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  • Udemy – Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist [100% off]

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    Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist

    Welcome to Guitar Lessons for the Curious Guitarist!  Our course is a comprehensive guitar & music theory guide for all guitar students – beginner through expert.  Lectures begin at the very beginning.  Students do no need any prior knowledge of guitar or music.

    Students can use any guitar they have – electric, acoustic, or classical.  We don’t worry about types of guitars, electronics, effects, amps, or general guitar gear.  This course focuses on guitar theory & playing.

    This course is in 8 sections that are cumulative – each lesson builds on the previous lesson.  The sections are: GUITAR BASICS, BEGINNER LEVEL, NOVICE LEVEL, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL, ADVANCED LEVEL, EXPERT LEVEL, WORLD CLASS LEVEL, and JAM ALONG.

    In each section (except JAM ALONG), we focus on these fundamentals:




    -Scales & Modes

    -Other (technique, music theory, or special skill)

    The JAM ALONG section is a bonus section with 10 videos, each with a PDF, of live-recorded jam along guitar loops for you to practice soloing (improvising) while the background chords are playing.  The keys and scales are clearly marked & charted out on the whiteboard (and PDF) so you’ll know exactly what to play!

    Every video in this course has a PDF attachment that you should download (and print) to use as an additional resource while studying with these videos.

    Your guitar teacher, Dan, has been sitting with guitar students for over 24 years.  These lessons & these videos are the result of a lifetime of experience working with people just like you!

    Q:  What makes Dan so special?  (There are better guitar players than him.)

    A:  This is so true!  While Dan is a talented & well-balanced guitarist, there are many other players in the world operating on a higher level of playing.  However, Dan is a master guitar teacher.  He has the patience that you need in order to have the material explained in depth and in the correct sequence for it to make sense.  Music learning is a cumulative experience – it must be taught in order and in good detail.

    There’s a lot to do.  Let’s get started!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/guitar-lessons-for-the-curious-guitarist/?couponCode=FREEGUITARLESSONS1




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  • Udemy – Learn Architecture Design Work & Learn to Make your own.. [100% off]

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    Learn Architecture Design Work & Learn to Make your own...

    Learn AutoCAD drafting and in doing so you will learn to draft a house, plaza, commercial building, office building, etc. It is quite basic in terms of

    Architect’s work but requires autocad knowledge. You will get knowledge of autocad commands like line, circle, extend, trim, block, wblock, etc. Also
    knowledge of all components required to draw a building layout, furniture layout and all necessary terms.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/learn-architecture-design/?couponCode=DISCOUNTFORALL



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  • Udemy – How I Profit Selling Specific Items On Ebay [100% off]

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    What is the course about?

    Looking to make money online selling on Ebay? This course will help you mak money online on Ebay without having to worry about what items to sell and where to outsource them from.

    This is NOT a dropshipping Ebay business – its the real deal and it doesn’t get any simpler than this.

    The course includes the exact list of itmes that I sell on Ebay and make profits every month. It also has all the exact steps that helped me maximize my profits on ebay. You just have to copy the steps and implement them.

    Who is it for?

    This course is for anyone who wants to make money online without spending a lot of upfront cash. Anyone with a basic understanding of English can master ebay selling through this course. Its broken down into bite sized chunks so its easy for you to understand and implement everything.

    What is included?

    Everything that you need to make money online selling on Ebay is included in the course. That includes the exact list of profitable items to sell and also the sources from where you can buy them from for super cheap.

    Costs Involved?

    You can get started with as little as $50 and once you have made some profits you can scale up further.


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/how-i-make-thousands-selling-specific-items-on-ebay/?couponCode=ONLINECOURSES1000



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  • Udemy – Confidence: Self-Esteem Body Language & Communication Skills [100% off]

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    Confidence: Self-Esteem Body Language & Communication Skills

    Confidence and self-esteem is a must when it comes to happiness and self-development. Not only will you feel more accomplish, but your stress and anxiety levels will be reduced. Going through your days unhappy, thinking you’re not worth the effort therefore not taking action and not reaching your goals is nota way of living.

    What if you could change that?

    My complete Confidence & Self-Esteem course will show you the exact techniques and strategies you need to become confident, turn your life around with a strong mind, master body language and have great communication skills.

