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  • Udemy – Surpassing Pain – Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health [100% off]

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    Surpassing Pain - Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health

    Course Description





    Surpassing Pain – Overcome Pain for Good and Radiate Health

    Sometimes when I listen carefully, I hear them calling my name..

    They are the dreams I lost somehow, somewhere along the way. Now, once again, one by one I find them. And this time, I bring them home to stay.

    Hello, thanks for staying in my home, and welcome to “Surpassing Pain” training designed to help you take action dealing with pain symptoms to advance your natural, unconscious and spontaneous abilities of healing. My name is Wiktor Gembalski and if you don’t mind I’d like to help you help yourself feeling good.

    I’m guessing that you are here because you want to make changes, HAVEN’T YOU … already made lots of changes during your life? So you already know how to bring into view differently a greater range of options actually occurring now. Isn’t that interesting that you’ve never looked at it that way until now?

    Right now is the right time for you to restart your life with positive promise and endless opportunity.

    No matter how exhausting is the Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia.
    No matter how heart-breaking is the break up, divorce or loss of the loved one.
    No matter how deep is the Depression
    No matter how aching is the Chronic Lower-Back Pain
    No matter how dull is the Arthritis
    No matter how difficult is the Post-Surgical Pain
    No matter how disturbing is the Premenstrual Pain
    No matter how scary is the Anxiety
    No matter how attentive is the ADHD 
    No matter how severe are the Burns
    No matter how damaging is the Cancer
    No matter how excruciating is the Childbirth
    No matter how unbearable are the Kidney Stones
    No matter how agonizing are the ToothAbscess
    No matter how torturous is the Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
    No matter how mind-blowing are the Headaches or Cluster Headaches so called “Suicide Headaches”
    No matter how…

    No matter where you’ve been until now, you have a life of unlimited potential in front of you, and you’re just now getting started.

    • “Surpassing Pain” now brings you the pain controlling methodologies that hypnotherapists from all over the world have used for years during their therapeutic interventions.
    • “Surpassing Pain” uses the same pain controlling strategies as the US Army Secret Services or CIA.
    • “Surpassing Pain” applies the same INNER GAMES of handling pain used by Mixed Martial Arts Fighters.
    • “Surpassing Pain” utilises Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation approach which is consistently rated by Pain Management Clinics as one of the most useful, effective, and helpful approaches, in dealing with severe and chronic pain symptoms, they have ever come across.

    By taking this training you choose to be strong, confident, sure of yourself, unafraid, know what you want to do, have an incredible attitude, know you can do it, get past the pain, focus everything you do on the most positive outcome which is HEALING … and do it.

    By knowing that you already have all the resources to deal with pain symptoms successfully and are open to understand the Mind-Body connection you will quickly and easily realize the importance of taking your life in your own hands.

    By becoming more aware of your Kinesthetic system you will quickly learn how the process of developing feelings and amplifying them works.

    You will learn how motivation and environment modulates the pain experience. You will understand the pain from scientific point of view and you will know what genes are responsible for its function.

    • Rossi E L (2002), effectively argues that novel experiences in and out of hypnosis facilitate brain plasticity through gene expression and rewiring. That is, maladaptive subconscious reflexes are rerouted. So, the hypnotic ability to  dissociate provides a psychophysiological link to the neurocellular processes that alter our responsivity to pain.

    You will learn the hypnotic dissociation and the power of suggestion.

    • Esdaile is reputed to have performed a multitude of painless amputations on magnetized patients during the nineteenth century. There is also a detailed account of a mastectomy performed in the early part of the nineteenth century on a magnetized patient Weitzenhoffer A M (1989).

    And finally you will learn how to transform the pain into healing by simply applying the laws of physics. You will have much better understanding of healing process.

    “Surpassing Pain” isn’t yet another pain management clinic program. I don’t even like the term “Pain Management”. Because what does it mean to manage pain?? It clearly presupposes that doesn’t matter what you do, the pain is still there. Also “Pain Management” clinics don’t appreciate the essential dual nature of pain experience: physiological and psychological. Their therapy practices mainly focus on physical pain and often approach is a heavy use of drugs.

