission to the directory for uploading files in live server.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/aspnet-web-api-and-angularjs-development-to-deployment/?couponCode=ACAMIG-SEP





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  • Udemy – Building A Great Freelance Profile : The Ultimate Guide [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - uilding A Great Freelance Profile : The Ultimate Guide


    Freelancing is becoming a popular term nowadays. Freelancing is always a great source to earn online with the skills you have. Freelance marketplaces offer hundreds — sometimes thousands — of remote job positions globally.

    UpWork, Freelancer, People Per Hour, Guru, are all great freelance platforms you can use as a starting point for your freelance career. However, just registering an account and filling it up with some random text is not going to work out well for you. If you’re serious about making a career as a freelancer, the first thing you need to do is create a complete and an attractive freelancer profile.

    If you’re just getting started as a freelancer, there are a variety of things that you can do right now to build up your profile to create the best representation of yourself to clients worldwide. By creating a good profile might set you apart from the competitor.  If you are a freelancer then I would suggest you to make your profile strong enough to win more jobs. Well, Now the question is Does your freelance profile resonates the primary source for winning more jobs? If not, it’s high time take a look at your freelance profile and make it a top notch to win business.

    Well, Now , Please answer me the question…………….

    1. Have you been hunting for jobs on freelance marketplaces for long time and failed to get any?
    2. Want to have a better chance of standing out on your freelance job applications?
    3. Want To get noticed even if 50 other applicants are ahead of you?

    Let me help you  to create a winning freelance profile with this course, I will be discussing some spots for your profile you should be concentrating on. I’ll walk through the steps needed to create a winning freelance profile and provide examples of how to put them into action. Let’s get going.

    The aim of the course is to give you the idea of some actionable steps you can take for making an outstanding freelance profile. I would suggest, please, follow each and every steps that i am going to discuss in the course. I am, sure by following it your profile will be ready in no time and you are glowing as a freelancer and glowing to your client as well. You should apply your learnings to get the most out of it as you go along. Believe me taking action is the key to success. So i strongly encourage you to take action as you proceed with the course.

    Questions might occur as you go along. Just know that i am your back, just ask me questions if you have any. I will be there to answer all of your questions. Please just check in the question thread if the question is answered before. If not, Why not go ahead and ask your question?

    It is my sincere hope that you will get a lot out from this course, Please take action as you proceed with the course. So Again, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE, Taking action is the key to success, let’s dive into the course and I look forward to seeing you inside…..


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/building-a-great-freelance-profile/?couponCode=PROFILE5000




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  • Udemy – Projeto RESTFul CRUD + JavaScript + NodeJs + Express + MySQL [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - Projeto RESTFul CRUD + JavaScript + NodeJs + Express + MySQL (Portuguese)


    ATENÇÃO: Caso você tenha obtido o curso ‘Curso de JavaScript Completo – Formação JS Mestre Jedi’  não será necessário adquirir este curso, pois trata-se de um módulo do Mestre Jedi JS.

    Criei um projeto Web completo com Home Page e CRUD com Bootstrap, JavaScript ES6, Node, Express, MySQL, Webpack, Babel

    What Will I Learn?

    • Ao final do curso o aluno estará apto a desenvolver aplicações Web modernas com JavaScript e NodeJs, podendo criar aplicações SPA (Single Page Application) e API RESTFull com Express
    • Home Page Portfólio de Serviços

    • CRUD completo via SPA

    • HTML5 Ajax com Fetch API
    • SPA – Single Page Application
    • Layout moderno e responsivo com Bootstrap
    • API – RESTFul
    • Express Middleware
    • JavaScript moderno ES6 com classes, módulos…
    • Promises
    • Compilação SASS para CSS
    • MySQL
    • Babel transpilador
    • Webpack empacotador Web
    • Conhecimentos em Nodejs
    • NPM – Gerenciador de pacotes do Node
    • Editor Visual Studio Code
    • e muito mais 🙂

    O desenvolvimento Web tem crescido a passos largos com surgimento de diversas tecnologias baseadas em JavaScript, sendo de grande importância o surgimento do NodeJs, no qual esta se popularizando no mercado e nos possibilita desenvolver com JavaScript no lado servidor Back-end.