    For less than a movie ticket, you will get over 4 hours of video lectures and the freedom to ask me any questions regarding the course as you go through it. 🙂

    What Is In This Course?

    Your Confidence & Self-Esteem Will Never Be The Same.

    Except if you’re super confident, already know the secrets of being a great communicator and how to use body language at your advantage, you are going to continue being stagnant and fear moving forward in life. Being confident is the first step in improving yourself and reach your goals.

    As what Bruce Lee says “Always be yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and try to duplicate it.”

    This is offered with a 30 days money back guarantee. You can try it with no financial risk.

    In Confidence & Self-Esteem, You’ll Learn:

    • Developing The Confident Mindset
    • Believing In Yourself And Your Problem Solving Abilities
    • Build Up A Strong Self-Esteem
    • Master First Impression Management
    • Apply Kinesics & Body Language
    • Overcoming Fears
    • Confidence In Social Situations
    • Self-Criticism And Constructive Feedback
    • Limiting Set Of Beliefs


    Is This For You?

    • Do you want others to see your shining confidence?
    • Are you wondering why you can’t be confident despite trying over and over again?
    • Do you think you will feel proud becoming confident and being stronger than your fears?

    Then this course will definitely help you.

    This course is essential to anyone looking to become confident a build a high level of self-esteem.

    I will show you precisely what to do to solve these situations with simple and easy techniques that anyone can apply.


    Why To Become Confident, Have Self-Esteem and Be a Great Communicator?

    Let Me Show You Why To Become Confident, Have Self-Esteem and Be a Great Communicator:

    1. You will master confident, self-esteem, body language and communication skills.

    1. You will build a strong, unshakeable mindset for growth and success.

    3. You will reach your goals and move forward in life.

    4. You will have the best first impression and shine confidence.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my course. You can be sure you’re going to absolutely love it, and I can’t wait to share my knowledge and experience with you inside it! 

    Why wait any longer?

    Click the green “Buy Now” button, and take my course 100% risk free now!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/confidence-self-esteem-body-language-communication-skills/?couponCode=FREENOW



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  • Professional Blogging: A Step-by-Step Blueprint

    In this course I’ve created a 4 week step by step blueprint that covers starting your blog, building a mindset for success, and promoting your blog to generate income. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the information out there today. I’ve made this course simple and broke it down into 4 weeks of lectures. Each week includes homework and assignments for you to complete as you progress through the course.


    99 days left.
    Reveal offer BL75E
  • How To Win Jobs Freelancing On UpWork

    If you have ever considered offering your skills as a freelancer than this course is for you!

    I’m going to walk you through how to successfully setup a profile and apply to freelance jobs using a platform called UpWork. UpWork is one of the largest freelancing sites online where thousands of new jobs are posted every month.


    99 days left.
    Reveal offer UP75E
  • Udemy – Learn Digital Art Photo Manipulation in Photoshop-Alone Girl [100% off]

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    Learn Digital Art Photo Manipulation in Photoshop-Alone Girl

    Join My 31000+ Students in 165 Countries Worldwide & Learn New Skills or Take your Skills to Whole New-Level! 

    Welcome to the course!  

    Learn Digital Art Photo Manipulation in Photoshop-Alone Girl

    Transform Dull & Boring Images into Stunning Digital Artwork in Photoshop for Beginners

    Do you want to learn how to turn Ordinary images into stunning images in Photoshop?

     Do you want to learn professional image editing in Adobe Photoshop?

     Do you want to learn the techniques of transforming dull and boring images into the professional images?

     Do you want to learn various amazing yet simple techniques of photo manipulation in Photoshop?

     Or if you are interested in learning how I created this under-exposed totally crap image into this stunning Solitude Alone Girl Photo Manipulation?

     If the answer to any of the question about is yes, then let me tell you that you are at the right place.

     If you want to learn any of the things I just mentioned, then this course is for you.

    Do you know that for creating stunning photo manipulation in Photoshop, you don’t have to be an expert?

    All you need to have is imagination and some tips and tricks in Photoshop.

     I believe that anybody can create stunning images in Photoshop if guided properly.

     And my aim is to help others to learn various professional techniques in Photoshop which are used by the top professionals in their day to day editing workflows as well as for creating stunning photo manipulation or artwork.

     Keeping all this in mind, I have created this course where you will learn how to transform this totally crappy dustbin deserving image into stunning artwork.