    “Surpassing Pain” is a drug free methodology and approach. It’s a thorough study of the pain and healing phenomenon based on modeling 4 groups of professionals:

    • Hypnotherapists
    • CIA agents 
    • Martial Artists
    • Meditators

    By having all their knowledge on board as well as your awareness of your own body and mind, you will learn how to transform the pain symptoms into healing process in a very empowering ways.

    Even though what you read here might shock you, it has already started working, because we are all designed to be healthy..

    Life isn’t about recycling processes that don’t serve you.

    Life isn’t about lying down in bed all day ever day.

    Life isn’t about continuing to be anxious about your future.

    No patient in their right mind would initiate successful pain symptoms therapy without having it researched beforehand.”Surpassing Pain” will take you from weeks, months or perhaps years of research to continues and successful pain handling self development that you can take to another level by utilising numbers of different approaches taught in this course.

    I invite you to try “Surpassing Pain” for 30-Day with no questions asked, Money-Back Guarantee.

    Also before we advertise in Google and Amazon, you can reserve your personal copy of the “Surpassing Pain”, research based book on our website for a price of 1 pack of Ibuprofen.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/surpassing-pain-overcome-pain-for-good-and-radiate-health/?couponCode=FREEFEED




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  • Udemy – Fun with Java! Build Three Desktop & Android Mobile Apps! [100% off]

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    Fun with Java! Build Three Desktop & Android Mobile Apps!

    Course Description

    ★★★★★ Learn to program Java by building fun, interactive desktop and mobile apps! ★★★★★ 

    Learn coding in Java step-by-step from Computer Science Professor Dr. Bryson Payne, author of the Amazon #1 New Release and Top 10 Best Seller in Children’s Programming Books, Teach Your Kids to Code (2015, now translated into six languages)! Dr. Payne’s second book, Fun with Java!, will be released in late spring 2017, but you can start coding Java and Android apps TODAY! In this course, you’ll learn to:

    • Build Java desktop apps, both text-based and with beautiful GUI windows!
    • Create native Android mobile apps, using most of the same Java code, for Android phones and tablets.
    • Design and code playable games and apps starting from scratch, and share them with your friends, or with the world!
    • Program a colorful, animated, multi-touch drawing app (and two other apps) on your Android phone or tablet by the end of the course!
    • Learn important programming concepts like variables, loops, functions and object-oriented programming while having fun along the way!

    You can learn the #1 Programming Language in the World!

    Over 3 Billion Devices run Java, from PC/Mac/Linux to Android devices to TVs, watches, Blu-ray players and more! Fun with Java brings the power of Java and Android programming into your hands, with easy-to-follow videos, crystal-clear audio, and line-by-line code explanations as you build fun, playable apps that you can share!

    Everything you need to get started right away

    Complete with working code downloads and high-definition videos, you’ll be able to work alongside a professor with 19 years’ teaching experience and over 30 years of programming knowledge. You’ll also receive a Certificate of Completion upon finishing the course.

    ★★★★★ New: Programming Challenge Solutions added to all 10 sections! ★★★★★

    No Risk: Preview videos from Sections 1, 2, and 4 now for FREE, and enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee when you enroll – zero risk, unlimited payoff! And, we’ve made this course easy to afford at just $30! Enroll now!

    Enroll now and get started coding in Java + Android today!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/fun-with-java/?couponCode=FREEPREVIEW




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  • Udemy – Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint [100% off]

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    Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and Powerpoint

    Course Description

    Welcome to my new class “Simple Screencasting with Camtasia and PowerPoint”

    This is for people who want to start creating online classes and  (automated) webinars

    Part 1’s topic is “Power Point Basics”

    It is thought for people who have not worked with Power Point before.