    Com a gama de frameworks JavaScript front-end e back-end o desenvolvedor deve aprimorar seus conhecimentos em JavaScript moderno ES6 e ESNext, podendo desenvolver aplicações Web sofisticadas e escaláveis através do uso do NodeJs e SPA (Single Page Application) no Front-end com requisições Ajax.

    Com a popularidade do NodeJs, o Express Middleware, que trata requisições e repostas em servidores Node, mostrou-se eficiente para criação de aplicações Web e API RESTFul, no qual fazemos uso neste curso.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/projeto-restful-crud-javascript-nodejs-express-mysql/?couponCode=DEVS-FREE-WEB




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  • Udemy – Intermediate Chinese Reading (First Language) Y5W011 [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - Intermediate Chinese Reading (First Language) Y5W011


    阅读是提高语言能力的最好途径。我们的顾问张田若 (现任中央教育科学研究所副研究员,兼上海师大教科所研究员,为中央教科所《新世纪义务教育语文课本》主编,全国集中识字教学研究会会长。主要科研成果:1.编过五套(代)小学语文集中识字课本,供全国使用。2.从事小学语文教学研究与实验五十五年(包括识字阅读作文各方面)。3.著有《集中识字,大量阅读,分步习作》)特别强调大量阅读的重要性。

    观察我的子女在马来西亚三语环境中学习语言的经历。他们英语好过汉语,最惧怕和不喜欢的是马来语。英语好的一个主要原因是从小我太太就送他们参加 “KUMON” 的英语课程,一系列的活页练习,形成一套完整阅读系统,每周两次雷打不动的阅读形成了一种良好的阅读习惯。我的儿子在高中毕业后只准备了一个星期就参加雅思考试,取得了8.5 over 9 的优秀成绩。这都和阅读能力好有关。我很早就有编写完成一套类似”KUMON”的汉语和马来语教程的想法,受我我外公姚拓以前从事的文化出版事业影响吧。在多年的积累经验和材料后,我以我所专长的网络教育系统,开发出网络阅读教程。这套教程汉语分成母语和非母语。非母语以汉办的汉语水平考试HSK 1-6 词汇为参考分级,分类编号为HSK 1-HSK 6。母语类以中国政府的语文教材为依据,分类编号为Y1-Y12 (Year 1- Year 12)。

    我的设想是学生每个星期阅读五到七篇文章和练习,每次二十分钟左右。网上测试会自动记录所用时间和成绩,学生可重复测试以期更好更快。我花了很多精力在问题答案的注解上。这些解释会在你提交后即时显示。。非母语类HSK 1-HSK 4 给出英语词汇解释。HSK 5- HSK 6 和母语类Y1-Y12 (Year 1- Year 12) 给出英语和汉语双语解释。这些解释均参照词典以及我的词汇积累。在汉语的英语注释方面,我已收集了近8000条新词语,占牛津词典80000词的10%,准确的双语解释可以达到事半功倍的效果,这算是尽我的微薄之力吧。

    汉语好的学生应该挑战一下自己能否准确地把汉语翻译成英语。英语好的学生当然要提高你的汉语水平和准确的选用汉语词汇。我们在这里主要是教你汉语的。很多时候,一个简单的汉字,却找不到准确的英语解释。比如打就有26种词义。“热心”热心 warm-hearted; Enthusiastic: 热心肠 warm-heartedness; a warm-hearted (or sympathetic) and helpful person 热血 spirit of devotion to a righteous cause。 这其实代表不同语言的特点。如果你能一石二鸟、举一反三,何乐而不为呢?学生应该准备一个笔记本,把注释的词语抄写下来,动手提高记忆,也弥补网络测试缺少动手习写的不足。


    Reading is the best way to improve your language skills. Our advisor Zhang Tianruo (currently an associate researcher of the Central Institute of Educational Sciences and a research fellow of the Shanghai Normal University Institute of Education, is the editor-in-chief of the “New Century Compulsory Education Language Textbook” by the Central Institute of Education, and the president of the National Center for Literacy Teaching Research. Major scientific research achievements: 1 • Edited five sets of primary school language literacy textbooks for national use 2. Engaged in elementary school language teaching research and experiments for fifty-five years (including literacy reading composition aspects). “Step-by-step practice” emphasizes the importance of mass reading.