     This course is a beginner friendly course which means I have tried to explain each and everything whenever possible but if you still have some questions I will be there to answer all of your queries.

     With this course, you will be getting 34 Lectures with 2  hours Plus-on demand HD (720p) video lectures so that you can learn at your own pace.

     In this course, you will be watching over my shoulder how I created this stunning Solitude-Alone Girl Photo Manipulation in Photoshop.

     During this process, you will learn all the professional editing tips and tricks which you can use for your day to day editing task as well.

     After completion of this course, I am sure you will be an expert in photo manipulation

     If you practice and follow all the advice, I give in this course.

    After completion of this course, you are images would never look the same again.

     Your images would look more professional and more stunning.

     The skills which you are going to learn in this course can also help you to start your own freelancing photo editing business.

    Though this course is not about how to start a freelancing photo editing business but the skills which you are going to learn from this course are the key to starting that freelancing photo editing business.

     Let me give you few more reasons to get this course right now.

    1. This course gives you the access to the premium exercise files so that you can follow along and accelerate your learning- Worth $49!

     2. This course gives you the access to all the future updates as and when they happen absolutely free- worth $99.

     3. This course provides you the expert support. Means if during or after the course if you somehow struck somewhere then I will be there to answer all of your questions and queries related to the course. If you would have otherwise hired me for this purpose, I normally charge for $499.

     But with this course, you will get this absolutely free with no extra cost!

     4. The last but not least which makes this course even more amazing is that this course comes with 30 Days full money back guarantee with no questions asked. Which means if during the first 30 days of you joining the course somehow for any reason you don’t like the course then you can claim your 100% money back with no questions asked guaranteed.

     So you have a zero risk trying this course!

     What are you waiting for go ahead and enroll in this course!

     Invest in yourself and your better future!

     Take action now!


    Udemy Coupon Codehttps://www.udemy.com/learn-photoshop-photo-manipulation-photoshop/?couponCode=STUDENTSZERO



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  • Udemy – The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan – Lose Up To 100lbs [100% off]

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    The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan - Lose Up To 100lbs

    The Ultimate Weight Management Game Plan is a course about weight loss and weight management using psychology, science, observation and real world experience from a seasoned personal trainer who has helped countless people lose weight and keep it off. The course is structured in simple yet effective way to help you lose weight and keep it off.

    Look at everything included in the course:

    • A quick start plan to get started right away
    • 50 tips and concepts to lose weight, and improve your health
    • How to come up with your own plan and vision for your health weight management
    • 10 reasons why people fail and what to do instead
    • Quizzes and other fun work to inspire you to continue when things get challenging
    • Bonuses including example meal plans for weight loss
    • More bonuses including 10 easy exercises that almost anyone can do
    • How to make a vision board, make I am statements, how to set goals
    • Downloadable PDF’s, power point, videos, and much more

    Who should take this course?

    • Anyone who wants to lose weight
    • Anyone who wants help maintaining their current weight
    • Entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals, and moms who struggle with weight loss and are open and willing to go through and complete the course.

    Why take this course?

    Jeremy Belter B.S. CPT has over 10 years full time personal training experience. After training over 15000 training sessions and helping busy people in the real world lose weight some common obstacles kept appearing. He helps you recognize these problems and gives steps to combat them. Finally, we do not just look at one thing but many different variables to combat the problem so you may never have to worry about weight again.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/the-ultimate-weight-management-game-plan/?couponCode=2000FREE




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  • Udemy – Fashion Blogs – How to Start a WordPress Fashion Blog 2017 [100% off]

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    Fashion Blogs - How to Start a WordPress Fashion Blog 2017

    Fashion blogs are all over the place. Now the question is, would you like to start a fashion blog of your own? If so, this is the ONLY blog training course you will ever need. Not only will I be showing you what it takes to create a successful fashion or fan blog, I will also be walking you through the process step-by-step in my “7 Day Blog Challenge”, (my best selling blog training course valued at $195) which I’ve included for free in this course.