    I am showing you the basic steps you have to undertake in order to set up a presentation


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/simple-screencasting-with-camtasia-and-powerpoint/?couponCode=UDEMYOFFER




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  • Udemy – FIlmmaking Masterclass: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film [100% off]

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    FIlmmaking Masterclass: Learn to Shoot Real Super 16mm Film

    Course Description

    Learn How to Shoot Super 16mm Film by Putting the FILM back into FILMMAKING!
    Are you look for knowledge of how to shoot with actual film?

    • Do you want to learn how to wrk with celluloid?
    • Do you want to see how an Arri SR Super 16mm film camera work?
    • Do you want to learn how to prep a production that will be shooting Super 16mm film?
    • Do you want to Enroll NOW and start learn what it’s like to be a FILMmaker? Let’s get started?

    Why the hell have you created an online Super 16mm Film Course? Because believe it our not there are a ton of television productions, feature films and indie films that are shooting on Super 16mm film. The need for education in the craft of shoot celluloid is great.

    After getting many requests for this information instructors Alex Ferrari (Indie Film Hustle) and Egon Stephen Jr. (Cine Video Tech) decided to put together the DEFINITIVE Educational resource for anyone interested in shooting in Super 16mm film. Some of the productions that shooting film these days are:

    • The Magnificent Seven
    • Westworld
    • The Girl on the Train
    • The Walking Dead
    • Jack Reacher
    •  Batman vs Superman
    • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    • Spectre
    • The Hateful Eight
    • Jurassic World
    • Wonder Woman
    • American Horror Story


    And many more. Film is not dead, not by a long shot. In this masterclass you will learn:

    • The History of Film • 16mm vs Super 16mm • History of 16mm Cameras: Old School • History of Super 16mm Cameras: Arri SR Series • Super 16mm Lenses: Choosing the Right One • Camera Accessories: Pimping Out Your Camera Package • Understanding Filmstocks • Battle Planning: Shooting Film in the Real World • How to Load a Film Magazine (Arri SR Series) • Prepping Your Film for the Lab

    You also have access to download a collection of camera forms, contracts, rental guides and more. If you are interested in shooting film this is course will set you on the way.

    Whether you are a film student, producer, director or cinematographer you will have a strong grasp of what is needed to shoot Super 16mm Film in today’s world.

    Let’s put the FILM back into FILMMAKING!


    Important information before you enroll:

    • In case you find the course useless, don’t forget you are covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, full refund, no questions asked!
    • Once enrolled, you have unlimited, lifetime access to the course!
    • You will have instant and free access to any updates I’ll add to the course.
    • I will give you my full support regarding any issues or suggestions related to the course.

    Enroll NOW and turn your FILMmaking dream into a reality! Let’s get started!


    About your instructors:

    Egon Stephan Jr.

    “Like father, like son” they always say, yet nowhere has this cliché been more true than when you apply it to the love of filmmaking shared between Egon and his father. Egon began his professional career at an early age, eventually running the camera rental department for his father at the ripe young age of sixteen!

    After a six-year stint as the camera rental manager of CineVideoTech, he pursued his love for film in the field, running up an impressive list of credits. He worked his way up from technician to second assistant, second to first, first to operator, operator to second unit Director of Photography, second unit DP to Director of Photography on his first feature film, “Jungle Juice”, starring Christopher Walken, Morgan Fairchild, Robert Wagner and Rutger Hauer.

    Shortly after this achievement, Egon’s father fell ill and his duty to continue the legacy his father had begun took precedence over his own successful career. He took over the helm at CineVideoTech in 2002 and has since been busy recreating the company that has launched so many successful careers into a vision of what is to come.


    Alex Ferrari

    Alex began his career as an editor and quickly moved up the ranks as a colorist, post production and visual effects supervisor. Coming from a visual effects/post production background, this versatile director combines his passion for storytelling and visual effects experience with a unique visual style. Alex exploded onto the indie film scene with his award winning short film BROKEN. The film went on to screen at over 200 international festivals and has been reviewed by over 250 news outlets world-wide including famed film critic Roger Ebert. “Broken is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques.” – Roger Ebert.