    Observe my child’s experience of language learning in the Malaysian trilingual environment. Their English is better than Chinese, and the most feared and disliked language is Malay. One of the main reasons why English is good is that my young lady sent them to participate in the “KUMON” English course, a series of loose-leaf exercises, a complete reading system, and twice-weekly readings formed a good reading habit. My son took only one week after graduating from high school to participate in the IELTS test, achieving excellent results of 8.5 over 9. This is all related to good reading ability. I had long thought of writing a set of Chinese and Malay-language tutorials similar to “KUMON”. It was influenced by the cultural publishing business that my grandfather Yao Tao had previously engaged in. After years of accumulated experience and materials, I developed a web-reading tutorial based on my expertise in online education systems. This tutorial is divided into mother tongue and non-native Chinese. The non-native speakers are Hanban’s HSK 1-6 vocabulary for Chinese language proficiency test. The classification number is HSK 1-HSK 6. The mother tongue is based on Chinese language textbooks and is classified Y1-Y12 (Year 1-Year 12).

    My idea is that students read five to seven articles and exercises every week for about twenty minutes each time. The online test will automatically record the time and results used, and students can repeat the test for better and faster. I spent a lot of energy on the answers to the questions. These explanations will be displayed immediately after you submit. . The non-native HSK 1-HSK 4 gives an English vocabulary explanation. HSK 5- HSK 6 and Y1-Y12 (Year 1- Year 12) give bilingual explanations in English and Chinese. These explanations are based on the dictionary and my vocabulary. In the English annotation of Chinese, I have collected nearly 8,000 new words, which account for 10% of the 800000 words in the Oxford Dictionary. An accurate bilingual interpretation can achieve a multiplier effect. This is my best effort. Students should prepare a notebook, copy the words of the annotations, raise hands to improve memory, and make up for the lack of hands-on learning in network tests.

    Student who is good  in Chinese  should challenge themselves to accurately translate Chinese into English. Student who is good  in English, of course, need to improve your Chinese proficiency and accurately use Chinese vocabulary. We are here to teach you Chinese. In many cases, a simple Chinese character cannot find an accurate English explanation. For example, there are 26 kinds of meaning related with “打”.  Another example: “热心 Hot Heart (literal translation)” is  “warm-hearted” ;  “热心肠Hot Heart & Intestine (literal translation)” is “warm-heartedness; a warm-hearted (or sympathetic) and helpful person”.  “热血Hot blood (literal translation)” is “spirit of devotion to a righteous cause”. This actually represents the characteristics of different languages. Using my method, you can kill two birds with one stone, why not do it? Students should prepare a notebook, copy the words and annotations, move hands to write will improve your memory, and make up the weakness of lack of hands-on learning in online tests and quiz.

    With a bit of selfishness, the mother tongue course begins with Y5, because my daughter is a student in the fifth grade. Other levels will be introduced one after another. My talent is evasive and shallow, trying my best to venture. Please give me advice from teachers and experts. The accumulation of knowledge always stands on the basis of predecessors. Course materials were collected from the Internet and Hanban free textbooks. In addition to our experience, we will use bilingual interpretation to achieve better learning results to adapt to the promotion of oversea Chinese teaching. If there is infringement, please provide information and evidence and we will contact you.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/intermediate-chinese-reading-first-language-y5w011/?couponCode=YAOFBYT0920WTYU




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  • Udemy – PHP : Zero to Hero [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - PHP : zero to hero


    Hello every one !!!