    This course is the only guide you need to start your fashion WordPress Blog or website 

    • Know how you can pick the right niche for your fashion blog
    • Create a fashion blog you are passionate about
    • Setup your fashion blog in just 5 minutes (yes you read it right, just 5 minutes!)
    • Choose the best possible WordPress theme for your blog website
    • Install free WordPress plugin’s for blogging success
    • Optimize your fashion blogging website for better SEO
    • How to analyze the competition and see where other fashion blogs rank
    • Discover the best ways to build traffic and earn from your fashion blog website

    The first thing we are going to do in this course is we are going to pick the right niche for your fashion blog. This is an extremely important part of the process, as it will lay the groundwork for the success of your blog in days and weeks to come. Create a fashion blog you are passionate about, which we will help you discover. Find a passion that will also make you earn in the process. Since we already are going to be focusing on a “fashion” concept, it’s just a matter of finding which direction and content topic you want to go after.

    Once you decide on your fashion blogging niche the second thing it that choose a unique but effective domain name for your blog website. I will walk you through the process of choosing a great domain name for your blog website. Make sure you come up with an original domain that represents the content on your site, but also making sure it’s something that is easy to remember and spell in the process.

    After choosing a domain name, it’s time is to go live with your fashion blog. I will walk you through the process of how to setup your blog in just 5 minutes with WordPress and without any coding. Choosing the right WordPress theme for your blog website is also an important, so I will lay out these guidelines for you as well — along with showing you some of my favorite sites where I get my own premium themes.

    In this course, you will also get to understand why and how to use the top WordPress plugins that are required for blogging success. You will also discover how SEO works and which WordPress SEO tips you should be following to help you improve your WordPress blog website SEO and get more organic traffic. The more you focus on your site content and SEO now, the more chance you will have for ranking for fashion related keywords and search phrases.

    At the end, I am going to show you the best methods to get free traffic to your blog. There are many ways to reach traffic on the internet today, but I’m going to only focus on four methods that I continue to use today — these are SEO, guest blogging, infographics and social media. I will also show you the best ways to make money from your blog. If you truly want to profit from your site, you will need to focus on your content creation and marketing efforts. This is something I have continually mastered and will show you how to as well.

    In summary, this course is easy enough for a newbie blogger to follow, yet also loaded up with more than enough actionable tips and resources to teach veteran bloggers and marketers something as well. This is the only guide you need to get your blog fully functional and live. Be sure to visit bonus video material for more videos on the specifics of how to complete any of the actions discussed in the course.

    A webinar on “How to Make $500 with a Blog” as a Bonus material inside the course.

    As with all of my courses, I know they are top notch and the best around. If you don’t like the course for any reason then you can request for the refund in first 30 days from your purchase.  Also, remember that this course comes with lifetime access to the course, that means you will get access to all the future lectures at FREE of cost.

    Thanks for your interest in this course, hope you’re as excited to get started.

    Go ahead and click on “Enroll Now” button. See you inside the course…!!!


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/fashion-blogs/?couponCode=FBACCESS3000



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  • Udemy – 360 Video Production Masterclass: 360 Video Made Easy! [100% off]

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    360 Video Production Masterclass: 360 Video Made Easy!

    Do  you want to learn how to shoot, edit and deliver 360 video? Do you want to jump into an exploding industry within the film business? Want to learn how to become a specialist in 360 video? Then this course is for you.

    Whether you want to start your own business creating this kind of content for clients, or if you just want to add this skill to your freelance or business arsenal – this course will bring you up to speed.

    360° video is the next step in professional video production. Thanks to Facebook, YouTube, & Samsung adopting standards, 360 video technology has become cheap and good enough that both professionals videographers and hobbyists alike can now produce incredibly immersive 360° video content.

    However, it’s one thing to shoot a live and raw 360 video and share it on Facebook, but it takes a whole another level of skills to professionally produce and deliver high-end 360 video content.

    In this course we explain:

    • Cinematography for 360 Video
    • The “todo’s” and the “todon’ts” of 360 Video
    • How to Use Adobe Premiere when editing 360 video
    • In-depth workflows to get you from shooting to finished project
    • Stitching

    360 Video Specialist Josh Gibson helps you assemble and edit a final, and deliver 360° video content using Adobe Premiere, a GoPro 360 Rig, and Color Autopano Video but once you have mastered the basics, you can apply the lessons to your own preferred tools and workflows.

    We’re passionate about immersive media, and we want to help you learn how to create stunning 360 video content. Let’s get started. See you on the inside.


    Udemy Coupon Code : https://www.udemy.com/360-video-production-masterclass-filmmaking/?couponCode=LEARN360FREE



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