    Through self-distribution, the BROKEN Special Edition DVD has also sold over 5000 units world-wide. Produced on a budget of $8000 and boasting over 100 vfx shots, BROKEN is one of the most celebrated shorts in recent years.

     Alex Ferrari’s work runs from stunning live action to animation, from visually griping and stylish worlds to comic gems that will have you rolling on the floor. His body of work, highlighted by commercials spots for Comedy Central, a music video for the Three-Time Grammy Award Winning group Ozomatli (guest-starring Comedian Gabriel Iglesias), and the stylish Lipstick and Bullets, a compilation of your of his short film.

    Being frustrated in seeing how his fellow filmmakers were being “chewed up” by the film business, Alex decided to start Indie Film Hustle, a website dedicated to educating filmmakers and artists on to survive and thrive in the film business. He also launched a podcast focusing on filmmaking called The Indie Film Hustle Podcast. Within three months of its start date the show became the #1 filmmaking podcast on iTunes.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/filmmaking-masterclass-learn-to-shoot-real-super-16mm-film/?couponCode=JANFREE



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  • Mailbird: Pro Lifetime Plan

    Ee75835d05c796682d2a995e6e2b3c15bc1cb787 main hero image

    Make your email work for you with Mailbird, the top email client for Windows! This amazing tool integrates the apps and tools you already use to communicate, plan, and schedule your life all into one central interface so you don’t have to keep hopping between different windows and screens. Optimized to be as personalized, secure, productive, and social as an email client can possibly be, Mailbird is the single communication tool to get you completely organized.

    “Still the best email client for Windows and Gmail,” IT World
    “Mailbird is quite possibly the simplest email client to use for Windows while supporting multiple email accounts,” Windows Report

    • Supports multiple accounts w/ complete touch support
    • Integrated messaging apps, task management apps & calendar apps help you organize your life
    • Customizable colors, layouts & automations make your email completely personalized
    • Keyboard shortcuts allow for enhanced productivity
    • Profile picture search lets you search all email communication w/ a person by clicking on their profile picture
    • Snooze feature keeps only emails you are ready to handle in your inbox, rather than leaving them there until you are ready
    • Built-in apps include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Asana, Dropbox, Todoist, Google Calendar, Moo.do & many more




    55% OFF

    2 days left.
    Visit offer
  • Udemy – Video Game Addiction : Overcoming Video Game Addiction [100% off]

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    Video Game Addiction : Overcoming Video Game Addiction

    Course Description

    Do you find yourself daydreaming about the next quest in your favorite online game, do you spend more than eight hours a day with your computer or favorite game console playing video games? Has virtual-reality negatively impacted your relationships in the real world?

    Some experts warn that excessive gaming can even be fatal. A tech-addiction expert in Seattle said she has known of people who have died from heart attacks and blood clots, both results of the unhealthy lifestyle many extreme gamers live.

    The warning signs of video game addiction include:

    • Gaming to escape difficult life situations
    • Playing for longer periods as time goes on
    • Skipping showers and meals to play
    • Poor performance at work or school
    • Lying to others to hide gaming activities
    • Exhibiting signs of irritation when forced to stop gaming

    If this sounds like you then you might be addicted to the virtual world videogame addiction can have real-world consequences for personal relationships with family and friends as well as physical symptoms such as carpal tunnel migraines and insomnia.

    Are you or someone you LOVE “trading the virtual world for the real one.”?

    Course will teach you all the necessary skills to deal with your videogame habit, allowing you to lead a much fuller, richer life in the real world rather than a digital one.

    Is There a Cure for Video Game Addiction?

    Treatment for video game addiction is similar to that for other addictions. Counseling and behavior modification are the primary means of treating addicted gamers. Together, individual and family counseling are powerful treatment tools. Some treatment facilities incorporate medication in their programs.

    However, unlike drugs or alcohol, video games are tied to computers, which are a key part of life for most people. In that way, the addiction is similar to a food addiction. As a result, some treatment centers explore controlled use rather than abstinence.