    This course is designed to go through the required steps to build complete E-commerce web site from scratch and then go to next level of advanced techniques in PHP

    It’s not required to have previous knowledge about web site development, this course start from zero knowledge about web development

    It has been divided into six parts :

    1- HTML


    3- Java Script

    4- Database

    5- PHP

    6- Build E-Commerce web site from login page to payment using paypal

    7- Web API and JSON

    8- jQuery and AJAX

    9- OOP and Three layer design pattern

    10- Publishing web site

    11- Extra Videos

    You can select any part if you already have a knowledge about specific part

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 1

    In this part, I’m going to teach basics of HTML which include

    1- Paragraphs and headers

    2- Tables, Images and Links

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 2

    In this part, I’m going to teach basics of CSS which include

    1- Inline, internal and external

    2- ID and Class

    3- Bootstrap

    4- Templates

    3- Div, list and Form

    4- Videos and Youtube

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 3

    In this part, I’m going to teach basics of Java scripts which include

    1- Variables, Conditions and Loop

    2- Functions and Events

    3- DOM

    4- Time out and Interval

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 4

    In this part, I’m going to teach basics of MySQL database which include

    1- Database, Tables and Joins

    2- SQL statement

    3- Aggregate Functions and Sub Query

    4- Import and Export database

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 5

    In this part, I’m going to teach basics of PHP which include

    1- PHP basics

    2- Get, Post, Session and Cookie

    3- PHP and MySQL

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 6

    In this part, I’m going to teach how to build web store from scratch and PayPal functionality for the payment process and you can find the source code in the Bonus section

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 7

    In this part, I’m going to teach you about Web API and JSON and implement weather condition example for live web API

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 8

    In this part, I’m going to teach you about jQuery and AJAX and implement group chat as an example for using AJAX and jQuery

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 9

    In this part, I’m going to teach you about OOP concepts using PHP and how you can create three layers design pattern using OOP and PHP

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Part 10

    In this part, I’m going to teach you the process of publishing your web site on live web server

    PHP : Zero to Hero – Extra Videos

    In this part, I’m going to add many videos in many topics related to PHP in gradual way


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/php-from-zero-to-e-commerce-with-paypal-api/?couponCode=FREE2018




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  • Udemy – Android Cars App using Kotlin, PHP and Google Maps [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - Android Cars app using kotlin , PHP and Google Maps

    This course will guide you (step by step) to build a car service  Android app from login screen to the last step of the order tracking

    But at first, It will teach you Kotlin programming language from scratch, then you will learn how to create web services using PHP. Next you will learn how to use Kotlin in android app development

    This course has many reach topics like Volley, Picasso and Recycler View, SMS and Google Map API

    It’s good step to start building app like Uper or Careem

    It’s divided into the following sections:

    • Kotlin Basics
    • OOP using Kotlin
    • Android app development using Kotlin
    • User Location and Google Map API
    • PHP and MySQL
    • Calling Web API using Volley
    • Build the full project

    This course is useful for IT Developers, Students or any interested person in the mobile and web development field.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/android-cars-app-using-kotlin-php-and-google-maps/?couponCode=FREERAMADHAN





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  • Udemy – NLP For Sales, Persuasion & Influence [100% OFF]

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    udemy course - NLP for Sales, Influence and Persuasion



    • OVER 75’000+ happy students from 185 countries have enrolled in my courses and have left 1’500+ TOP Reviews
    • Presented by the NLP expert, Alain Wolf, who is a recognized expert in the field of NLP and personal growth with over 15 years of experience
    • There is a 30 day money back guarantee. I am 100% confident that this course will help you communicate better with people so try it at risk FREE!

    Would You Like To Sell More And Make More Money?

    The ability to sell and persuade your clients will give you the success you want!

    Learning how to sell and persuade people is a skill that can be learnt.

    In this course, I’ll share with you the most effective NLP techniques to sell to anyone.

    The techniques I’ll be sharing are only known by the top salespeople and some of these techniques are so effective, that they should be forbidden.

    In this course, you’ll how to have the right mindset for sales, how to create instant rapport, how to ask the right questions, the most powerful techniques to influence your customers to buy, how to close, how to deal with objections and I’ll also be sharing my NLP Ninja tricks that very few people know about.

    This course is for you if you’d like to learn the most powerful NLP sales and persuasion techniques.

    Go ahead enroll now,

    As I want you to try the course risk free, you can enroll now and watch the course. If you don’t like it you can ask your money back within 30 days.

    Go ahead and enroll now. You can only gain sales skills!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/nlp-for-sales/?couponCode=COULDYOULEAVEAREVIEW




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