    By the end of this course you will have a solid foundation of knowledge to deal with this unique addiction. Our suggested strategies are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment… One of the top and Doctor recommended Therapies for Video Game Addiction.

    This course could easily sell for hundreds of dollars. I personally know of Psychologists out there who are charging hundreds per hour, even thousands of dollars for a fraction of the information contained in this Udemy Course.

    As with all my courses:

    • The initial low price will increase shortly – the course is currently $ 297, but will next increase to $ 397
    • You have unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs ever !!!
    • All future additional lectures, bonuses, etc in this course are always free
    • There’s an unconditional, never any questions asked full 30-day money back in full guarantee
    • My help is always available to you if you get stuck or have a question – my support is legendary in Udemy.

    PSS: Do you really want to overcome your Video Game Addiction and or Help a Family member overcome their addiction?

    PSSS: It will take hard work. It will take perseverance. But if you can honestly answer “Yes” then there is no reason why you can’t start Freeing yourself from this time-consuming addiction today.

    This will be a truly interactive course with additional bonus routines added over the course of the first year, inspired by the feedback from students.

    Click the “Take This Course” button, on the top right because every hour you delay is costing you money…Scroll up and Enroll Now!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/video-game-addiction-treatment/?couponCode=candyblow




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  • Arabic language : How to Read and Write – easy way !

    If you are a complete beginner and want to be able to read and write Arabic language – This course if for you!

    You will no more rely on transliteration to be able to read and write Arabic language.

    How this course is organized

    The complete course has three parts:

    In Part 1 you learn how to read and write Arabic letters.

    In Part 2 you learn how letters connect to each other. Arabic letters have different forms whether they appear in the beginning, the middle or the end of the writing – or even isolated! After learning the Arabic alphabet in Part 1, you learn the different forms of the Arabic letters when they appear in actual words!

    In Par 3 you learn how to read actual words and sentences.

    This approach is very simple and easy to follow.

    This course is the missing-link for serious learners who want to take their Arabic language to the next level!

    100% OFF

    Reveal offer HAPPYJAN2017
  • Udemy Instructor Revenue and Review Analysis – Unofficial [100% off]

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    Udemy Instructor Revenue and Review Analysis - Unofficial

    Course Description

    This course is not sponsored by or affiliated with Udemy, Inc.


    Are you a Udemy instructor?  Well, so am I.

    What do I teach?

    I teach a number of subjects, but one of the subjects I specialize in, after having released 22 Udemy courses of my own, is how to create and sell Udemy courses.

    This course falls on side of how to sell Udemy courses.

    Mind if I ask you a few simple questions, instructor to instructor?

    1. What’s your all-time Udemy average star rating?
    2. What’s your average star rating this month?  Per course?
    3. How many reviews did you get during your best month?
    4. How much did you make per day this month?
    5. What was your best day of promotional revenue?
    6. What action caused your greatest leap in revenue this month?

    If you can’t answer these questions, then you need my help…

    This is a short course about how to use two Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets/Workbooks I’ve developed to analyze your Udemy course revenue and reviews.

    That’s it!

    I made each workbook simple and easy to use by including the following worksheets:

    1. instructions – Step-by-step instructions for inserting you Udemy data into the “data” worksheet of the workbook.
    2. data – The data to be replaced by your data downloaded from Udemy.
    3. analysis – The analysis of the “data” worksheet.

    For each of two downloadable workbooks, revenue and reviews, I provide the following guidance:

    1. Introduction to the workbook
    2. Replacing the data with your downloaded Udemy data
    3. Excel internals showing how the workbook is implemented

    Bonus Lecture I: The revenue tracking spreadsheet even includes an extension that I added after recording the original lectures.

    Bonus Lecture II: I’ve added an additional worksheet that you can use to track course times as you record them and project the finished length.

    So, what do you say?

    Got a few bucks to begin learning how to analyze your Udemy revenue and review data?

    In other words…

    Would you like to begin to take control of your Udemy revenue and reviews?

    Remember, measure it before, during and after trying to improve it.

    Why not give my spreadsheets a shot at your Udemy data and see what they can show you?


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/udemy-instructor-revenue-and-review-analysis-unofficial/?couponCode=BBHF-1142017-0-1000





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  • Udemy – Manage Information: Windows 10 File Explorer & Google Search [100% off]

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    Manage Information: Windows 10 File Explorer & Google Search

    Course Description

    Information.  It runs our lives.  But what if things were turned the other way around…

    This is a course about Information — your Information.

    More specifically, this is a course about Information Management.

    What’s that? you might ask.

    To me, Information Management defines three tasks: Search, Storage and Retrieval.

    Here’s how it works.

    From out of seeming chaos (i.e. your computer disk drive or the Internet) you Search for and begin to organize Information.  But you typically only do this once, because the next step is to Store that Information into well named data structures (i.e. Directories and Files) — that support easy access.  The next time you need the Information there is no need to Search again since the Information you need has been Stored for easy Retrieval.

    This course begins with Windows 10 Information Search, Storage and Retrieval using File Explorer.  This section of the course is Windows specific and addresses the following topics:

    • Windows 10 Application Search and Pinning
    • Overview of the Windows 10 File Explorer
    • Manageable Directory Structures and File Naming Conventions
    • Data Management Applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
    • File Name and File Type Searches with File Explorer

    The second half of the course addresses Internet Information Management using Google to Search and the Chrome browser Favorites feature to Store an Retrieve Information.  This section includes information on Basic and Advanced Google Search along with introductory information on more advanced Search result Storage and Retrieval .

    This section of the course is operating system agnostic and addresses the following topics:

    • Basic Google Search
    • Advanced Google Search
    • Managing and Using Chrome Browser Favorites

    That’s it.  Short and sweet.

    Consider this:

    • If you’re just going to buy your 200th Udemy course and then store it away and never watch it, why not buy this short and cheap course?
    • If you’re actually going to commit to watching the next Udemy course you buy (i.e. this one) why not buy a short one (i.e. this one) that you’re likely to complete.
    • Okay, here comes a bit of a stretch… If you’re willing to buy this course and watch it… please leave a fair and honest review.

    That’s it for your part.

    So, what’s our part of the contract? you might ask.  Because you’ll notice I have a partner this time out.  John Hesnan of Galway, Ireland.

    How about if we offer:

    • Quality information delivered in a clear and well-paced manner at a reasonable price
    • Exemplary student support after you purchase the course

    Sorry, that’s all you get this time… wait a second… that’s everything we have to offer!   Argh!  Not again!

    Seriously, take the course and see if it teaches you something.  If not, there’s always the Udemy 30-day money back guaranty to fall back on.  Argh!  Not that!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/manage-information-windows-10-file-explorer-google-search/?couponCode=BBHF-1142017-0-1000




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  • Udemy – Goal Setting: Goals: Motivation, Discipline and Persistence [100% off]

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    Course Description

    Do you feel stuck?

    Like maybe you’re busy existing rather than truly living?

    Are you merely part of the crowd rather than a unique individual?

    Perhaps it’s time to change…

    Perhaps it’s as simple as pursuing your passions.

    Lecture 2: Goal Setting: Set Achievable, Incremental & Measurable (AIM) Goals

    But how about changing all of that… and I mean for the better ;-)?

    This is a course about goal setting but the course goes well beyond that by including a detailed discussion of how to achieve your goals through:

    Lecture 3: Motivation – Building Momentum

    Lecture 4: Discipline – Directed Momentum

    Lecture 5: Persistence – Sustained Momentum

    Lecture 6: Rinse and Repeat (goto Lecture 2)

    Follow the simple techniques outlined in this course to make significant positive progress toward achieving your goals.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/goal-setting-goals-motivation-discipline-and-persistence/?couponCode=BBHF-1142017-0-1000




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